Little known opportunity

Absolutely satire, and a little humor.

(Ever see those online “opportunity letters, “secrets you can use too”, etc.?)

Life changing secrets

You too can become a redistributionist. Think of the career potential. As long as there is wealth there will be need for redistributionists, or Reds as we like to call them. You can be a card-carrying redistributionist with minor training and a little ambition.

Join some of the greats. I’ll let you in on an inside secret, right now there is pent-up demand for young, new Reds willing to learn the ropes. You see, many of the current Reds are getting older and the industry needs replacements. Lots of room to grow.

Working in the industry can open up all kinds of opportunities. It even leads to other prestigious fields like Congress or the Senate, even president or vice prez. The sky is truly the limit. Haven’t you noticed many of the current stock are getting old? How much longer are they going to be there to redistribute wealth, or “spread the wealth” as we say?

Just imagine yourself in a brand new career jetting from coast to coast, staying at some of the top resorts, traveling with some of the big names in redistribution. Speak and lecture to some of the largest crowds of Walmart employees or fast food workers. Learn minimum wage lingo. Talk about wage disputes. Call strikes of your own, when you want, whenever you want to raise some new “revenue”.

Work with some of the biggest names in the industry. These great Reds can teach you so much. Learn while you travel in style. Never worry again about career moves and glass ceilings. And remember red is green too, so you don’t have to worry about suffering criticism from other like-minded Reds, or hardly anyone else. Talk to media whenever you want, at your whim. They’ll swoon over you.

Remember, Reds who redistribute together stay together. And they’re some of the most loyal colleagues in the world. Just look at those greats still with their reputation in the business and renowned for their achievements.

Or if you have a flare for education, you have inside opportunity to hundreds of colleges and universities around the country that no one else has. They’ll make room for you and even create new positions. They need your talent. Follow in the steps of those like Elizabeth Warren. One position can lead to another better one. Up is the only way you can go once you are a Red. Learn to speak the language of pioneers in the industry.

The opportunities are about endless. Some people spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on degrees, when you can move up in the fast lane, for much less. And promotions are almost a sure thing. If you have the right stuff, can use a phone, or have basic communication know how, then this is the career you’ve been waiting for. You can start almost immediately in your spare time and just watch it turn into more than you can handle. Train others as you go.

Your classmates will be impressed when you show up at your reunion wearing the symbols of great Reds and knowing how to speak fluent “redistribution”. They’ll be amazed when you demonstrate how to slice a pie into ever smaller pieces. But of course, those techniques will be your secrets. Ever think of writing a how to book and share some of your secrets in redistribution? Or just use a book to parlay your career into politics alongside of some of the greats. When your Red message gets out, others will back off and give you wide berth.

Plus you’ll have plenty of staff and supporters to carry the message and work for you. Earn the perks and retirement of the big boys in the capitol. Get the inside …privileged info of elites on investments. And you won’t have to worry, there will be no one clawing back your proceeds like others. Remember you are “Rredistributionist”, Reds are exempt from penalties. If you have what it takes, get started today, opportunities await you.

Go Red in the head and never look back, only Forward.

    copyrighted 2020 “The Red Group”, ltd. All rights reversed.

17 comments on “Little known opportunity

  1. Davetherave says:

    LMAO…outstanding Bull! There is a large section of the “spread everyone’s wealth but mine” generation entering the winter of their life for sure and they have so much they can teach. I guess that’s why they were smart enough to take over our educational system years ago to ensure more of “them” get churned out to take their place. Better not stop there though, because someone may ‘turn” them to the right side. Better take over the media outlets to keep reinforcing our teachings. Now everything is in place to keep all their incarnates in line for life.

    The entire system is now set up for the Reds (I like that) to stay in control and be kept under control by the elites. Great game plan…I just wish our side had thought of it first! Hell; it’s not like we haven’t seen this movie before…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, thanks for the approval and like, LOL. Well, yea the takeover has been complete. (It still bothers me) That’s why it wouldn’t surprise me to see an ad like this…and they like to rub everyone’s nose in it.

      I thought about an acronym, because Lord knows they like their catchy abbreviations and Reds just came to me. They have to make darn sure they have a lock on the process and no one can, at least easily, route them out. Besides, under some of their benefit packages and perks, getting them out means people continue to pay them lavishly for life — and they get to continue mouthing off. Once they are Red, you know, all the licenses and freedoms kick in the rest of us only dream about.

      Dave, yea I agree, and wish we had a more effective counter because it seems they take over everything.. They’ve infested the entire playing field like moles. And they lecture about fairness? Yea right…..


