Gun control, meet freak central

There is a hint of sarcasm and a dash of satire within.
Funny how…

Only the people who could carry out fast and furious could say they are the people who need to take action on “common sense” gun control.

Only the people who perfected the use of drone assassinations around the world could be trusted to fix the gun problem – as libs refer to it.

Especially the people who allowed four great Americans including an ambassador to be killed in Benghazi without lifting a finger, could say they are interested in protecting Americans: “if we can only save one life, we must act!”

Just one, Joe? What about those four in Benghazi? And they saw that attack as it happened. You can’t even protect an ambassador and the consulate in Libya — after “liberating it” — but you are out to protect Americans at all costs? Where was Biden’s time for action comments on Fast and Furious? You must have missed that one, Joe.

Trust Obama, Biden and the Party that will go to any length to “preserve the right” of a woman to kill her baby, to look out for you and save the lives of children.

And then they’ll have you believe the only thing that stands in their way of saving Americans’ lives is the NRA.

Mark Levin puts their gun control fetish in perspective comparing it with what they did on DDT. Listen here.This is how government works,” he says.


Morgan to the Rescue

I stumbled onto an article about the Piers Morgan freak show. Tip to JTR for a post inspiring the idea. Some left-media are talking about Piers Morgan’s show and they presented a certain view. It got me thinking. It made me wonder about Piers Morgan’s nightly rants on guns. If the left is getting the idea that people are big mouth crazies for supporting gun rights, is that a coincidence? (I don’t get that conclusion, but the left seems to)

The mission and objective:

Isn’t it quite possible that Piers is deliberately trying to –A) paint gun advocates as crazies and to B) project a self-fulfilling narrative that “we can’t have a rational discussion”?

You have Piers daily provoking guests into heated arguments. So Piers Morgan has become the Jerry Springer of gun control. He constructs the narrative to show that they are just trying to have this “discussion” about guns and look what gun advocates are doing. All projection. Of course, it requires you ignore Morgan’s irrational blowouts, rants and character attacks at his guests. That’s no problem for libs or MSM.

Morgan said on Twitter:

“the more we hear from [Jones], the better chance proper U.S. gun control legislation will be passed.”

Now he is trying to tame his rhetoric a little bit. I guess the feedback was not very flattering, even from libs. I really think that is what is going on here. Leave it to the left to choreograph something for political gain.

10 comments on “Gun control, meet freak central

  1. “The Jerry Springer of gun control”?

    Now THAT’S a great moniker, BR!


  2. bullright says:

    Here’s another thought. If the leftist-progs complain about the money and influence of the NRA now, (They’d like to blame them for the last shootings.) and leftists have their way to get some ban through, it will just increase the flow of money to the NRA and redouble their lobbying efforts.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Damn good post Bull! Levin is dead on correct with regards to the banning of DDT. It has NEVER been proven to cause any diseases especially cancer, but it did a damn good job saving millions upon millions lives. Special interest groups used distorted facts causing a panic frenzy to scare the hell out of ignorant people and the rest is history. Unfortunately; millions more are currently standing in line to die, because DDT is still banned. That’s how radicals work. Distort facts, create a public, panic frenzy and then step in like the savior’s of the day.

    Since that horrible tragedy in Connecticut; the NRA has gained 100,000 new members. While at the same time the Sumbitch, Gaffer, al…have been working on creating their public, panic frenzy with distorted facts. Now they’re ready to swoop in like the savior’s of the day. These bunch of lying son-of-a-bitches that do nothing, but further their own communist agenda make me sick to my stomach. To hell with all of em’ and may they burn in hell for eternity!!!


    • bullright says:

      Dave, you laid it out pretty well, its dsgusting. If the horrible shooting wasn’t bad enough, no fear they can make things worse, real quick. Actually, everything they touch gets worse. Can’t everyone see that?


    • bullright says:

      …And their idea progs want to have a rational discussion is about the biggest piece of garbage I’ve ever heard.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, I equate to those idiots rational equaling radical. Those f’ing radicals try to rationalize EVERYTHING they do. Reminds me of my ex wife that was born from the belly of a jackal…need I say more???


  4. clyde says:

    When assholes like Morgan runs his shit-eater, people like Ben Shapiro,who REALLY kept his cool,CAN make a difference by showing who the real loon is. I,however,would NOT do so well. Piers would start calling me a “little,stupid man with your little stupid book”,he’d be leaving in an ambulance,I’d be leaving in a cop car. Guarandamnteed.


  5. bullright says:

    Biden said there is “no silver bullet” and said he is “shooting for Tuesday” to deliver recommendations to king Obama.

    What’s with all the violent rhetoric? (remember Dems problem with “targeting” candidates)

    Maybe someone should ask Biden if he’s “packing heat” at those meetings too?



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