Colorado stands up to protect Gosnell methods

Colorado Decriminalizes Gosnell Abortion Methods – No Rights For Unborns

By / 11 May 2013

In close coordination with Planned Parenthood, Democrat lawmakers have repealed the Colorado criminal abortion statutes which is the premise of the newly passed House Bill 1154 – prohibiting criminal prosecution of abortionists like Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell – making it legal in Colorado to kill a child, regardless of the circumstances surrounding his/her birth.

The bill simply decriminalizes any act perpetrated against the child and trivializes it to nothing more than property damage.

The bill states that

“nothing in this act shall be construed to confer personhood, or any rights associated with that status, on a human being at any time prior to live birth. Nothing in this article shall permit the prosecution of a person for any act of providing medical, surgical or any other type of care.”

According to the Democrats who sponsored and lobbied for the measure are led by Senate President John Morse, majority caucus chair Jeanne Nicholson and House Speaker Mark Ferrandino.

The bill repeals the Colorado criminal abortion statutes and in addition removes freedom of conscience – or, a health care workers right to refuse to be a part of an abortion procedure (so much for choice – so hypocritical). It also protects an abortionist in the case that a minor is brought in to have an abortion, perhaps by her parents or guardian, against her own will. In that circumstance the abortionist cannot be charged.

Colorado Dems adopt ‘Kermit Gosnell Enabler Act’

Repeal[of] ‘criminal abortion statutes’ across state
Jack Minor – WND

On the heels of Kermit Gosnell’s extended abortion murder trial in Philadelphia, in which he was accused of killing infants who had been born alive by using a scissors to cut their spinal cords, majority Democrats in Colorado have adopted a strategy to prevent any such prosecution in Colorado

The Democrats are led by Senate President John Morse, majority caucus chair Jeanne Nicholson and House Speaker Mark Ferrandino. One opponent has come up with a striking name for House Bill 1154, which repeals certain state criminal statutes regarding the abortion procedure.

“Under guise of protecting pregnant women, this bill repeals the Colorado criminal abortion statutes, which in some respects, makes this the Kermit Gosnell Enabler Act,” Colorado Rep. Lori Saine, R-Dacono, told WND.

“In addition, HB 1154 repeals part of the statute that protects freedom of conscience – severing the rights of hospitals, doctors and medical staff to refuse [to participate] in abortions.” /…

To receive the approval of Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups, the  bill plainly specifies it does not consider the unborn child to be anything  other than an inanimate object on a par with any other property that is  destroyed by a criminal.


Ah yes, so much for choice and freedom of concience. Anyone who thought Gosnell was just a blip on the radar isn’t paying attention. Where are all those who say what Gosnell was doing was clearly wrong and illegal?

“Shocked”. Should I say prepare to have your conscience shocked, seared, then extracted like a tumor? ‘Yea, that’s the ticket’.

Then there are Liberals carping away, Gosnell is not representative of the industry. Meanwhile, they want to enshrine him as the poster boy. And the crickets keep on chirping on the left.

It could be Gosnell’s methods just lack a great name like Abu Ghraib they can rail against. That must be it. Maybe it needs a place associated with it…. how about Colorado USA?

Liberal Instruction manual:

Remove conscience from its packaging,
dig a deep hole,
place seared conscience at the bottom,
cover with removed dirt.
*tamp down to desired consistency… Decorate to suit – optional

10 comments on “Colorado stands up to protect Gosnell methods

  1. pepperhawk says:

    Great post Bull. And I am guessing you heard the Gosnell verdict. 3 counts of 1rst degree murder of 3 of the babies. 1 count of manslaughter for the woman who died under his “care”. I don’t know what else he got because Fox did not go through the entire counts and verdicts. But, now he gets life in prison or death. The jury comes back in a couple of weeks for the sentencing of this monster. I hope they give him death. If anyone deserved it, it is him. Pure evil.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, I heard that 3 first degree guilty and I think that is where everyone stopped. That is pretty strong. I was getting worried for a minute. I don’t know how he avoids the death penalty but that is where the left will come out against that — revealing their true convoluted hypocryisy.


  2. pepperhawk says:

    Now about your article. That picture of the baby almost brings me to tears. Colorado has gone to the dogs or the evil ones. Allowing no prosecution of those abortionists like Gosnell sends chills up my spine.

    Also, just think of what this bill does to women in general. Not only does it “legalize” killing babies, but subjects women to almost any kind of abuse. There is no protection for these women or their babies. I can hardly believe my ears over what those Alinsky party people have done in Colorado.

    But, I hope this does not become a trend across the US in other liberal states to pass this horrendous bill/s.

    In my opinion this should be taken us to the SCOTUS by those against the horrors by someone else who is another Gosnell and we know they are out there. Even SCOTUS would not agree to infanticide IMHO. Unless the liberal judges all go for this kind of thing, then we are sunk. Infanticide should NEVER be allowed here. It makes me feel the creeps and what the hell kind of people are these democrats in Colorado who would protect the kind of evil Gosnell perpetrated?


    • bullright says:


      Thanks for the article. No, they care nothing about effects on women. I didn’t know it got that bad in CO. I guess they are competing with NY. I believe that is much of the reason they do this to push a trend.

      It could go to SCOTUS but I don’t have that much hope they will do anything. Its sad when our whole government can’t take a stand on life. It should be one thing we could agree on. No! That’s sad. (again WP ate my comment) It should never be done. And this is the kind of absent regulating oversight they want. These are not just Dems or moderates as they like to call them. But it is the truth about the alinsky Left. And they believe in “spreading” evil too.


  3. clyde says:

    Colorado = KKKalifornication East. Here’s what you get when idiotic liberals so befoul one nest, they desert that one, and look for a clean one to foul. As to Gosnell, we’ve had the trial, he’s been convicted, found guilty pretty much as charged, WHY is this bastard still alive??


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, LMAO yea they do! And the trial didn’t seem too speedy to me. Even progs want him to disappear ASAP. I wonder if they couldn’t have had the trial in the campaign season?


  4. Davetherave says:

    Excellent article Bull! I can remember when CO was a solid red state, but I guess their great scenery and skiing ended up being a curse to the residents. It’s now overrun with lefty traitors. Poor O’ Willi. How in the hell anyone could take up for Gosnell The Butcher defies logic, but then again having no logic is one of the main requirements to join the Traitor Party.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, as I said to Pepp, I didn’t realize it got this bad in CO. Looks like they’re taking on water faster than they can bail it. And its hell trying to correct it once it goes to the dark side, if it is possible.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, I’ve got two ex-military buddies that live in CO and all they talk about is how the Traitor Party has taken over their state. Now they wish their state was NOT so pretty and they didn’t have the most awesome ski slopes. The Traitor Party seem to always find a way to take advantage of any and everything they see. They are worse than a parasite. They invade, infect and then move on to the next territory. I and many have the cure for that disease and we are just keeping our powder our dry…


        • bullright says:

          Dave, they’re just following the progressive brick road. Sort of like Pa, I once held some hope for it, and they have managed to take Gosnell off the street finally. But the state was part of the larger problem there. .And its funny because the progs use the excuse there wasn’t inspection and action, but it was pro-choice that decided inspections might deny some women abortions.



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