  2. Michael says:

    Come on Bull, look at reality. The wealthy have never been richer. Corporate profits have never been higher. Income inequality has never been higher.

    It’s true that there is class warfare and redistribution going on. But it’s the rich that are winning, not the “Reds”.


    • bullright says:


      I am looking at reality. You know satire is no good without having a factor of reality. I wouldn’t expect you to admit it.


      • Michael says:

        The Plutocrats that control the country (and the media) are winning like never before. And now, they are using their power/money/influence to convince people like you that the socialists are in control, not them!

        Show me some data that supports your redistributionist claims. I would love to see it.

        Here is some data that suggest the opposite is happening:


        • bullright says:


          Oh please, now you are going to criticize Plutocrats? Its people like you who give them carte banche. Have you ever singled out someone like GE or Immelt, and all the crony capitalism? The left is saturated with that problem as well, you should know. Can you say Green or Solyndra?

          Yet people return them to the feeding trough in the District of Corruption. Don’t even try to make the Occupation case.


        • bullright says:

          Michael, ObmaCare was born and incubated on redistribution, tax increases, and a healthy dose of control, with adding an army of brownshirts and minions. To the tune of adding 6.2T to the long tem debt. I just didn’t think it was a secret.

          Sorry… and class warfare as well.


    • Davetherave says:

      Hey Michael,

      Of course the rich are winning, because they don’t separate themselves by party affiliation. They stick together in their own exclusive club. The rich are their own party and they are taking over.

      I’m a bit confused by this comment you made and the one you made below. In this comment you admit redistribution is going on, but then your comment below you state it is not and present a link to support you’re opinion it is not. You’ve got me confused buddy.

      My overall opinion is the wealthiest or the “elites” are taking over the entire world and the US is that last strong hold to slow them down. The “elites” are in control and IMO they have locked up all the power putting people on their payroll. I’m not just on a trash Obama band wagon. I’m on a trash everyone in DC band wagon. We’ve ventured so far off our constitution and NO ONE is doing anything to stop it…Demonrat or Repuke. Read up on the New World Order and the Bilderberg group, if you’re unfamiliar with those groups. The UN is their main arm for world takeover. And no…I’m no conspiracy theory nut! 🙂 I just look at the facts.

      The wheels are coming off Michael for We The People and no one in DC cares. They’re just doing their best to keep the “elites” happy, so they don’t get run over. We are getting left behind by all of them IMO.


      • bullright says:


        Michael seems to think, as Obama insinuates, if we only tax those rich bastards enough everything will be alright. He will create fairness — out of thin air — as he defines it of course. The left is just as much in bed with them as he believes the right are. Its just that the left needs and uses the old whipping post of raise their taxes and institute fairness as their calling cards. (fairness being a synonym for redistribution)

        Let Obama install fairness like he did for GM, with Immelt and GE at his side. And while so many of the left are not paying their fair share, by anyone’s standards.


        • Davetherave says:

          Michael & Bull,

          It’s literally impossible to raise taxes enough to even effect our deficit. The nothing more than grandstanding tax increase that just happened won’t even make a scratch in our deficit. The well known “secret” of getting down our debt is to cut spending. Just making less fortunate better by making the wealthy pay more does nothing to impact our debt in a positive fashion. IMO; it’s nothing more than the Democratic Party playing up to part of their base and making it look like taxing the more wealthy will cure the problem. It’s smoke and mirrors.

          Spending must be cut and must be cut dramatically to have any real impact on our debt. Here’s a graph of just how much taxes would have to be raised to have a positive effect on our debt and it would completely destroy our economy:

          Raising taxes on a small group will never generate even close to the revenue to effect our debt. Obama is spending over a trillion every year and no tax increase that would leave our society functioning will ever fix our debt.

          It’s time to start looking at not funding the UN, most foreign countries, SS and Medicare reform for the younger workers (just to name a few of the big ones) AND stop pretending every person in the US can be taken care of by a granny state. That’s Utopian thinking at its purest and NO country can afford to do so. May sound cruel, but it’s simply the truth and sometimes the truth is cruel.


  3. bullright says:

    Incidentally, I thougt of a new name for it: Michael is a Red Denier.


  4. pepperhawk says:


    Hilarious satire. Enjoyed every bit of it. Being a Red means you really never have to work again. You just take your salary from whoever you wish as you tap them to give you your salary as demanded. Like you said, no glass ceilings anywhere in that group.


    • bullright says:


      They give us so much material to work with, why aren’t the comedians going gaga about Obama’s adventures? Have they lost the ability to laugh about the Left’s absurdity? Sadly, the reds are ahead in propaganda.



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