Obama worse off script than on script

Repetition of ‘They Deserve A Vote’ Wasn’t in Obama’s Prepared Remarks

      By     Elizabeth Flock —  US News

February 13, 2013

President Barack Obama went off-the-cuff in more  than 20 places throughout his approximately 7,000 word State of the  Union speech Tuesday night. And each time, it seemed the president was  motivated to do so by a certain point he wanted to hammer home.

The  most interesting ad-lib happened when Obama spoke about gun control,  delivering an impassioned repetition of the phrase “They deserve a  vote,” in reference to victims of gun violence, including of the  December shooting in Newtown. In his prepared remarks, Obama said the  phrase “they deserve a vote” just once, then named the victims, then  reiterated that “they deserve a simple vote.” When he got to the podium,  the president added in the phrase four more times.

George  Lakoff, a professor of linguistics at the University of  California-Berkeley and a Democratic political strategist, says the  repetition of “they deserve a vote” was a reflection of a speech he says  was all about empathy.

“He’s saying… ‘Do you have empathy  for the victims? Are you afraid to even say that you don’t?’ It’s an  emotional moment. He’s saying ‘Look, who are you?'” The moment was made  stronger, according to Lakoff, because “the other guys [in Congress]  were just just sitting there not clapping, saying nothing.”

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Maybe someone should tell Obama that America beat him to it. They already ratified the second amendment a couple hundred years ago. But not even a month into office, he reveals he isn’t going to keep his oath or any law he so chooses. Ignore the Constitution.

If he wanted a memorable tag line, he could call to “repeal the second amendment” and say “these people deserve it”. So the radicals who go into psychotic fits when they hear “repeal ObamaCare” — a law that isn’t even in full force yet, with no Constitutional authority, and which isn’t finished– want to repeal a Constitutional Amendment but they aren’t even honest enough to say it.

Now the Constitution “needs a vote”, even if they are ignoring it. So repeating that line over and over gives it some legitimacy? ‘Vote on emotion, ignore the Constitution.’ People thought four dead Americans in Benghazi deserved a response. He doesn’t care about that. Demand a vote on a budget? Secure and protect the Constitution? Nah. Too busy with gun banning gun control…too busy organizing brownshirts or blackshirts.

Too bad he didn’t run on gun banning in the campaign. How would that sound? “I, Barack Obama, want to repeal and abolish the second amendment…vote for me… And I’m not too thrilled with the first one either.”

“Click your heels three times and repeat….” — and hope no one catches on. His rhetoric has all the legitimacy of a stink bomb even if he has people cheering him.

14 comments on “Obama worse off script than on script

  1. drrik says:

    He seeks to cater to the dead, not the living or the unborn.


  2. pepperhawk says:

    Excellent article Bull.

    He deserves to “know” and be told over and over “that he has no authority to ban the 2nd Amendment”. He is so far out of his enumerated powers and not one person in Congress does a damn thing about it.

    Let’s repeat, “Mr. President, YOU have NO authority to ban the 2nd Amendment”. Period, end of story. Repeat again. Repeat again.

    He can keep repeating his own stupid phrases, but he should just STFU. This has nothing to do with “children’s” deaths and all about disarming Americans.
    That is his goal and he appeals to morons who have never read the Bill of Rights or even know it exists.



    • bullright says:


      Thanks, it should be screamed from every building. He has no authority. No one does anything in DC. They make a statement like “this will not stand.” Where did I hear that before? You said it . Even some of the Dems in Congress see the errors but it won’t stop him. Nothing stops the Fuhrer-in-Chief. And it is not chidren he is worried about.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Right, just how many times have we heard “this won’t stand” and then it does.
        All extremely unconstitutional. The only person who sticks to the Constitution is Rand Paul and they will make him out as some kind of right wing lunatic. Did you hear about Pravda and their campaign to disparage Rubio because he drank water while giving his side of the SOTU? Now how friggin nuts is that? Pravda is really reaching and the King is behind all of it. Bloody hell he pays MSNBC to do his hatchet work.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, that’s funny, now Rubio is supposedly washed up because he dared take a drink of water while rebutting Al-Bama. No one mentions the substance of the speech. It was a homerun labeled as a foul. GIVE ME A BREAK! There are probably calls and emails flying between “Pravda” and the WH. And Carson made their list now. And Al-Q-Bama says people are playing politics…….while he plays golf. Pravda has it all under control so he can va-k-shun.


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull….they are so afraid of Rubio they will do anything to ruin him. Only I don’t think it will work. As the Alinsky party keeps going after the good man Rubio they will also alienate every Cuban American we’ve got here and possibly other Hispanic voters. I hope this backfires on them.

            Oh, yeah, everything is under control all right. I swear I’ve never seen a lazier King than Mao-Obama.


  3. pepperhawk says:

    And further, if he cared so much about children’s lives, he would stop abortions where hundreds of thousands babies are killed every year in this country.


    • bullright says:

      You got that exactly right. He’s a worldclass hypocrite. He would be the one injecting the saline and smile about it. (with that smirk he wears) He has no credibility on children or saving lives. He’s eyeballs deep in the culture of death. “The right to kill babies shall never be infringed,” says Obama loud and clear.The man is compassionless and heartless, especially to children. Human life is a pawn in his campaign or it is disposable. The man runs a drone campaign and strategizes with planned parentHoods. What part of sanctity of life does he support? What a con job!


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull….you summed it up good in your paragraph here. Why he demands that we, the tax payers pay for all abortions, not only here but overseas too. Culture of death is exactly right. It’s one way of getting rid of American born babies, then bring in all these illegals who he only wants so they will vote for him and keep the Alinsky party in control. He is so downright dangerous. If one ponders on it too long, one could get extremely frightened. He is one huge sicko.


  4. clyde says:

    Too damn bad the stoogemedia thinks the same way he does. The day WILL come when he decides same stoogemedia is no longer of use to him. We shall see how loudly THEY scream “1st Amendment 1st Amendment”. Then,WE can laugh our asses off at’em. Damned fools.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, stoogemedia is all the rage these days, It’s “IN”. LOL ( I wonder what happened to my comment? It got lost) I think he might have to double cross the media before they get wise. Yea, he only needs them when he needs them. 🙂


  5. Hey, BR,
    As I said in my post the other day, I find it to be simple yet blatant posturing that Obama keeps droning on about “They deserve a vote”, as if his argument is mysteriously strengthened by sheer repetition.
    What, only Statist concerns deserve a vote? I’m still waiting for the Senate to pass a Budget, and last I checked they were required to do so, by LAW.

    So, the LAW doesn’t apply to Dems, but our Constitution “deserves” to be destroyed, again, just because President Pander says so?

    It’s nonsense, obviously, but such devoid-of-logic carping does nothing to win over those with whom you disagree. It’s merely a bullying tactic designed to wear down one’s opposition, not unlike a spoiled child repeatedly screaming “I want it! I want it!”

    …and given the stature of his office, it’s considerably more immature.


    • bullright says:

      JTR: that is exactly what I thought, what about the budget vote, when he said it. How many millions of Americans think the same thing? But he rants on about what he wants. The law hasn’t changed. Even more than what he says, what gets me is the cheers and shouts he gets like some native jungle call. And then they mock those for sitting there not applauding? Go figure.

      When was the last time he told people to call their reps and demand they do a budget and keep their oath? Oh yea, never.

      BTW: notice he ignored the timetable to do a budget first thing in his term. He couldn’t wait to do that, excuse me. But he found time to go to Florida to golf.
      Tee time for him, and no TEA time for US.



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