Banana Republic

Some people say we are now a “banana republic”. I take extreme issue with that. We are now a rotten tomato mobocracy. It only took how many years?

And …

The Brownshirts are coming…the Brownshirts are coming.
Oh, remember this Boxer statement about ObamaCare protestors?

And yes, they called Tea Partiers Brownshirt protestors too. Albeit nicely dressed Brownshirts, according to Boxer. Maybe the problem was the optics; they looked like middle class Americans. Oops. Progressives can’t have that especially if Libs claim to speak for and support middle class America. Tea Partiers should have dressed, you know, like protestors.

But that was about speaking truth to power. In the Left’s case,  the power is speaking down to the drones that will believe them no matter what. Hence, brownshirts. Obama keeps telling them call your reps and tell them you want ObamaCare, tell them you want spending, tell them you demand gun control, etc. The home of “Astroturf” is the Democrat Party, but don’t let the truth get in their way.

And yet here is Benjamin Carson speaking at the prayer breakfast. Keep an eye on Obama

But you can see Michelle applauding throughout, while stiff-necked Obama sat like a stewing tyrant. His nation of thugocrats does not appreciate the truth, especially when it convicts them.

The Brownshirts are coming…the Brownshirts are coming.

Can’t you smell what Barack is cooking?

10 comments on “Banana Republic

  1. drrik says:

    Dr. Benjamin Carson gave an awsome speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. It just happened that most all of the truisms and philosphies and comments he made were in opposition to the policies that Presbo and the rest of his regime have been pushing for the last 4 years. Makes him not just an opponent of Presbo but an opponent of what has come to be most of the US government. Not planning an attack at this time but definitely a future threat to the government part of the US. Should he be wattching over his shoulder lest he get hit by a Predator drone missle? Or will he be more likely to earn a Breitbart-style heart attack?


    • bullright says:

      Yea, it makes him and enemy for Obama and an enemy of the state, for sure. Obama has a habit of backstabbing them first, so I assume its coming. Then he’ll progress to the Rubio treatment, that is if he doesn’t meet an unfortunate accident in the meantime.

      I expect he’ll be degraded a nd mocked first, Alinsky style.


  2. bullright says:

    Note to self and tea party agendas:
    In a twist of irony, I just finished this post when I got a call from a Tea Party organization. He went through his boilerplate and described the conditions of Washington calling for fiscal sanity. After he expressed the sorrow about the election, he said they stand against the “onslaught” of the Liberal agenda and their media. (whatever he called them)

    Then came the ask: “So sir, because of your past support, would 200 dollars be better or 100 for now?”

    To which I replied, “Neither!”

    I said I didn’t disagree with his description of the situation, but told him I see little oposition to it all from anyone. (with the exception of Rand Paul) I’m not sure there is even a plan. We have a tyrant in the WH and the sewer system is overflowing in DC. Some people see everything as a fundraising opportunity. I doubt that is the answer. We saw the results for the millions in the election.

    I am no physics expert, but what is this connection between all the money and “halting the onslaught” of the radical agenda? I don’t see how even a million dollars will stop it. We need action not money. Without the action, I’m pretty certain no amount of money matters. That ended the call.

    … Sorry its come to this. Not everything is just a fundraising opportunity. What price can you put on your health or liberty or safety? Would any price be an insult? I’m starting to think so. What is the return? But if we get no real resistance to it all, I don’t believe all the funds matter much.

    I believe in markets, too, but is the money going to stop the statism, the “onslaught” of their agenda, the slope to socialism and liberty robbing? Is concentrating on only the “fiscal” situation going to suddenly correct our course?


  3. pepperhawk says:

    Unbelievable! That speech by Dr. Carson was awesome! It was obvious the “KING” did NOT like much of what the man was saying. His whole speech goes against everything Obama hates and tries to do such as divide people into groups and then egg them on to fight one another. I loved when Dr. Carson said that PC has to go.

    Watching the KING was so telling and he could barely hide his distaste for this doctor. And the man is a black man of all things! How dismayed the King must have been.

    I had thoughts running through my head that at any moment the King would start throwing those rotten tomatoes at him like the picture you have above.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, you’re right. What a speech, the p/c thing was the best, That is Obama’s whole campaign.. LOL I bet he has him in the top three of his hate list. Especially since he embarrassed him in public with truth. Yup, Obama is in the middle (or tries to appear to be) pitting one against the other. He probably figures the Republicans are no challenge for his tactics.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull….I bet the King has Dr. Carson on his drone list already. An actual terrorist who speaks and acts almost like a conservative. I feel sorry for him and his family. I have the feeling they won’t be around much longer with the good Dr.s speech. I could see the veins in the King’s neck pulsating. Couldn’t see his eyes too much but I bet they were glaring holes into the doctor.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, I bet there is a whole lot of jealousy. Carson actually accomplished something great outside politics, in the private sector. That will enrage him just thinking about it. Here sits Obama who’s only claim to fame is running for office and winning.Outside of that he is the most inexperienced person I know of.


          • pepperhawk says:


            Right you are. Dr. Carson has great credentials. The king has none except being a community organizer and that mainly consisted of directing other people to do dirty deeds. Just like he does now. Instead of him actually working as prez, he hands off the dirty work to someone, a czar, dingy harry, whoever and they do the work.


  4. clyde says:

    Great response to the solicitor. I agree with your astute assessment. NO amount of money replaces action.



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