Opportunism run amuck

This is a rant about the gun control non-debate. I heard this commercial several times. It is from a lobby affiliated with the anti-gun campaign but doesn’t matter.

They talk about gun control saying because of the events, this is the best “opportunity” to push through gun control they have had. Maybe I get offended whenever the word opportunity is used in politics? But that certainly touched my nerve, never have they had such a great opportunity to pass gun control.

Is that what this is a great “opportunity”? We also have Rahm Emanuel’s doctrine, “never let a crisis go to waste”. It is all the same thing. Opportunity? Is the murder of the kids in Newtown now reduced to an opportunity? I am not surprised.

That’s what the Left is all about, opportunity. The shooting in Colorado or the  shooting in Newtown, is just the greatest opportunity they’ve had. Note how cavalier they say it.

That’s why I relate politics to extortion, and extortion to terrorism. They extort the events for political gain. Politicians are out to get as much as they can from the circumstances. With progressives it is a jihad. They are opportunists. And what do terrorist do? Take advantage of circumstances to serve a political agenda.

I am so sick of their opportunism. No matter how horrible the event or circumstance, opportunists run to take full advantage of it. Hello, Barney Frank on Boston.

Like the death of a wealthy person, family members come out of the woodwork looking for a piece of the pie. When a disaster happens, people try to take advantage of victims. Opportunistis et al. Politicians looked at the banking/economic collapse the same way, “how can we use this?”

It is professional extortion, and all of us are the victims. There can be no doubt the Left is declaring jihad on guns, the second amendment, and gun owners. They tell us. They issued a fatwa to the American people that they want our second amendment rights. At the same time they will not defend the right to life. All part of the same fatwa.

But Liberals and pols will tell you that is just the way our system works.

Now the Boston bombing presents serious national security concerns while they push illegal immigration legislation and amnesty. But all of a sudden the Left cries foul and claims the bombing should not be “used” to deter their illegal immigration agenda. A legitimate national security issue is not relevant to illegal immigration? Beam me up!

There must be a bylaw for the left: when opportunity presents itself, bust down the door. Use a battering ram if possible.’…’when opportunity knocks, beat the hell out of victims.’

In fact, I heard political strategists/pundits talking about illegal immigration “reform” – whatever the hell they call the current concoction. The MSM loons complained that for the right to use the bombing in Boston against “immigration reform” is absurd. “Off sides…personal foul..95 yard penalty. “They can’t understand any remote connection. Say what?

They then accused the Republicans of playing politics and trying to use the illegal alien issue for political gain. Is that a hoot, using the issue for political gain? The gods of opportunism cry foul.

Obama and his cohorts already denounced Rand Paul and others for accusing Obama and the Left of standing on the graves of victims, playing politics with the second amendment, and using family members as “Props” in their anti-gun “campaign”. Oh no, attack the messengers, even if they happen to be right.

12 comments on “Opportunism run amuck

  1. Good post, BR.

    Best line, no question: “The gods of opportunism cry foul.”
    There’s a similar term that should be remembered here:

    Keep in mind, the Left will almost ALWAYS accuse the Right what they themselves are doing. Then, of course, their buddies in the Media will trumpet the accusations to keep Conservatives/GOP/Tea Party/etc.,.. off message, constantly fielding “when did you stop beating your wife?”-type questions, while they are off merrily destroying the country.

    That’s also why they refer to any and all criticism of their agenda as “hate”. Because if your motives are “hateful”, they aren’t worth discussing. Notice the Left is never, never, ever accused of hating ANYthing or ANYone.
    Never once.

    It must be nice to play football when the refs are on your payroll, and any touchdowns scored by either team are credited to you.


    • bullright says:

      JTR: right you are. I often use the word projection till I begin to think it may be over used and not taken for what they are doing. But that is exactly what they are doing. Ha ha, then they accuse the right of projection… LOL That is also attributed to V.I. Lenin : “Accuse others of what you do.” And the Left is equally at home with the tactic.

      True they never are, even when they foment hate.

      That’s funny, it must be nice. And it must be nice to always have the perception you have the home field advantage, ala most “what Americans want or think is”…blah, blah, blah. Even especially if they don’t have that advantage because perception is reality to them, and all that matters.

      Then they pull out the super official-Rule book for conservatives, as if they’ve been following them all along. But you know, once these tactics work for them, like the schoolyard bully, it is hard to change their mindset. Maybe the next radical rule book will be written by Obama? (how to pulverize the truth and bury it) But as long as these are working for them…


      • To stay with football (and I’m still buzzing after the draft from last weekend), when you have a play that’s working, keep running it until the other team proves that they can stop it.
        We haven’t proved we can stop the Left at anything, really, since Reagan.
        Not Bush 41, not Clinton, certainly, and not Dubya… None of them.

