What if Romney won

If Romney had won, we would be a few weeks into a new administration and the questions would be flying fast and furious from the media. There would be so much to harass criticize Romney over. Media would have to hold secret group sessions just to decide which of the many criticisms they would attack Romney on, since his taxes were published and still fodder for attack dogs. (no shortage of them) “Is he a certified criminal?” Why even ask?

They would no doubt ask, “what are you doing about the sputtering economy?” … “and what exactly are you going to do about the debt CRISIS? You cannot ignore it.” They would chant about bringing the troops home from Afghanistan.  His innaugural speech would be labled one of the worst, completely lacking content or specifics.

By now we would be still going through a massive list of pardons and a final of flurry executive orders Obama left. All irreversible they say.

Of course, mad dog media would be all over the initial appointments, looking for every minority. The word “controversial” would be attached to everything Romney says or does.  They’d tell him he has no mandate for judges or anything else.

The Senate would be in denial and telling him they will not rubber stamp anything he wants.  And they’d be making sure he understands the limits of executive power. They would lecture us on the “Advice and Consent” responsibilities of the Senate. The word “bipartisan” would be used in every other paragraph just to remind us how partisan Mitt is.

Everyone who remotely knew Romney would be interrogated to find the “secrets” and “truth” Mitt is hiding.

They would debate on how many weeks of a honeymoon he deserves while they aggressively go after anything he says or does. And they’d pick apart any White House trappings or changes the first lady makes. And all the stories about his family they stumbled across over the campaign would be lined up and ready to hit the front pages — after a brief, invisible honeymoon of course.

Oh, what a different story it would be, from the Marxist left.

There suddenly is a whole ot of front page material with all the issues they’ve been ignoring for four years. There had better not be any vacations planned soon with all this urgency about the economy, debt, and this mountain of issues to deal with.

And then the first lady “is no Michelle Obama…how will she ever manage – if she can?” Basically, the media declares they’ve been given a mandate to challange everything.(its a whole different world now) After all, Mitt had no mandate for anything.

Of course there’s always the blatant racism…. so much to write and say about that. All those disenfranchized voter suppression problems to have months of hearings on. “Racism” would be a byline in news broadcasts and echoed from street corners. “Remember, he’s a Mormon too.” So much to say about that.

And we would be less than a month into his term. Who knows what they’d be like in the second year.

Oh well, back to an even uglier reality.

8 comments on “What if Romney won

  1. clyde says:

    Pretty accurate assessment I’d say.


  2. drrik says:

    There would have had to have been a flurry of investigation and Casblannca moments, (“Shocked, Shocked, I tell you to find out that ganbling is going on here.”). and then pressure on Congress to file charges at the last moment and before the new swearing in, else he could not have had anyone to pardon. At least on the most egregious infarctions that were not likely to stay hidden.


    • bullright says:

      Yea, ha ha Casablanca moments. It would be panic time. In some of those pre-election clips the One looked worried he might not win. (so he made a few more promises) it wouldn’t have been pretty. And how much would remain hidden….


  3. You hit that one “dead solid perfect” as the saying goes. Of course, the media talking heads would deny the accuracy of any of this, thus cementing their hypocrisy in the minds of those who can think for themselves.


    • bullright says:

      Thanks for the visit and comment, OM. Yep, media deny much of this choreography as if it doesn’t exist, otherwise it blows their sham. No doubt the whole world can see this dance they do. I don’t usually venture into what ifs, but in this case it is right there in front of us.


  4. If Mitt were president, the Press would be instantaneously transformed into the “Watchdogs of Liberty”, challenging every single action of the White House.
    Suddenly, we’d have calls for IPs (Independent Prosecutors) for everything from Executive Orders to conversations with Congress to what Romney had for dinner.

    I’ve asked this before, but I still think it’s a good idea: what if we agreed to keep all the illegal Immigrants, and deported all the Media folks instead?

    Seems to be a fair trade to me…



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