Spendaholics Anonymous

Obama Fiscal Cliff

The biggest issue of our time is the debt and our budget problems. Now imagine a president comes out and says I will not negotiate?

In the campaign, Obama gave us lectures about what he would do to work with others and compromise. It was just talk though. Now he says he will not negotiate over the debt ceiling. In fact, what he wanted was unilateral power to raise the debt ceiling by himself. Screw what the people say or what congress wants. He wanted to usurp the power unto himself.

President Not is  laying out his campaign once again.

My name is Barack Obama, and I’m chief of spendaholics. There is nothing anyone can do to stop me. I will not listen; I will not negotiate; I will not stop spending as I want to.

Huff Po reports

While Obama insisted he was “very open to compromise” in future talks, he emphasized he would not negotiate with Congress over the debt limit.

I will not have another debate with this Congress over the debt ceiling,” Obama said.


(Newser Jan 2, 2013 ) – It seems lawmakers on both sides of the aisle can agree on one thing: They don’t deserve a raise. The Senate’s fiscal cliff bill contains a single sentence provision that will stop Congress from getting a scheduled cost-of-living salary bump, Roll Call reports.

President Obama had issued an executive order raising pay for all federal employees, including a $900-a-year bump for Congress, but lawmakers in both houses had pledged to vote it down, the Hill reports, with some wanting to prevent raises for the rest of Washington as well.

“At a time when our country is facing record debt and trillion dollar deficits, the last thing Washington should do is reward itself with a pay increase,” Rob Portman said in a New Year’s Eve statement. Michele Bachmann took it a step further and drafted a bill preventing congressional raises in 2014.


As Krauthammer said Jan 4:

Sure, he’ll pretend to care about deficits, especially while running for re-election. But now that he’s past the post, he’s free to be himself – a committed big-government social Democrat.

As he showed in his two speeches this week. After perfunctory nods to debt and spending reduction, he waxed enthusiastic about continued “investments” – i.e. spending – on education, research, roads and bridges, green energy, etc.

Big spending is back in vogue — with no apologies He’s probably busy making out his Christmas wish-list for next year.

6 comments on “Spendaholics Anonymous

  1. clyde says:

    Not a surprise. This prick thinks EVERYONE should treat government spending the way he does. You know,$20 mil here for a few days in Hawaii,a few hundred billion for FAILURE,ad nauseum.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, LOL it really is no surprise, and his line of BS never gets any better. Its the same pile he was shoveling in 08, when he was asked about his spending plans. When asked what spending plans he would forego because of the budget and fiscal problems, not oly did he refuse to answer but he arrogantly restated his spending list. Then he topped it off by criticizing Bush for his spending. How could anyone pull the lever for this certifiable addict?


  2. Davetherave says:

    And I’m sure Gaffer turned down his raise as well…right? Both houses of congress should not only refuse to get a raise they should vote themselves to take a significant pay cut for their abhorrent performance. Barry should have to return all his income plus a 20% penalty for early withdraw on his Dumb Ass IRA! Man; if these these losers worked in the real world they would all be drawing unemployment, until it ran out. NO ONE would hire them to run their business.

    As far as raising the debt ceiling; the House should tell the sumbitch to go straight to hell! Enough is enough! How much water has to collect in their lungs before they realize the drowning affect?? Spendaholics, don’t careaholics…stupidassaholics…!!!! Those idiots make me damn proud I don’t have a college degree and ran three businesses very successfully….


  3. You ever have the nagging toothache that, no matter what you do, just keeps hurting more and more? And more?
    It never gets better. Every day it gets worse, and worse, until you want to rip out the tooth with your bare hands, or pry it out with a screwdriver?

    I’ve now decided that listening to Obama speak is WAAAAY more painful than that.


    • bullright says:

      JTR, that’s a perfect way to put it. I keep hoping at some point he will spontaneously combust. So true. And in his case it would be like the tooth blaming you for the pain….then laughing at you while you try to cope.



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