When talking points collide

We were told the economy was on the mend. Things are looking up. Come on people, just ignore reality. Kerry was telling the press corp at the convention that they should be reporting on the great, ever-improving economy. You know, all that good going on. Biden chimed in with his prospering economic forecast. (as only Joe can do)

Now with sequestration, all the talk shifts to the damage of this self-created sequestration. It will send shivers down the spine of the economy and threatens to put us in recession, so says the administration. And sending shivers through the editorial pages and Paul Krugman columns.

I take it the “recovery summer” mantra is now off the talking points. Better clear Barry’s teleprompter. It will be doom and gloom forecasts for the foreseeable future. That is until something is done to stop all the cutting. Then it will be “clear sailing” again from the administration. Of course the problem is the talk does not match reality — it never does with Obama.

So they will talk about how this sequestration, as unnecessary as it all is, which only slows the growth of spending, is now threatening to take the economy into a nosedive. And they will point out the signs all around.

Reality check: we the people were never in the rose-colored recovery. We’ve been in the pain camp for some time, ever since the pretender took office. But that matters not to Obama’s perpetual campaign. It was supposed to be sunshine and rainbows — until this dastardly sequestration came along.

So Kerry’s memorable advice to the media to start reporting on this great economy busting out at the seams, and Biden’s “summer of recovery” talk, shift to hurricane warnings. “Hunker down, take cover, plan your escape routes… Be vigilant for the effects of the Sequestration monster lurking in every corner.”

This probably causes some frustration on editorial boards everywhere. They have to scramble to cover the looming sequestration effects. Surging economy, eat your heart out. (it was nice knowing you)

We the people, the sane ones, never fell for that putrid economic talk. We were reminded every time we went to the store or got that last ten dollars in gas to hold us over for a few days.  All the economists will be on notice to start pointing out the damaging economic effects everywhere. Maybe there is some poetic justice here to show that roaring Obama economy is not firing on …. any cylinders, and never was. It was a big fat lie.

It only  shows how deceiving all their mantra was before, and how hypocritical they are. Hey, but at least they don’t have to talk about Solyndragate, the XL pipeline, Fast and Furious, or Benghazigate. And remember the Obama motto, “never let a crisis go to waste” – especially if you create one.

8 comments on “When talking points collide

  1. clyde says:

    WHAT sequestration cuts??? Ain’t any. As usual,dickhead and cohorts,along with the lapdogs,are lying their asses off. Making up shit out of thin frigging air,so as to stir up the low-info voters.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Excellent post Bull! Only King Sumbitch and his traitor minions could defy the laws of physics. “For every reaction there is an opposite and equal reaction.” Every action they “slick willy” us with there is an applause and equal further reaction to further their pandemic. Even in the old movies; why are the good guys always out numbered???

    The only thing that has been se-quest-ered is the ability of the First Bitch to spend money like a slum lord hitting the lottery! Only the traitors could view and try to scare the shit out of John Doe, dumb ass public sheeple number one there will be no food on the shelves when they go shopping! I’m all for this little to say the least spending cut and much, much more. The legislative branch should be paid hourly based on performance and then they would owe us money! Only POS Pelosi would state a cut in their pay would degrade their job. WTF? If there is any group that should be degraded for their job it’s the legislative branch!

    I’m now keeping an eye in the sky for chariots of fire and I pray their first stop is Dipshit City. To put it lightly; I would not want to be one of those son’s a’ bitches trying to double talk their way into Heaven. Thank God His Son is much smarter than us!!!!


    • bullright says:


      I hear you, they could defy the laws of physics, just cause they say so. America disliked ObamaCare, and they gave it to us and said we demanded it. And they want to be thanked for ruining mdical care in this country…. and they’re only mad they didn’t do MORE. It defies logic.

      They’ve got low info voters bought hook, line and sinker. Yea keep a watch, this should not be able to last for too long. Did they ever care about the aborted 55 million? As you said, they applaud it, call it the law of the land, and then say they will fight for the right to kill babies. Yea, laws of physics, and nature’s law and its God…. That’s besides what they do to the Constitution.


  3. pepperhawk says:

    Right things are so bad that Kerry can promise the ME 2.5 billion dollars in aid and military equipment. So how does that collide with the doom and gloom talk?

    I think the Rat has made a very big mistake with this because I can’t see how with us sending all that stuff to the ME and we’ve got chickens falling out of the sky things are so bad makes any sense whatsoever.

    So, the King goes around cutting our military while arming the whole ME. Make sense? Yeah, for his agenda it does.

    And $10 in gas is about all we can put into my car at a time. Not to mention the food prices but gee, yeah, the economy was just doing swell before this fake sequestration nonsense.

    Good article Bull!


    • bullright says:

      Pepp.. ha ha, that ME aid must be a reduction from what they want to to give them. 🙂 We can’t have another carrier in the gulf but dump a bunch of money in the hands of Islamist regimes. Works every time, don’t it? He wants them building the sharia caliphate over there and us falling apart over here. Some agenda…..


    • bullright says:

      Lets not forget he tries to tell us better days are ahead with his regime. Even his pea-brain morons can’t believe that hope on a rope.


  4. So” Happy Days Are Here Again” became “Flee! Flee for your LIVES!!!”
    Thanks, Joe…

    This entire crew is a joke, BR.
    Not a good or funny joke, obviously, but a joke just the same.



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