Update on Gosnell trial

Curtain call…Where is justice for the countless victims, or human interest reporting?

Where are all the media  talking heads, and rag-tag pundits with talking points in tow? Gone, only crickets. There has been a professional hitman butcher taken off the streets of Philadelphia, and a total lack of outcry from media. The “collective conscience” sighs.

The Washington Examiner had a good article on just that subject. Some media claimed it is a local issue, which they don’t cover. Huh? They are kidding, aren’t they? The list goes on.

“This fact points us to the most likely reason the mainstream media ignored the story as long as possible: The Gosnell story has an inherent pro-life bias, because the Gosnell story leads us to discussing abortion procedures.

When you discuss the act of aborting — even perfectly legal abortions — you have to discuss the blood, the scalpels, the scissors. You might use terms like “dilation and extraction” or “dilation and curettage.” Think through those terms (“curettage” is defined as “a surgical scraping or cleaning”) and recall that what is being extracted or scraped has a beating heart.

Discussing Gosnell threatens to start a discussion on abortion procedures — and that’s not good for anyone in the abortion industry.”


What did they do so far? Well they ignored the details and the entire case against the Butcher of Philadelphia — the most important part. No mention from politicians, or speeches on the floor, or feigned outrage from the Chameleon-in-Chief. The entire case against him has been practically erased from public dialogue.

Even the conservative media is fairly quiet. So, no play-by-play of the daily events in MSM from the court room. What about the bloody knife in OJ’s case? This doctor’s instruments are stained in thirty years of bloody murder. What a record. We don’t know how many innocent babes died at his hands. But babies’ feet adorned his office like souvenirs.

Did media care whether all those others were “local” incidents? Treyvon Martin — the name that echoes from the Capitol?

Where is the outrage? Searching for the next politically correct event, that’s where. Spoiling for another fight over gun-control, that’s where. Looking for an “immigration bill”. Demanding action for same-sex marriage, that’s where.

So the prosecution rests its case.(sigh of relief from MSM) Next is the defense. Now, if they cover it at all, they could splash some of the defense’s case in the news — just to fill that news cycle. They might play up his defense. They can try to revise facts after the trial. But so far, no grandiose presidential statements about Gosnell. No sympathy for victims.

Whatever the Reason, There’s No Excuse for Media Ignoring Kermit Gosnell Trial

“Under pressure from pro-life websites and writers, several national news outlets have reluctantly began covering the trial of ghastly abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Beyond that, a handful of liberal media figures are finally beginning to ask the important question of why such a sensational trial–if it bleeds, it supposedly leads–received almost no attention whatsoever in the national press.”

They can try to cover some of the defense portion, until inconvenient anyway. That is if there is anything to mitigate the Butcher of Phily…. you know, the “local” non-story.

What are they afraid of, the truth?

CITY PROSECUTORS rested their case against abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell on Thursday after calling to the witness stand a former employee who said she saw the doctor and his employees kill babies that were born alive.Kareema Cross, 28, said she was so appalled by Gosnell’s ghoulish practices and the rundown condition of his West Philadelphia clinic that she began taking pictures of the facility and eventually reported him to the federal authorities.
In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to abort a fetus after the 24th week of pregnancy.
Cross conceded that Gosnell often yelled at her as if he were her father, told her to get an abortion when she became pregnant and tried to prevent her from getting unemployment benefits when she went on maternity leave.

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8 comments on “Update on Gosnell trial

  1. clyde says:

    OK, so THAT makes BOSTON a “local story” too, according to their definition. They MUST teach stupidity 303 at J schools these days, eh wot?


  2. Just Gene says:

    The left screamed,”Get rid of guns” after 20 children were murdered at Sandy Hook. I guess murdering children in Philly is OK. He should be sentenced to death and be killed by slowly cutting his spinal cord.


    • bullright says:

      I go along with that. And libs would scream torture faster than you can blink, even after what he did for 30 years. I’m surprised they aren’t pushing for Manson’s release.


  3. pepperhawk says:


    Excellent article. And Michelle Malkin has the gruesome details outlined in her column, so gruesome it makes you want to vomit. But like you said, nothing but crickets on this trial. It is a national incident. It once again, makes me so sick to my stomach it blots out any hunger pangs I may have.

    No the pro choice people don’t want this known in all its’ horrifying details. It could turn some people into pro lifers and that would simply cause terrorism in their dark and bloody hearts.

    And the Alinsky party “so cares about the children”. Such hypocrisy. They sure don’t care when it comes to the most innocent of us, babies who can’t speak for themselves, but I’ll bet you those poor babies are screaming in pain. Oh, it’s just too sickening to think about.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, it is disgusting.

      Isn’t it interesting that they want all that support for a process they really don’t want to talk about or admit. ‘But don’t try to stop it.’

      Their phony compassion about killing innocent children would be laughable if not so hypocritical.. Like I said the collective conscience just sighs that this is going on. Salinsky soldiers get so emotional about everything else, not this.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull, yeah, it’s so disgusting I can hardly take it. Listening to this man’s house of horrors and the filth, the horrible way he killed live babies, is really almost unbearable to think about. It literally makes my stomach twist and turn. It’s worse, far worse than watching a run of the mill horror film on TV.

        It is ironic that these pro choice people want this “murder” procedure but when the true facts of what happens comes out, they do NOT want you to know the facts. They know just how heinous this is but they could give a damn when a woman “needs” an abortion. Why we all want to murder some one sometime in our lives, (only fantasy however) but we don’t commit murder of course.

        It is beyond my comprehension how or why the SCOTUS could rule this as legal under the “privacy act” or so called privacy of citizens. Murder is never private. It is a national disgrace that this country allows this kind of murder to keep going on. Sickening!

        Abortions are legalized murder IMHO.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, well said. How can they claim to defend rights when they are condoning murder? When I hear them talk about some “loophole” in gun rights, or in anything else, I wonder how they justify creating a fiat to kill ? That is a genocide loophole. They don’t want it closed, They don’t even want anyone putting their hand on the door.

          It is abdurd. At the same time they want to tell us our privacy doesn’t count elsewhere. They created a fiat license to kill.



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