Obama doesn’t like Internet news sites

That’s okay… they aren’t fond of him either

So Chuck Todd reveals Obama hates the Internet news, particularly WND. Gee, I wonder why?

‘Obama hates Internet news media’

NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd says President Obama was making it “clear” at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner over the weekend how he feels about the rise of Internet news sites like Politico, Buzzfeed and … well, WND.

“He hates it.”

In fact, Obama took several opportunities during the speech to mock Internet news sites for exploring stories the mainstream media largely joined the president in laughing off – including hard questions about his faith, economic philosophy and agenda.

“Look I get it,” Obama joked. “These days I look in the mirror, and I have to admit I’m not the strapping, young, Muslim socialist that I used to be.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/obama-hates-internet-news-media/#Itx3rpoui8WySL3V.99

So he’s an older one now. Looks like Obama needs a pity party.

Chuck Todd is now the self-appointed spokesman for Obama. Well, Jay Carney has his hands full, so it’s so nice Chuck can help out a little…a lot. How about that, Obama hates something besides America.

Nothing like having a media guy go out in the media to drive home the point, in case the people had missed it.

But then when you have lamestream media carrying your propaganda and the lies about your political opponents, who needs the Internet news?

23 comments on “Obama doesn’t like Internet news sites

  1. pepperhawk says:

    So he hates the Internet! Well, well. Sure he does because people can actually find out things over the net about him that Pravda won’t reveal. And for bloody sake to have Chuck Todd to boost this is disgusting. These Pravda news people no longer have any shame about being so utterly biased.

    And when was the ass a “young, strapping Muslim”. Did he actually say he was a Muslim? Was that supposed to be a joke? I think he made a Freudian slip with that one.


  2. bullright says:


    Yea, he detests anything not under his controlling authority.(including us) People might stumble on inconvenient stuff about him. He admits they laugh off stories. No shame and, in fact, they are proud of their bias and allegiance to Obama.

    That seems like a slip to me. Maybe it was supposed to be a joke but then he doesn’t have to act out the part so well. Seems to me it is what he always aspired to be, so why then does he have problems calling him a socialist. Well Marxist would be the correct term, he’s always had an attraction for it. The problem is when people start to label him one? Very touch isn’t he?

    But that would be mild compared to what he lied implied about his political opponents.
    BTW: all those leftists sites that always put his ads and BS in the top corner, and the internet he used in his coup over the Republic.


    • pepperhawk says:


      Last night I saw some clips of him so called “joking” about himself. I do think he slipped up, but on one thing in particular, the last part about being a socialist. He’s a Marxist actually. So I agree with you about being a Marxist. Good Lord he was brought up by Marxists.

      I saw other clips where he was demeaning the Republicans so much and it sounded mean spirited to me. Like he said he “should attend a BBQ with Ted Cruz” (not sure of the event however as my memory fails me), then the joke about coming here to KY to attend a Bluegrass event with Rand Paul. That one boiled me because he implied we were just a bunch of stupid red necks down here with hillbilly music and also took a shot at Rand Paul as if Rand is a no nothing redneck too. Rand is an eye doctor for bloody sake.

      And I saw all the fawning commie media people just lapping it up. Made me sick.

      Funny about the KY thing, as he never stepped foot into this state for either of his elections. Probably scared too death to come here.


      • bullright says:

        Pepp, a ha, he has no love for Kentucky. Well, aren’t they lucky. But of course he’d bee-line for the nearest Marxist festival though — just by coincidence of course, he’d just happen to be in the area. 🙂

        That’s funny how he takes pot shots…jokes…at all his enemies, but the minute someone makes a joke about him it is SO “disrespectful”, outrageous, or is poor judgment; and has everyone denouncing the person and calls for an immediate apology. Oh and then asks everyone to disassociate themselves with the remark and the person. (per Alinsky tactics) He is the king after all. And he slides his digs in at people using straw men arguments in his official statements – as a matter of record. So deserving of respect, in keeping with the high office.

        They’d laugh if it wasn’t a joke. They got so used to “laughing things off” like Chuck said. Things like his “economic philosophy and agenda” when he goes around saying things like “spread the wealth”. He wasn’t joking about that. But they all must keep themselves busy laughing at the King’s request. Heaven forbid anyone talk about the fuhrer’s economic philosophy.

        I guess its a compliment if he never dignified the place with a visit. 😉


        • pepperhawk says:

          LOL! Bull, he sure would make no time in getting to a Marxist festival whatever they do. I’m glad he hates KY because a majority of people hate him here too. We don’t want him in here and he had better stay out. Those mountain people are rough and tumble.

