4 dead, move along…. nothing to see here

The times, they are a changin’ – not.

In May 1970, shots rang out at Kent State, and the phrase “4 dead in O-hi-o” echoed from coast to coast. I remember it well. Americans wanted answers and they wanted them ASAP. Understandably so, what caused this and why? It did not go down easy. And some vowed they would not forget or let it be in vain and dismissed.

They recently celebrated another anniversary and they had Bill Ayers, of all people, give a keynote speech. And this speech came on the heels of Boston’s bombing, which conjured up visions of domestic terrorism in media from the onset, even reminiscent of the Weather Underground.

But Ayers could rest peacefully in his retirement from education because he nor the Weather Underground would be the whipping post. He later showed up to deliver that speech carefully trying to separate their deeds all those years ago with those of terrorists in Boston. The main difference is they were more successful. That part he could leave off.

Eight months ago, the heart of the nation was again struck by terrorism but overseas in a consulate in Benghazi, killing three heroes and our ambassador to Libya. It took place on September 11th, another key date for terrorism on our homeland. But it was also amidst a heated campaign and presidential election cycle — unfortunately for us and them. It was not the story we wanted to hear but that we needed to know.

It was sidelined and marginalized just after the pictures came in. It was a shocker all right. The greatest shock to come was how the story would be treated. The story shifted to one about an internet video almost no one knew anything about. Apparently things were so hot in Benghazi it would take time for even investigators to look into it. 4 dead in Benghazi read the report. That was about all we knew or would know for days.

But the White House and State department cranked up their talking points and were up to speed some 5 days later when they sent Susan Rice out to all major news outlets on a Sunday to spread the word far and wide: internet video = violent protest = RPG’s and mortars = death of four Americans, including our ambassador. 4 dead in Ben-gha-zi.

And when their bodies came home in coffins, amid a ceremony, Hillary vowed to the families they would get the guy who produced the video. 4 dead in Ben-gha-zi.

There were campaign stops to make, fundraisers that must go on, and a campaign to wage — not on the Benghazi culprits but for the incumbent president in his reelection bid. It’s a tough thing but choices apparently must be made, between security and terrorism time on Benghazi and winning an election. Elections rule, as everyone knows, and politics trumps terrorism in the end.

They always tell us elections have consequences…but so do campaigns, unfortunately for us. Too bad, 4 dead in Benghazi.

Flash forward, it would be months and countless attempts at truth-hunting hearings and investigation. The administration designated an investigator. But the story line was still little more than 4 dead in Benghazi. Hearings came around after troubling delays, Hillary with a concussion and all expected to testify on 4 dead in Benghazi. Finally, she did not fail to demonstrate both her passion and emotions saying “what difference, at this point does it make?” 4 dead in Benghazi.

You know,  I feel passionate enough to keep on saying 4 dead in Benghazi till we get anything resembling the truth about what happened and why, in as much as we haven’t received it from our government involved to their eyeballs  in its cover up.

It would be after 7 months to a question at the WH press briefing, to which Jay Carney would say, “Benghazi happened a long time ago”. As if we need reminding just how long it has been. But what we know is there are 4-dead-in-Benghazi.

23 comments on “4 dead, move along…. nothing to see here

  1. clyde says:

    Good post,bull. Given the near total blackout of coverage by the liberal limpdick media, I’d say this AIN’T going well for the libtards. As it absolutely should not. Funny thing about the truth,it will eventually rise to the top. Much like cream in a milk bottle. And just as sweet.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Excellent post Bull! Not sure I can say it better than these words from a song I love…not sure if you’ll recognize them or not but the last two lines say it all:

    Ive listened to preachers
    Ive listened to fools
    Ive watched all the dropouts
    Who make their own rules
    One person conditioned to rule and control
    The media sells it and you have the role

    P.S. Sorry I’m behind, but I’ve been busy as hell brother and trying to catch up!


  3. Davetherave says:

    Bull, this is what us southern rednecks consider a semi-new national anthem when the towel heads blew up our buildings on 9/11 and we had a prez that was going to kick some ass!


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  5. Just like we learned in grade school, BR: The power of repetition.
    “4 dead in Ben-gha-zi”…

    Nicely done. Sometimes, you have to keep saying the same thing over and over, in order for the “logically challenged” (aka: Liberals) to understand what you’re saying.

    Doesn’t always work, but they’re so gosh-darned cute when they finally catch on… sorta’ like puppies, when they learn to not pee on the carpet.

    Keep up the pressure, partner!


    • bullright says:

      JTR: I think we’re thinking alike. I figure maybe they don’t pay any attention until they hear it at least 20 times. Everything under that gets filtered. I’m really wondering about that.

      Yea, that’s funny….when they do catch on. Ha ha. LOL

      Hey you know as challenging as international names and places can be, and learning new words and all, they really picked up on that Abu Ghraib one pretty well. (I forgot to mention that)

      But they do make a heck of a mess on the rug though. 🙂


  6. pepperhawk says:


    Great article and dead on. The dems were snickering and laughing during that testimony which I found heart wrenching as 2 of the men testifying were ready to break down into tears over what had happened. It was shameful how they treated these 3 men.

    And I just wonder how the parents of their boys killed in Benghazi thought to see the Alinsky party snickering over these 3 men’s testimony. If I had been a parent in that room yesterday I think they would have had to drag me out because I’d be up out of my seat going crazy yelling at those people for their total disrespect.

    Bill Ayers and his wife, make me utterly sick as they were never convicted and now have big ass jobs in positions of authority and still Ayers says “he wishes he would have done more”.

    Last night on O’Reilly, I saw where another convicted woman terrorist now has a job at Columbia U and she had to serve for 22 years. This country is upside down worse than we could ever have imagined.


    • bullright says:


      You hit it dead on. What I saw until even Fox cut to other “news”, was good. But they cut just when Elijah (meathead) Cummings was starting his convoluted attack on them. That should have been an insult to any American touched by Benghazi.

      Like giving all of America the big middle finger just for wanting to know what happened. But they didn’t show enough of it, that I could see. They said they would come back and didn’t.

      Right, these are the hyper sensitive, emotional, tolerant folks that could not stomach the truth coming out or the reality as viewed on the ground in Libya. As emotional as it was for witnesses or anyone else, the Dems were cold as door nails.

      Too bad it wasn’t about contraceptives or something! They could get moved by that. How about if someone held up pictures of the weapons terrorists used, maybe that would have stirred their passions – Probably not. Hey they weren’t even moved by the details of Gosnell’s death clinic, so I guess this was nothing to them..

      So at least I was hoping to see more of that cold-hearted, political Left for the ideologues they are. (in their natural state) They certainly weren’t going to show the hearings on any other channels, but Fox did almost the same thing after telling us they would cover it. Then I heard all Fox anchors say later it was riveting watching the whole thing. I thought, “it probably was!”

      Then to hear the way Alisnkyites characterized it, any families should have been disgusted at that. It shows all they care about, their precious black prez in the WH, and Hillary the Queen of mean — but not 4 dead in Benghazi, or why. Nope.


    • bullright says:


      Yea those jeers and snickers would make my blood boil. I’m surprised they didn’t bring in the Pinkettes to do a little chant to liven the place up…it would have been just like them and their marching comrades Code Pink. Maybe they thought that might be overkill. Not that it would be insulting, just a little too much Plus they had it covered already.


  7. drrik says:

    Jihadis and Barry’s coming,
    We’re forgetting what it meant to be free.
    This summer I hear the drumming,
    Four dead in Benghazi.
    Gotta get down to it,
    Bombers are cutting us down
    Should have been prepped long ago.



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