All the president’s protection

Every time the prez leaves or enters the building, an entire swat team is on the roof.

(nice graphic illustration)

All this must add to the ever-expanding ego of Obama. And he is worried about people having self-protection and guns. The guy with a traveling militia is worried about militias and guns. Go figure.

13 comments on “All the president’s protection

  1. drrik says:

    Used to be he needed protection from hostile countries and nutcases. Once America realizes the danger he presents to THEM, he will need more and more protection. He probably wakes every day incredulous that most still do not recognize the danger.


    • bullright says:

      Finally the military may not be enough, Dictators often run into that dilemma. It must give him a rush when he walks that hall with real presidents on the wall.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. First thing I had to do after reading it was clean the puke off my keyboard. I get violently ill every time I see the words “Huffington Post!” Bunch of damn loony ass, blotter acid flash back, psychotropic drug taking bastards.

    Very appropriate name…Olympus. Barry thinks he’s a God, so I can see why his flunkies chose that name. Humm…wonder if we can bribe Zeus into shoving a lighting bolt up Asshat’s azz?? 🙂

    He’s dug in better than NORAD and the funny thing is we wouldn’t miss him for a second. My greatest dream is for his chair to be truly empty…ALWAYS…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, calm down dog. LMAO It was a good illustration. Really, the last few articles I saw on Obama were nothing but conservative critics and no amusement park groupies. I almost couldn’t believe they were so quiet, probably ordering their new uniforms and shining Obastid’s shoes. (or maybe they’re running low on Kool Aid with the sequester and all)

      I almost want to see the movie. You’re right up to par there…

      Yea, talk about a bunker. He thinks its his personal chalet. Wonder what the code name for drone strike is? I’d setttle for classifying him MIA , like Jimmy Hoffa. No doubt he has enough loyalty around him like Chavez had to cause him any concern. (judging by the joint chiefs) And union bosses give him another layer of defense.


      • Davetherave says:

        Sorry Bull. My ADHD gets the better of me sometimes! 🙂

        I think the effects of the Kool Aid are starting to wear off and we’re hearing a bunch of “Oh shit; what did I do??…from dumb ass voters. Man; If I could only have one wish granted it would be for Barry to go hang out with Hoffa. I’d even agree to be a puppet and kiss the crickets ass for the rest of my life! 🙂


  3. clyde says:

    With this asshole in there,I’m surprised it hasn’t been renamed. Funny,we can protect HIS sorry ass with guns,protect the insane asylum known as the house and senate with guns,protect our money with guns, etc etc ad nauseum,but HORROR OF HORRORS AND SHOCK !!!!!! We cannot protect our MOST INNOCENT citizens with guns. Sheer fricking lunacy,eh?


  4. pepperhawk says:


    I used to work for an airline at the Cinti Airport and since we were way down from the main hub, the President’s plane would land behind our building. You wouldn’t believe all those SS do “way” before the prez comes in on AF1. First they put spy apparatus near the building so they can listen in to everyone’s conversations.

    All of the phones are tapped and they will search anyone’s desk for “bombs” and other things.

    In the lower floor where the planes were loaded with all kinds of packages, the dogs search every inch of that floor and this goes on for about a month before (in this case) Clinton arrived.

    On the roof top, swat teams are sitting there just waiting for someone to shoot Clinton’s ass when he finally arrives. They had agents all line up across the runways in the woods with snipers ready to take anyone down who made the wrong move.

    My boss and I were watching out the window where AF1 pulled up and suddenly the elevator flew open and we had 3 guys with guns pointing at us. Talk about terror. We were terrified thinking they were just going to shoot us down.

    Our security manager had to be called to verify that we even worked there and that we were not dangerous, all the while holding those big ass guns on us. There were 2 SS guys and a local cop.

    He came in 3 times while I worked there and our own security mgr got so sick and tired of all the extra security measures he had to go through that they demanded.

    Also when I worked a Xavier Uninversity in Cinti, Clinton came in to give a speech in the auditorium. Well the SS used our IT area for their base. They were on our backs like poop on flies. Every damn day we all had our personal belongings searched and every morning the SS searched through every nook and cranny for bombs. We could hardly get a thing done with them hanging around and this went on for 3 weeks.

    So yeah, the King has triple the protection that Clinton had and then he doesn’t want us to be able to protect ourselves. You know what he can do with that! People are NOT going to hand over their guns come hell or high water.

    He has a lot of nerve, and I would call him Thor, the god of war. All he does is make war wherever he can and on us. That’s the worst of it. Why he is not arrested for treason is something the whole Congress needs to answer for. But, nothing will ever happen to them as usual. No one in Cesspool City goes down for anything.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, great comment and insight. Wow and at what cost? That was for Clinton.

      The irony it reminds me of is that everyone and anyone is suspect when it comes to this prez. Funny how that works when he is more dangerous to the country than anything we endured. Make a suspicious move and we are tracked and, in this case, targeted directly by the administration. And you can take that literally and figuratively. SS protects him as he targets us. Strange. And look at the characters that routinely run through the White House of this LIC. THen there’s Biden on top of that, telling his wife if she feels a threat “go out on the balcony and fire a few blasts”.


      • pepperhawk says:


        Yeah, that gets a person ticked off knowing you are being targeted no matter how innocent you are. With the Clinton thing there was not one person who would have done either at DHL or Xavier Univ. any kind of harm or even thought about it. But, these SS consider everyone as a potential enemy. And all the time the enemy is the prez in Clinton’s case and worse in the King we have now.

        Those SS guys don’t take to jokes either. One of them stood out our back door all day long guarding our entrance into it. I took a smoke break and was standing there very uncomfortably and then I said to him “What’s the news about the latest on Monica”. And then I laughed. Well he just stared holes into me. I guess I really made myself a target after that. I noticed that the SS would come into my office and search every damn drawer I had, but they didn’t do that to my boss.

        They used our department because there was a storage room off one side and as Jesuits do there were underground tunnels. So they figured that was a good escape route if Clinton had to get out secretly and safely if someone had come after him. Ho, ho. We laughed ourselves sick over that one. We saw to what lengths they went to guard Clinton.

        And you can well imagine that the King with triple the security is so well protected no one could ever get to him.

        Oh, also when Clinton came into the airport, everyone had to leave by a certain time or you had to stay until he got back. Well, since my boss and I were the only two network IT people we were often there working OT. So one night we got stuck staying there until Clinton got back and rode off in AF1. Now just what the heck did they think we’d do? Also they cut the main artery in Cinti down so it must have been a living nightmare for people trying to go home from work those nights on I-75. But we got to talk to Clinton’s pilot for several hours and he told us all about how he simply loved his job with Clinton. Egads!

        One time Clinton came in to speak to a bunch of KY farmers about NOT growing tobacco. While he was at this meeting, my boss and I were taking a smoke break. Well, there were about 4 his pilots who came to join us to have a smoke and they all were laughing telling us what a joke it was that Clinton was giving this stupid speech about growing tobacco when Clinton smoked up the whole of AF1 with his cigar smoke. Oh, that was so funny and all of us laughed our asses off at the hypocrisy.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, that is funny, the hypocrisy never ends. Where are all the whistleblowers? Are they getting paid off, or disappearing like enemy critics such as Brietbart? Yea, Clintons could do that magic act too.


        • bullright says:

          … the difference between Nixon and Obama is Nixon made an enemies list, Obama puts you on a drone target list.



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