        The biggest evidence that conservatism had a real pulse was the Tea Party’s creation, the 2010 election, and a few other isolated events, such as the Chick Fil A thing last summer.

        This past 2-3 months was the first time in years that a Conservative message held sway and won the day. If we don’t want our country to resemble Stalingrad circa 1960, we’d better keep up that level of pressure.


        • bullright says:

          JTR: you are right. We haven’t done a great job. We have a lot of ground to make up for. We analyzed their play and figured it out, but we haven’t found a way to make it work to our advantage. Yet

          Yet they have turned around some of the momentum of the Tea Party. Again, they were busy defining. I came across this definition of politics: “the conduct of public affairs for private advantage”. It seems to fit progressives. When you have no moral principles, it seems anything is possible.

          We don’t need just a good defense we need a good offense too. We need to keep the pressure on because the alternative is disaster. We have to concentrate on the message. The left is good at attacking the messenger, but they can’t destroy the message.

          I don’t follow sports too close but the analogy works well.


  2. pepperhawk says:


    Wow! Excellent article and analysis of the situations you describe above. Exactly right. They do use every opportunity, if it is on their agenda, to pass some bull crap law.

    What really is disturbing that when it comes to national security they seem to be asleep at the wheel and we’re not supposed to say the words Jihadists or Islam. This is a fool’s mission to deny the truth. If you don’t know your enemy you cannot win according to that one oriental fighter. Can’t recall the name off hand. Too tired.

    No backlash the King tells us in veiled words. When was the last time you saw a crowd of white people go after Muslims? Or blacks, for that matter?

    One thing that is so hypocritical is they want gun control over a school shooting where children died, but abortion is A-OK. Sound nuts to you?

    All of these idiotic pols have guns themselves or have body guards with guns so they can be protected, but tell us we “don’t need them for protection”. So much hypocrisy I could toss my cookies.

    Opportunity is thy name, Alinsky party. Dirty rotten snake oil people selling everyone a bill of goods that is bad for them.


    • bullright says:


      Thanks just venting I suppose, cause it doesn’t seem to change a anything. Even telling them to their face gets no reaction. Oh, that treatment doesn’t happen.

      You make an interesting point that they screw up and miss these signs it seems, or deny them outright, but when something happens they act as though they’ve been on it all the time. I don’t get how they get away with it and how they believe we are so stupid. Hey, mistakes happen but they make some doosies.

      The parallels are nuts too, there is no rhyme and reason or rationale

      How can you deny your enemy and say you are doing everything you can do. I heard them say the feds connected all the dots, as they should have. I wonder if even they believe that. It makes no sense. Like someone declares war on you and you deny who they are and what their motivation is.

      That’s right, the one thing they do well is sell us something that hurts everyone, while claiming the opposite. And trying to negotiate with Obama is like trying to negotiate with terrorists. Hello.


  3. pepperhawk says:

    Bull…..a good rant is always good. We need to vent because it is all so frustrating and letting the steam out of the tea kettle keeps us from going over into insanity ourselves. All the crazy making that is done in this administration someone who is not hinged too well, could go insane themselves. Question themselves because they hear one thing from the King while a different thing is happening. A shell game on a big scale more or less.

    It’s nonsense to say they are doing all they can on Jihadist’ terrorism and then deny just “who” they are. That is crazy making to me.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, you sure are right. In this administration all they have is a bunch of sock puppets. And their party outside the administration is no different. I know you know that, Why the rest of Americans can’t see this sham is incredible.

      A shell game, yep. And they don’t care that we know its a scam.

      It does seem wacky as hell. I guess they really don’t care. They can always find something else to blame when it happens. Its not whistling past the grave yard, its dancing past it to the Spanish Flea.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull, you sure got that right. Sock puppets indeed. i too don’t get it about the rest of America but I keep going back to what Rush said that only 10% of the people are informed in America.

        No they don’t care about the wackiness. They can always twist things into a pretzel trying to tell you what sense it all makes. And in a way it does because they are systematically destroying the country and us.

        I like the Spanish flea reference. You are so witty.


  4. clyde says:

    We just need to “out-opportunity” THEM. First thing when the next travesty happens, WE IMMEDIATELY blog that it HAD to be a liberal causing the chaos. You don’t fight fire with fire, you get scorched. I’m a HUGE proponent of using THEIR frigging tactics against them.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, I agree with you, But we could never go to the depths they go in the twisted lies. Just thinking. Other than that, sounds like a plan. As much as comes out about the Boston details, it has a direct tie to imigration plroblems and national security. They warned Repubs not to use iimigration in it. That’s pure BS and a heaping pile of it. We are at war for Pete’s sake. But it was Boston too..90% of the people media spoke to were immigrants or students on visas. But right away they were telling conservatives not inject this in the immigration deal they have cooking on the front burner. Repubs better not listen to them.


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