Egocentric Obama and Chicago

Nevermind that the war room and world headquarters of this regime are really in Chicago.
So is the basis of practically everything, especially style. DC is just the satelite office. The bigest import under Obama is Chicago politics.

March 11, 2013 – American Thinker

The Chicago Roots of President Obama’s Leadership Style

By Michael Bargo Jr.

Speaker Boehner and the Republican House are frustrated that they can’t get President Obama or Senate leader Reid to compromise with them.

The regular rules of order in Congress are that the committees hold hearings, both parties have input into the writing of legislation, and eventually the Senate and House leaders have a conference to come to mutually agreeable terms. This conference report results in a bill that is submitted to the president for signing.

But the president doesn’t seem to follow the old established rules. He wants the speaker to visit the White House, meet with him and his inner circle, and, particularly with regard to issues of spending, sign an unconditional surrender.

Analysts have seen this as proof of Obama’s totalitarian ambitions or an inflated political ego. Others characterize it as a sure sign that he is pursuing socialism.

While the president’s behavior can be used to support all of these descriptions, the real answer may be none of these. Those who seek to understand President Obama may benefit from studying the governing tactics of Chicago’s Mayor Daley I. These have been thoroughly described in biographies of Daley. //…

Once these recommendations “arranged” by Mayor Daley became law, the City Council then became “little more than an advisory body.

The fawning news media have not discussed this power-grab. Budgets reveal “who gets what,”vi and Obama doesn’t want the public to know the details.

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American Pharaoh is a good name for it. ‘Chicago does DC’; it is like Daley on steroids.

“[Valerie Jarrett] was Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Richard Daley, during which time (1991) she hired Michelle Robinson, then engaged to Barack Obama, away from a private law firm.” And Obama even had Bill Daley as chief of staff for a stint.

It is nothing short of Chicago expanding its operations to Washington. Remember the guy who was going to cleanup Washington politics and bring transparency? “Give us that good ol’ Chicago transparency.” Now we got the rebooted campaign rerouted through Chicago’s outfit, and the brownshirt network coming to a street corner near you.

6 comments on “Egocentric Obama and Chicago

  1. clyde says:

    Hmmm…. I’m confused. Boehner has bent over,and lubed for this sonofabitch at EVERY turn. Given the bastard everything he wants. WHAT the HELL is HE frustrated about? WE are the ones who can lay claim to frustration. EVERY DAMN TIME there has been an opportunity to at least slow this train wreck down,Boehner has greased the goddamn rails. F@$k him,the horse he rode in on,and the MOTHER of the horse he rode in on. C’mon,Ohioans,primary this bum out next year,will ya? As for Obama having totalitarian ambitions,WTF,OVER??? We KNEW that long before the asshat was elected the FIRST goddamn time. Where ya been,geniuses?


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, perfectly put and so diplomatically, as usual. If they are waiting for Obama to trip on his Chicago strings, they ought to be over that already. (get in line) You are right, no one has to grease the rails either.

      The king ambitions part, well it demands equal and opposite reactions, I’m having a hard time seeing those. Just look at the lame investigations and oversight they did try. That worked well…NOT! The thing about tyrants is they don’t stop till they get their way…and we’re waiting for him to stop??


  2. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull and you definitely pinned the tail on the Head Jackass. King Sumbitch suffers from the same mental illnesses as seen in Stalin, Hitler, Mao…et al…and there is nothing he can do to cure himself. So where in the hell is the cure? It’s suppose to be the legislative branch and judiciary branch. but they’ve been MIA since King Sumbitch crawled upon his throne. The folks we voted into office to protect us, our nation and our constitution have sat back and done nothing to stop the Asshat In Traitor. As far as I’m concerned they are just as guilty of treason as King Sumbitch. They have the power to stop this madness yet they’ve done nothing. And Boehner and the other Repukes are frustrated?? WTF?? What the hell kind of reasoning do they expect to get from a person(s) that are severely mentally ill??

    There should be no frustration at this point, because King Sumbitch should have been removed from office years ago. How about we chat about something that sounds sane like OUR frustration with our elected officials that have turned traitors? Trust me; Boehner and none the the Repukes frustration with King Sumbitch even comes close to the frustration millions of citizens have for a do nothing legislative and judiciary branch. If Johnny Boy wants to see what real frustration looks like, he should stop and have a little chat with Davetherave!


    • bullright says:

      Dave, LOL…yea, would he want to compare frustrations? I don’t think so.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, all I can write it off to anymore is collusion. All of the traitors in Dipshit City are in on this together. They know in any type society there is always an elite class and all they’re now doing is trying to ensure they stay among the elite class. We no longer have a two party system or representation of any type. It’s us common folk against the Dipshit City Elite Class and I don’t know anything about your background Bull, but mine is rather interesting. I treat the people I care about very well, but besides them I couldn’t give a rats turd what happens to them. I’m not exactly known as Mr. Nice Guy, if I don’t like someone. I’m just a mean ass, old redneck that’s been beating the living shit out of anyone that deserved it my entire life and while I may now be older and slower I still think several will be sorry they f*cked with me before they can put my ass down for good.


        • bullright says:

          Dave, Collusion…that’s a bullseye, too bad it doesn’t sink their battleship tho. 🙂 LOL The elite ruling class as I call them. (and they’re infested in both parties) Its looking like us against them, just like all those townhalls where Tea Partiers were TRYING to ask them questions. Snarlin’ Arlen sticks in my mind. They didn’t care then and have done little to redeem themselves since.

          It’s not about the approval polls, it’s about what they don’t do. Like those townhalls, LOL, I guess we’re supposed to sit down and shut up, not necessarily in that order.



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