3 comments on “Great Awakening

  1. […] While you are there, check out the video he’s posted, entitled, “Great Awakening”. […]


  2. tannngl (@tannngl) says:

    I don’t get this. What awakening?
    I see political and social unrest all over the world. “This is what democracy looks like”. But it wasn’t. It was the beginning of Muslim theocracy. The OWS demonstrations. They were planned and paid for by people like Soros, Democrats. Violent disgusting human behavior. What was their point?

    Does someone think the state of the world will ever change? I don’t. Humans are humans are humans.

    So, could you tell me what this is all about? I’m not on facebook.


    • bullright says:

      Tannngl, thanks for the comments.

      It wasn’t quite what I initially expected. And stoppped short of the deeper spiritual, God-related message It does seem to be rather optimistic. (maybe ahead of its time) Neither am I on fb.

      I think it was more of a political activist message. Individual awareness makes a difference…sort of theme. Individual freedoms sort of thing.

      I agree, I see the world and human condition in a less flattering light, fallen, especially these days.(optimism has many caviats) And I see what people did under the guise of ‘hope and change’. So I had some mixed reactions to it as well. Overall, I assume its a call to resist and not accept this status quo or chains of slavery, whatever the proponents want to sell it as today or tomorrow. Which did not go quite far enough. — (a related note: it also reminded me of controversial ideas I’d seen years ago, circa 2000, unrelated and unintended I’m sure)



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