Middle East Oil Power

In keeping with the energy oil theme, I found this article by Victor Hansen Davis:


An Irrelevant Middle East

Thanks to oil discoveries elsewhere, the region is losing its geostrategic clout.

Yet the Middle East is becoming irrelevant. The discovery of enormous new oil and gas reserves along with the use of new oil-recovery technology in North America and China is steadily curbing the demand for Middle Eastern oil. Soon, countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iran are going to have less income and geostrategic clout. In both Iran and the Gulf, domestic demand is rising, while there is neither the technical know-how nor the water to master the new art of fracking to sustain exports.

In it, he talks about t the Middle East situation and the changing dynamics. Would anyone in the Middle East really take a second to realize the only reason we care anything at all about their cute little governments and relationships is the oil and dependency situation. Oh, and now for Israel too, who happens to live in a very troubling neighborhood. But its the oil that supplies them the money and power that fuels their influence.

But a new dawn is breaking. As Hanson points out, with the new technology and discoveries, it’s all too clear that the old situation is giving birth to a new one. One thing that has interested me for as long as the concerns of Iran have been at the fore, is the price of oil. Iran has admitted that it needs a price point of 117 a barrel to satisfy their demands. Whether this is by wish or necessity matters little. They have been fortunate enough in the last few years to benefit from oil prices and spikes.

Now as Victor suggests, with these new developments it could sort of “spread the wealth” around. Oil sheiks may not laugh it off as proudly as they once did. And more of their production is going to feed domestic demands than ever. So what to do if you are a rich oil sheik in say Saudi Arabia? Well, they might be looking for other lucrative businesses. As some of the oil money dries up, or they receive  less of a share than they’re used to, they will have less of those petro dollars to buy influence around the world. Their loss might well be our gain.

Back to the neighborhood. If they have less expendable world oil money, they become less of a problem for Israel. How you say, because their radical culture still exists? Well, the funny part is that with Israel’s discoveries it puts them higher on the totem pole than Arab sheiks. Call it a balancing. They can resent it all they want but it will not change that coming paradigm. And Israel, actually having a functioning burgeoning economy, will benefit all the way around while their economies based almost entirely on oil, and exporting jihad, may take a distant backseat to that real economy.

9 comments on “Middle East Oil Power

  1. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. Iran needs $117/barrel eh? Bad news for them these days then seeing how a barrel is going for around $96 currently. Damn…my heart is just breaking for them! Venezuela has the largest oil reserve at around 20% and it trickles down to Iran at around 9% (with several other ME countries in between). The relevance? Not sure there is one, except I keep wondering how in the hell did all the major oil reserves fall into the hands of maniac governments??? The Hebrews wonder around for 40 damn years and end up on the only piece of property that doesn’t have oil in the land of butchers?? Go figure…

    You make some great points in your article and offer some very interesting questions. I’d feel better for the situation of the United States if our King gave a damn about our situation. He’d rather give our money to Brazil to drill for oil. Wouldn’t it be great to see the need for commie and jihad oil to dry up within the next 25 years or so? Hmm…let’s think about that. The butchers only have two exports and if their oil market dries up that leaves them more time and effort to put into their other export you spoke of…”Jihad Fire Sell” and everyone must go West! 😦

    I sure in the hell don’t see the sheiks starting to put up windmills anytime soon. They’ll sit back and let King Sumbitch blow billions on useless, alternative energy sources just so they know what NOT TO DO! Hell; the rich towel heads can always retire to France. France just loves letting the camel jockeys take over their country! That would just leave the poor butchers getting back to butchering each other, because their too damn poor to travel far. Sounds like a good plan to me….


    • bullright says:

      Dave, LOL yea interesting how we must accept their jihad way of life. (even if they say they don’t directly endorse it…achem) It will be nice to see Israel doing some oil building themselves. The jihadis have pretty much messed up the entire globe with their evil philosophy, its about time to see the wondering in the wilderness come to an end…. if it wasn’t for this lamebrain, meathead, lame duck fuhrer in the office. “All of the above strategy” my ass.


      • Davetherave says:

        LMAO…ya’ almost ran out of pronouns didn’t ya??? 🙂 I think what he meant to say was “all of the above strategy needs to be destroyed!”

        About the only thing I can think of that Barry would be useful as it would be to turn him upside down, face on the ground, shove a hot poker us his ass to make house mouth stretch wide open and then shove him around as a popper scooper! Introducing the “POTUS POPPER SCOOPER”….


        • bullright says:

          LMAO… but me run out of pronouns? CLOSE but no cigar. 🙂


        • bullright says:

          Dave, as I ‘ve said plenty of times, he means “SOME of the above”, but we misunderestimate his command for the English language that he said All. It must be our selective hearing. LOL His all is “some….and only if I feel like it.”


    • bullright says:

      Dave, what’s even insulting is these countries can subsize the terrorists in training to drive around their beamers while the rest of us in the free market struggle to buy gas and heat. Would an RPG up their poop shooters be too much to ask?



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