Evil is as evil does

I’m in such a gloomy mood. I just have to say that any talk about expectations – such as accountability or comeuppance for Obama — now makes my stomach churn. We’ve been on this rollercoaster for a few years. I stopped believing all the hype long ago about this or that being the answer.

Every step of the way I would hear people say there is no way Obama can do that and then he gets away with it. This is why I’m convinced about the evil factor involved in all of it, because despite the opposition he managed to get his way. The right jumped from one glimmer of hope to the next.

We saw it with ObamaCare, when they rammed it through – calling it a penalty and then calling it a tax. Who cared what they called it? People said that is not the final word. The courts took it up and Roberts creatively awarded Obama Constitutionality. Then in the election. He couldn’t even run on his miserable, failed record. People said its Romney’s to lose, but he did. And on and on; from the debt ceiling to the fiscal crisis, standoff after standoff. No way Obama could get reelected. Evil cast its vote with Obama and lady luck smiled on him – or was she laughing at us?

This sinister administration blasted its way through one scandal after another, with no repercussions. Libyagate then to Benghazigate. Fast and Furious was a classic example. Did you ever see the press so willing to ignore and dismiss a story? No accountability for anything. There is no doubt in my mind the evil that is involved. You can blame Congress and Repubs for not doing more, blah, blah … but there is still a huge evil factor in it all, from one end to the other.

Now hours away from the cliff, Obama says he demands a vote (or approval) on his “plan B”, which is really no plan. It’s straight out of the absurd.

As for me, I’m calling it evil. That word is reserved for just such things.

11 comments on “Evil is as evil does

  1. Blog Raju says:

    Look on the bright side: only four more years!


  2. Perhaps part of what frustrates you, at least it does me, is that ordinary people outside government can’t really tell what’s going on because news sources have all become op-ed instead of practicing journalism based on investigative reporting. It’s just these endless panels of pundits interrupting each other or spinning theories with inadequate factual back-up. We can’t get the real story, whatever it is, so these “impossible” things you’ve noted keep happening. We get blindsided. I wouldn’t call that evil. We just aren’t in the loop.


    • bullright says:

      Oh, that’s too easy. It sounds like if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to here it, did it make a sound? No. I too write off a lot to political spin and ideologogues. What is going on here is beneath that surface. I also wager that had McCain won, Fast and Furious would be another bumber sticker of the left. And Libya, from the trumped up and unconstitutional inception would be a headline etched in everyones minds, and we’d be reminded constantly.

      So your theory about punditry is well advised, but where is the actual news and reporting on these major issues, scandals, and problems? They will not even challenge the administration by asking questions. The media can find other things to cover. Or…if they do, they bring on hacks who can spin it just the way the administration wants it. End of report. Journalism on all major issues is “political”. Politics trumps everything. Heck media can’t even talk about Barry’s endless broken promises and lies.

      Oh, you wouldn’t call what is happening evil but I certainly do.

      So no, I don’t think its me or that I’m not in the loop. But the media cannot hold themselves up as paragons of virtue either. They’ve given Obama lots of help and comfort. My question is could he have done it all without their help — or gotten away with it? I lean to definately NO.


    • Mikey, I’m afraid “the loop” is actually a keep-out barricade. The sick symbiotic relationship between liberal government and the other big institutions like media, education, unions, the law bar, the green industry, etc. is impenetrable — on purpose. That’s their modus operandi. I would say it at least borders on evil.

      Your comment got me to thinking, though…. I’d sure love to see a hard-hitting investigative journalism show on Fox News once a week in primetime, on a weekday. (However, if they use Heraldo, I’ll puke.) The show could pre-empt Hannity once a week. I’m a strong conservative, but Hannity is just too much to take in daily doses. He only puts his Republican Party pom-poms down long enough to throw a football at stagehands who are unfortunately paid to throw it back to him.

      – Jeff


    • bullright says:

      So could Obama do what he’s done without enablers? I don’t think so.


      • I’m 100% with you, Bull. When the supposed news media is leaning in the same direction as the prez, they can bury any real story about their guy, or hyperventilate any triviality about the other guy. It’s child’s play for them. I recently talked about (and graphically illustrated) the liberal media’s stranglehold on public opinion in an article called Do You Form Your Opinions Independently?.

        Bull, you gotta find something to be \happy about for New Years Eve tomorrow! You got any favorite NFL teams heading into the playoffs, man?

        – Jeff


        • bullright says:

          Jeff, only a Steelers fan. But anything is better than watching dysfunctional, incompetent gov, like paint drying.
          Oh, Happy New Years. (or is it Groundhog Day, again?)


  3. bullright says:

    Mickey reminded me of another example. Fox and the right tout this one too. They will say the problem is the people just don’t know about all this or understand all this. That makes my hair stand up.

    We just had an election and saw that people might not know about every detail of it but conservatives know about this crap. But there are people that don’t know and don’t want to know, they are the Dems.

    So their assertion that if only people understood and knew about this they’d be an uproar is totally missing the point. We were outraged and there was an uproar. And it made no difference – or not enough of one. That excuse tries to cleverly lay the onus with fair-minded voters and independendents for not “getting it”.

    Do they really believe that is the basis for the whole problem? Really, its naïve to suggest that after all we’ve seen. Like I said, Roberts and the SCOTUS decision…is that because we the people didn’t get it ?

    Its more like it all happens IN SPITE of the people getting it or knowing about it.


  4. Davetherave says:

    Bull, I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with you more on any issue. There is no way in hell a person could away with robbery, murder, lying and only God knows what else with zero accountability. Barry has gotten and continues to gets everything he wants and the end result is always as he wants it. No mere human could get away with this. We are under the cloud of pure, dark evil and the way our nation has treated God in the last 50 years I’m not really surprised this evil is flourishing. The Bible speaks of more than just one anti-Christ and who knows…Stalin, Hitler…etc. and perhaps another now. I’ll not place judgment on whether Barry is an anti-Christ, but he is being supported and driven by pure evil and we are paying a heavy price for some reason.



    • bullright says:

      Dave, yea I don’t take the subject lightly. He really is in that force of darkness. And that people have gotten used to and accepted this condition should set off alarms. He’s broken all the rules in his long list of “firsts” and he’s no where near done. His lies and deception seem to work and he gets away with it.



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