          He’s so thin skinned about any criticism of him whatsoever and how benign it may be. And you get called a racist if you don’t agree with him. There’s that too.

          He lies with his jokes about the repukes. He was the one who came up with the sequester deal. Now he tries to blame it all on repukes like a spoiled brat who didn’t get the spending he wanted. Now he’s doing everything he can to hurt the people over it and blames the other side. He makes me ill.


          • bullright says:

            Pepp, Everyone might notice how much he resembles a horse’s ass. I doubt he will be visiting the Appalachians ever — the mountains or the people.

            I’d say thin skinned and the thinnest at that. Yea our dislike for the guy has to be that, because it couldn’t possibly be anything else (SARCASM). The growing list of problems and scandals keep coming.

            His spiteful way of playing terrorist in chief is really getting to me. Yea its all Republicans fault the guy hasn’t had a budget in his first term! And he has another 3 1/2 years to go? I think we ain’t seen the tip. Now Benghazi, and he wasn’t aware whistle blowers were being threatened? He has no clue….well, except if you are a black guy in Cambridge who got arrested by stupid police, then he’s all over that to read all the reports. What a hypocrite. Doing all he can to hurt and coerce people to go along with his agenda.


      • bullright says:

        Pepp, hey, maybe that’s the 58th state he forgot about.


        • pepperhawk says:

          i actually do considerate it a compliment that he never visited KY. He already knew he was a dead duck here, so why bother? He lost by over 20% in this state twice.

          Also saw this from the AP just now:
          Obama said: “These days I look in the mirror and have to admit, I’m not the strapping young Muslim Socialist that I used to be.” But, noted Huston, “in one version of the night’s story (as seen at Huffington Post, Time Magazine, Breitbart Wires, the Ottawa Citizen, and The Columbian to name a few), the AP’s Bradley Klapper forgot one part of the President’s joke,” reporting his words as “I’m not the strapping young Socialist that I used to be,”


          • bullright says:

            Pepp, oh yea, more evidence they are willing to cover for him Scary times we are in…

            Maybe he feels KY can’t afford the added security of a visit, or more likely he doesn’t trust them. Either is a potential consideration.


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull, well we can’t afford him coming in here with all the trappings he jumbles around in. Triple security! My, my. He thinks so highly of himself.


        • pepperhawk says:

          Bull, LMAO, he sure does resemble a horse’s ass and he is one.

          His threats are wearing on me too. I’m tired of a so-called president always pointing his finger and shouting at We the People.

          He’s full of manure about the Benghazi survivors receiving threats. That’s all he does. I guess that is why their are so few whistle blowers. Can you imagine what these people who make the threats for the WH say? I imagine it goes somewhat like this: “you talk and we kill you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and we’ll set fire to everyone’s houses.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, well he might have bit off more than a Muslim socialist can chew with Benghazi. It isn’t going away. Oh he will slip the ridicule machine into high gear, but he better watch out it isn’t like every other inconvenienve he can brush aside.

          Yea I can imagine. “you do know how drones work? Well there are even worse ways of disappearing.” Remember they are creative about threats, if anything.

          I suggested elsewhere that I half expected Obama to say: “Oh Benghazi, well that was in my first term, so I will be issuing an executive order that you cannot ask me or my administration about any scandals in my first term. Now what problem?” 🙂


  3. bullright says:

    Anybody who doesn’t like Obama is a racist and bigot, yada yada.yada. Yep, that mainstream does a marvelous job.

    Far as that humor goes, just a joke that Chuck Todd (NBC) seems to take pretty directly.

    I wouldn’t call him a right-wingnut et al 🙂 And I’m pretty sure he knows what satire is, as do I.

    …the left needs some sensitivity training.


  4. Any bets on Chuck Todd taking Carney’s position when Jay leaves? It’s not as if Jay is gonna make it for four more years, and Chuck is already comfortable being inches away from Obama’s tukhus for days on end?

    I’m giving good odds….



  5. clyde says:

    Wonder if this was some “gallows humor” at the asinine White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend? When Benj. Franklin decried the need for a “fair, free press”, I DAMN SURE don’t believe something like the absolutely incestuous relationship that exists today is QUITE what he had in mind.


  6. --Rick says:

    Is this the same President Obama who had people collecting tweets and blog articles that reflected negatively on him and passing that information to White House staff for perusing, studying and analyzing as they denied they were creating an enemies list? That President Obama. Yep, I can totally buy that he does not like internet news and blogs that don’t tow the administrations political line.



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