Obama’s par for the course

Obama hits the links after the SOTUS. “I deserve a second term” so he   can go to Palm Springs to play golf, and Michelle can dispatch to Aspen. Oh, let’s see what she wears?  I can’t wait.

However, what can wait is that budget. Who needs a stinking budget? But the gun-grabbing gun control cannot happen soon enough to suit his fancy.

So when he returns, it will be campaign time again that “we can’t wait!”
Let the gun control resume.


While Obama Vacations in Palm Springs, Michelle Obama to Vacation in Aspen

Feb. 15, 2013  

Katie Pavlich  TownHall

One couple, two taxpayer funded vactions. More from White House Dossier:

First Lady Michelle Obama plans to vacation in Aspen, Colorado this Presidents’ Day weekend, separately from her husband, who will land this evening in West Palm Beach for his own down time with the boys.

According to Aspen newspapers, both Michelle and Vice President Biden are expected on the slopes. The White House has not yet announced the trip, and it’s not clear when she will be leaving, though she will presumably go today.

See.: Townhall.com

Incidentally, in Jan. 2012, CNN called Obama’s obsession with golf “par for the course for presidents”, digging up records about past presidents’ penchant for golf. But it was more like par for the course for CNN

So this term, expect to see a lot more golf and a lot more defense of Obama’s par.
But expect no “hole in one” on the budget.

7 comments on “Obama’s par for the course

  1. clyde says:

    Didn’t know they had a “Man’s Country” bathhouse in WPB. As for the other half,would she ski on WHITE snow,or will they have to color it?


  2. Just Gene says:

    Does anyone know where Joe’s wife is – is Bill around?!?!?


  3. bullright says:

    Let me say this in case Liberals are still too stupid to understand the problem. It is not about all the golf or the vacations in Hawaii. The real problem is his defiance of the Constitution and ignoring Constitutional duties….whilst he runs around playing golf … as his duties are 4th string in a trio. Can’t Libs grasp the point.?


  4. pepperhawk says:


    I couldn’t put my usual like on your article because I came up with some thing telling me it was hijacking it. WTH? I’ve never seen that before.

    Good article Bull as usual. Oh, let the King and Queen spend the tax payers money at will to live their usual Kingly life on the teat of everybody who is miserable. Have I told you that I detest those two?

    No I’m afraid we won’t see that budget fixed. Hell, if he does that then he can’t make America a third world country.



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