Obama Support Group Travels to Bush Library

I was searching for a little political humor, you know, to just take the edge off a little.
And I think I found it. I’ll put a [J] for laugh to make it easier.

Today, Obama went to the Bush library for the dedication. [J] Hard as that was for him. By the way, Bush did not invite Pelosi, Hoyer, or Reid. But apparently Hoyer was miffed.[J]

However, just look at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. All that rush to protest that occurred, even Bill and Hillary declined to go. When they saw the protests, they snubbed her. And Democrats initially blocked the resolution to honor Margaret Thatcher.

Now comes Bush library and they are surprised at not being invited, probably so they could decline anyway? Nevertheless, Obama goes

Hoyer, the Democratic House whip who represents southern Maryland, complained privately to colleagues about the slight earlier Thursday, HuffPost was told. A second House source confirmed the lack of an invitation to Pelosi and Hoyer, and a Reid aide said that the Senate majority leader was not invited. [J]

Rather than all the presidents being an “exclusive club”, Obama said it was more of a “support group”. [J] So now he declares himself a member of a support group. Yea, what nonsense. The guy has not missed one opportunity to blame Bush even for his own failures, and then calls it a “support group”? [J]

Obama said: “When all the living former presidents are together, it is also a special day for our democracy. We’ve been called “world’s most exclusive club and we do have a pretty nice clubhouse, but the truth is our “club” is more like a support group.” The last time we all got together was just before I took office, and I needed that. …because, as each of these leaders will tell you, no matter how much you may think you are ready to assume the office of the presidency, its impossible to truly understand the nature …/.” [J, J, J, J]

Who in the world… or “world’s most exclusive club”… does he think he’s kidding?

I can interpret that support. Obama: “you are all here for me and should support me. I, however, can stab each of you in the back whenever I want. That includes you too, Mr. Jimmy. Now any questions? I didn’t think so…Support on!”

But of course, we know the way it works for the Bastid-in-Chief, everybody needs to support him. How long, he hasn’t decided yet but he’ll let us know. Where is Obama’s contribution of support?

“Support group” [J]– isn’t that the funniest thing you ever heard?

True story though…

9 comments on “Obama Support Group Travels to Bush Library

  1. sally1137 says:

    Wow. He even made the Bush library dedication all about him. What a narcissist.


  2. pepperhawk says:


    Yeah it is the funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile about the King. A special support group! Wow, he overreaches once again into the world of delusions. Right now he is considered one of the worst presidents ever and Bush’s poll numbers have gone up to 47% approval rating while the King’s are plummeting.

    Ha, so the nasty Alinsky part heads were not invited. What a laugh and fills me with utter glee that they are offended. 😀


    • bullright says:


      I caught a glance of Bush in the background. it looked like he was rolling his eyes.(or puking ) “there he goes again”. Whatever group Obama belongs to count me out. In fact count me chief critic of it.

      Yea, they’ve been touting statistics of Bush at his worst, unfavorable period as if time stopped at that point. Its funny, and there’s Obama sinking in quicksand. He might be relieved he doesn’t have to run again, but that’s a two edged sword. He cannot promise them any more stuff, and he’s a lame duck, so why should they care about Obama?

      No he probably printed their invitations and used them for target practice. But I noticed Bubba and Hitlery right there smiling and profiling. Alinsky was still accounted for. 🙂 I bet Bubba thought ” and it was a fine group before you came along. sucking the air out of the Clubhouse. “


  3. Davetherave says:

    Great post Bull! If King Sumbitch grubs down on a fried chicken dinner and ends up with the runs he blames Bush.

    Our economy always goes in cycles of up and down…that’s called the price you pay having a great free market! The Traitor Party blames Bush for everything, but they never mention under his presidency our nation had the longest economic growth period in our history. I can hear the SOB’s now, “Damn that Bush for growing our economy so good! It’s made it so much harder to destroy this nation!” Soros is pissed about the extra money he’s having to spend to try and bring us down! They can always find unique ways to blame Bush for EVERYTHING…


    • bullright says:


      You got that right. LOL Reminds me of the old line “America gets a cold and the world gets the flue.” But with Obama, America gets a cold and he blames Bush. Problem solved ! That’s the extent of his “economics”.

      Now that his library opens, it just happens to correspond with one of the low points of Obama, which will be quite handy. They will remind everyone of everything Bush, while Obama is playing the back-nine in Palm Beach…planning his next va-K. What a POS.


  4. clyde says:

    Good post, bull. When I saw who was in the crowd, I went to the back yard to scoop dog shit. MUCH better than watching the asshole make a bigger asshole of himself.



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