Gosnell the Gory Butcher on trial

Kermit Gosnell, Abortion Doctor, Enters 5th Week Of Murder Trial; More Gruesome Details Revealed

PHILADELPHIA — The murder trial of a Philadelphia [late-term] abortion provider enters its fifth week Monday…

Authorities allege the babies were killed using scissors.

And unlicensed doctor Stephen Massof testified that Gosnell taught him to cut the necks of babies after they were born to ensure the babies died. He has pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree murder.

The raid was prompted by Gosnell’s high-volume practice writing prescriptions for painkillers, allegedly to addicts and drug dealers.

Authorities said they found dozens of fetuses in refrigerators at Gosnell’s clinic during the raid, along with rows of severed feet.


We do not hear much about charges for painkillers. But that is what led to this case. He literally made a fortune from killing babies, and doling out painkillers. What is ethical at all about Gosnell? Not a thing.

Is society more intolerant of painkiller abuse than abortions?

So hardened and seared was his conscience that he trained someone to cut babies’ necks to make sure he killed them. Now he fights for his own life in court.

Some “choice”? This was Philadelphia freedom run amuck. People will “fight” to preserve that “right”? Go figure.

15 comments on “Gosnell the Gory Butcher on trial

  1. sally1137 says:

    This is a holocaust. Hideous.


  2. clyde says:

    A speedy trial. A speedier execution for the sonofabitch. And, also,those who were responsible for NOT doing their damned jobs.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, he deserves a fair and speedy trial all right. Look at media covering this 6 month circus of that woman. Yea, Tom Ridge has some responsibility there. What the hell was he thinking?


  3. Davetherave says:

    Five damn weeks??? What in the hell is taking them so long to crucify this godless murderer?? I assume they got the other doc to testify with a plea of third degree murder, because this shit has first degree murder written all over it. Seeing how it was those butchers JOBS; I think we can go ahead and state the murders were premeditated.

    Also; what about the women that allowed these creatures to commit these first degree murders?? I guess they get off scot-free, because Heaven forbid we hold any woman accountable for the murder of an innocent child…remember…”it’s her choice.” Bull shit…those women should be on trial as well as accomplices to first degree murder!


    • bullright says:

      Dave, 5 long hard weeks. Whoo-hoo! And look at some of these other trials media spins into soap operas. I’m so disgusted, They gave his understudy something. If there ever was first degree murder, this is the textbook case. The only difference here is it made Gosnell a lot of money. Liberals are just wishing it was over yesterday so they could remind us how righteous killing babies is….whatever means they have to use to do it.

      Good point, the women. What if it were like gun control? What if they had laws like, if you abort a baby you should never be allowed to have and raise another? We’ll come and take it from you. You showed you have no value on human life so you should not be able to do any job relating to value judgments. No job as a school teacher, counselor, or social worker. I digress… but we can see how it works when the subject is guns and control. Oh, and they have to list it on all forms under threat of prison.


  4. bullright says:

    From: http://washingtonexaminer.com/tim-carney-abortionists-case-raises-troubling-questions/article/2527117

    ” “Sue,” as the grand jury report calls the mother, came to Gosnell’s gory abortion clinic at 9 in the morning. Gosnell’s staff induced labor. At 11 p.m., Sue finally gave birth to her son. Gosnell’s assistant Kareema Cross testified that the boy was 18 or 19 inches long, “nearly the size of her own 6 pound, 6 ounce, newborn daughter.”

    Then Kermit Gosnell allegedly did what he always does after he delivers a baby: He murdered it. “The doctor just slit the neck,” Cross testified. Snipping the back of newborns’ necks was allegedly how Gosnell aborted babies after delivering them.

    But with “Sue’s” son — Baby Boy A, the grand jury report called him — Gosnell apparently failed. The baby kept twitching in the little plastic box where Gosnell had discarded him, according to testimony. Gosnell allegedly tried to falsely dismiss this as “reflexes.”
    In his first U.S. Senate race, Obama used Carhart’s procedure as a fundraising pitch. In a 2004 campaign mailing, Michelle Obama tried to rally the donor base by explaining how Republicans were trying to ban partial-birth abortion, “a legitimate medical procedure,” as Michelle put it. ”

    So as Michelle would characterize it — Gosnell should use her as a defense witness — he was only performing a “legitimate medical procedure”. I know what the problem is, these details are bad enough to make anyone sick. If Obama tries to defend that it could put the disgust on him. Yet he bothered himself to ntervene in a local enforcement incident in Mass.

