Meanwhile, Biden back on the campaign trail

Biden on the fundraising trail as the Boston ordeal ends.

Biden says response to tragedies ‘incredible’

DETROIT (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday said the strength of those devastated by the Boston Marathon bombing, Texas plant explosion and Connecticut school shooting is remarkable and proof that some good can come from carnage and pain.

“It showed the incredible resilience, heroism, commitment and love of the people who responded to these tragedies,” Biden said at a major fundraiser for Democrats in Michigan, which could play a big role in the 2016 presidential election.
Biden said winning back the Republican-controlled House in 2014 is crucial and that the American people are on the side of expanded background checks for gun purchases.
In May, Biden will keynote a Democratic fundraising dinner in South Carolina, which traditionally holds one of the first primaries of the season.

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Turning the events into campaign material… now that’s incredible!

7 comments on “Meanwhile, Biden back on the campaign trail

  1. pepperhawk says:

    Shameless. Biden thinks he has a good chance to be prez in 2016, but Shrillary is running and that will knock him out of the race.

    But, to use the Boston massacre for his campaigning speech is of course, a shameful act. But, the Alinskyites all do it and people don’t seem to see through it. Downright disgusting.

    I also read an article this morning where the King is going to go after the dems who voted down the gun control bill. What’s he going to do threaten them with death?


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, right, they do it all the time. I guess it is expected that they raise money from anything.

      Yea he is. The Dems are talking how they are targeting them and got them “in their sights” . And they’ll try to use anything they can to try to win elections. I hear they already sent their goon groups out to talk to them. This should be a lesson how the Chicago Outfit works. 🙂


  2. --Rick says:

    Biden is a coward, a fraud and an exceptionally talented imbecile who has no shame or conscience. He’s more equipped to understand the bomber than the victims. He’s a joke and any thought by him of the Presidency is an even greater joke. He’s done.


  3. As has been said: “shameless”.

    The Left cast off any vestige of conscience years ago. Now they just seem to be trying to make our lives on Earth as miserable as possible.
    Gotta hand it to them: they’re doing a fine job there.

    As for Biden, he’s capped at the 35% of the country who will vote (D) regardless of the politician. Let him talk: he does more to motivate the Right and alienate the center than the most expensive PR campaign.
    Personally, if I were the GOP, I’d offer to underwrite his appearances.



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