ObamaCare, we know what’s in it… voter registration

Its finally out of the bag. An army of brownshirts, partial to Obama, will be unleashed to help people “navigate” the ObamaCare wonderland. You will be paying them well.

You are here = *D*

Tens of thousands Obamacare ‘navigators’ to be hired

April 3, 2013 | 4:44 pm

Tens of thousands of health care professionals, union workers and community activists hired as “navigators” to help Americans choose Obamacare options starting Oct. 1 could earn $20 an hour or more, according to new regulations issued Wednesday.

The 63-page rule covering navigators, drawn up by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, also said the government will provide free translators for those not fluent in English — no matter what their native language is.


The rules allow navigators to come from the ranks of unions, health providers and community action groups such as ACORN and Planned Parenthood. They are required to provide unbiased advice.

Some in Congress are already wary of the navigators. Louisiana Republican Rep. Charles Boustany Jr., chairman of the House Ways and Means Oversight subcommittee, has raised questions about a voter registration provision in the Obamacare application Americans will have to fill out to receive health care, and whether Democratic-leaning activists will influence which party people choose to join.


The 61-page online Obamacare draft application for health care includes asking if the applicant wants to register to vote, raising the specter that pro-Obama groups being tapped to help Americans sign up for the program will also steer them to register with the Democratic Party.

On page 59, after numerous questions about the applicant’s identity and qualification for Obamacare, comes the question: “Would you like to register to vote?” The placement of the question could lead some to believe they have to register to vote to get health care.

In the introduction of the document, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services declare: “This document — the ‘questionnaire’ — represents each possible item that may need to be asked for successful eligibility determinations.”


Did we think it was just about healthcare? That’s a jioke. Now comes the Casablanca moment: they are “shocked” and nobody knew this was in it. Just another one of those pesky irrelavent details.

Maybe now you’ll have to register “to find out what’s in it”? Guaranteed to be “just another manufactured problem by Republicans“.

Makes one curious what the qualifications will be for “navigators”?

“The brownshirts are coming…the brownshirts are coming!”

12 comments on “ObamaCare, we know what’s in it… voter registration

  1. sally1137 says:

    Shocked! I tell you, shocked!


  2. Davetherave says:

    Hey Bull; good post! All this bickering about Obamacare blows my mind. There is a clause written right in that stupid ass plan that has little to nothing to do with healthcare that states have the option to opt out of implementing Obamacide and force the fed gov to handle it for their state to cover all oversight cost. Why in the hell are states bitching about the cost and allowing all this shit to go on when all they have to do is say, “No, we pass!”

    Several states (over 30 last time I saw) are telling the Sumbitch just that and will not cover the cost of Obamacide in their state. Of course most of those states have Repuke governors, but there are some that have a Traitor Party governor. I’m stuck with a Traitor Party POS here in the Bluegrass state and of course he’s going all out to implement the stupid ass plan NO ONE can afford. KY is always ranked as one of the poorest states, but that matters not to our Traitor Party governor. Every time that bastard burps you can smell what you would imagine Obastid’s ass smell likes!


    • bullright says:

      Dave, I don’t know why they don’t just say no either?. But then Washington always finds some means to sway their decision. Or Obastid airdrops into the state to say how “mean and rotten” your governor–government- is. Then brings out the union thugs to punctuate his verbage.

      Oh maybe that gentle persuasion won’t be necessary in your state. Its more like “just shut up and drink the koolaid, and everything will be great, you’ll see — we promise!”. Actually that is one of the purposes I see in all this, even if politics is a big component, to make sure everyone likes this program and thinks its the best thing since sliced cheesecake.

      Yea if Obummer stopped short, there would be a hell of a pile up. Its bad and getting worse. But then this just gives the brownshirts and the Chicago Outfit something to do in the off season.


  3. Just Gene says:

    I hope there are enough members of congress to make sure the head navigator is the same one who was in charge of the Titanic – GLUG – GLUG – GLUG.


  4. bullright says:

    So Pooh Bear says to the Navigator:

    “I really wanted to know about Obamacare, but I would be ever so thankful if you should help me register to vote.”


  5. Davetherave says:

    Bull, the most recent info I could locate declares 27 states are telling Obama “No thanks” on setting up state ran medical exchanges and that throws it back in DC to administer the exchange programs.

    So what is King Sumbitch doing to those states that are only taking the action that is allowed within Obamacide itself? Now any state that refuses to set up an exchange program will have the insurance companies in those states slapped with a 3.5 percent penalty of any premiums they sell through the federal exchanges. Don’t have to guess who will actually end up paying that 3.5% penalty…consumers. Shitcago style thug-a-ree at its best. As usual the Pharaoh taking it out on the people, while he’ll blame the states and republicans for the 3.5% penalty. How in the world our Bastard In Chief gets away with all these mobster style tactics is beyond me…all I can do is laugh anymore. I’ve run out of tears…


    • bullright says:


      More penalties (er taxes) for non compliance. That’s government’s idea of encouraging you to make the right choices….for your own good you know. So they just hope everyone falls in line, if not the dictator will do it for you. I’m wth you I can still laugh, just barely, and its too late for tears I think. Government of, by and for government.


  6. bullright says:

    As time goes on, even Liberals should be developing a healthy skepticism about ObamaCare. One look at that flow chart should be reason enough. So I couldn’t resist mentioning one blues great that sort of fits. “So many roads” I couldn’t find them doing it with Clapton but here it is done live anyway.

    “You know I thought it was a streamline
    but it was a B and O
    It was a mean old fireman
    And a cruel old engineer.”

    That much reminds me of ObamaCare


  7. pepperhawk says:


    Can you imagine one has to fill out a 61 page application to even get into one of his lovely exchanges that no one will be able to afford anyway? I’d look at that document and walk away. It seems it would take hours to fill it all out.

    We’ve known all along this has nothing to do with health care but control. So no wonder it’s worded so that someone filling it out would think they had to sign up for the Alinsky party to get some kind of healthcare. Another disgusting piece of crap about Obamacide. Who could have guessed they would have to fill out an application that must be the story of one’s entire life.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, right you are.

      That part gets me fired up, We need to have navigators tell us how to use it? What a crock. And that Bastid can use it for politics after hoisting it on people, well it is way beyond arrogance. They care about as much about “life and death” or a persons health as al Qaeda. Give me a break, like everything else they strapped on the American people. Its for them to power over us.



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