    And even media refuse to cover it. Don’t stir up any feelings about the issue.


    • Davetherave says:

      Good info Bull, but it just totally disgust me! If my memory still serves (and I’m starting to doubt it does very well anymore), the SCOTUS legalized abortion due to in their mind no one could convince them “exactly” when life starts. I.E. Is a fetus a person yet? (I’ll depend on my shaky memory again) that SCOTUS even left the subject open for further debate when someone could come back to them and tell them when a “fetus” is a person.

      I’m so Pro-Life no one has to guess my answer to their stupid ass question, but it does beg the question why are abortions allowed once the “fetus” obviously has taken the form of a human being but is still simply living in the mother’s womb? Even more so for late term abortions.

      IMHO; the psycho opinion of people like King Sumbitch and the First Bitch only reinforces how disgusting our society really is allowing the premeditated murder of children! I believe that SCOTUS was dreadfully wrong in their decision of Roe v Wade, but (shaky memory again) the debate at that time was about a “fetus” and not about a child that has obviously taken the form of a human being. Only the Traitor Party could take such a horrible decision by the court and turn it into “Kill, Kill, Kill…We don’t care” just to get the damn voting bloc. Godless bastards…


      • bullright says:

        Dave, your memory sounds pretty good to me, even if challenged. LOL That’s pretty much how I see it too. Yea, aside from the decision being wrong and even Ginsberg disagreed with the process. The more they want to play moving definitions or goal posts the more I say person should apply from conception on. But then they would merely go to another goal post or adjective. Human and person are pretty much synonymous. She isn’t having a cow, a giraffe, or a Cadbury Bar. Then I’d say it should be up to them to disprove it, not the contrary. But I sure don’t like the idea of SCOTUS defining life. Just like they do now with guns, it was based on faulty assumptions and flawed process. Since there is nothing more fundamental than life, why should it be given the least of considerations?


        • Davetherave says:

          Bull, I totally agree (with Ginsberg of all people…never thought I’d say that) the process was all screwed up. But here we had a very liberal SCOTUS, so the Traitor Party saw their opportunity and took it. And talk about giving someone an inch and they’ll take a mile…damn…the Traitor Party took that one to a whole new level!

          The point you make about “she isn’t having a cow…” is the exact same thing Pepp said to someone that was pro-murder with the exception of I think she said pig. Of course it is a human and anyone that says differently is lying their ass off because they have other motives. IMO; that motive being just taking another step to destroy our society.

          And hell no the SCOTUS has no business defining life and we all know we need to be more afraid of the SCOTUS than the POTUS. They are more powerful than the POTUS, appointed and not elected by the people, just as political as any politician and they get to sit their big assess on the bench for life. WOW…did our founders miss that one or what??

          The entire argument is ridiculous, because everyone knows it is a human at conception. That SCOTUS just took the easy way out to pass Roe v Wade, because they knew for the rest of time there would be just as many doctors that will say life begins at conception as there are that will say it does not. The Merry-Go-Round from hell that allows butchering innocent children…


          • bullright says:

            Dave, LOL “…they get to sit their big assess on the bench for life.”

            Actually they could sit their hooked to life support. Scary thought. Our founders thought maybe by virtue of the job they’d have the wisdom when to give it up. That worked rather well. Weekend at Bernie’s anyone?


          • bullright says:

            What gets me is they still managed to leave the door open, as is their ritual. And yet the only thing that darkened that doorway was Satan himself. I guess they would tell him, “don’t worry, we got this…”


          • Davetherave says:

            Bull…”Weekend At Bernie’s…? ROTFLMFAO!!!! My damn gut is busting and I can barely type threw the tears! Damn you are one funny ass dude!


          • Davetherave says:

            Oh yeah Bull…they’d tell Satan to his face, “Your services are out dated and no longer needed.!!”



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