Selling Clergy to Sell Gun Control

Biden Wants Pastors, Rabbis and Nuns to Tell Their Flocks: Enacting More Gun Control Is the Moral Thing to Do

May. 7, 2013 2:21pm Billy Hallowell — The Blaze

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Vice President Joe Biden has a commandment for pastors, rabbis and nuns: He wants them to tell their flocks that enacting gun control is the moral thing to do. But another vote may have to wait until Congress wraps up work on an immigration overhaul.

Biden met for two-and-a-half hours Monday with more than a dozen leaders from various faith communities – Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh, to name a few. Both Biden and the faith leaders encouraged each other not to give up on what has been an arduous and thus far fruitless effort by Biden and President Barack Obama to pass new gun laws in the wake of December’s schoolhouse shooting in Connecticut.

Around a large, circular table in a conference room on the White House grounds, Biden waxed optimistic about prospects for passing a bill, according to four participants who spoke to The Associated Press after the meeting. Biden’s chief of staff, Bruce Reed, joined the group, as did a handful of Obama aides who work on faith-based outreach. The meeting closed with a meditation and a prayer for action.

17 comments on “Selling Clergy to Sell Gun Control

  1. drrik says:

    Preparing your flock to support each other and resist government tyrrany is the moral thing to do. And has a hisotrical basis in the Black Robe League.


  2. clyde says:

    Well, he will have a sympathetic audience. WAY too many of the “religious” are damn near as liberal as Crazy Joe.


  3. Just Gene says:

    Was the moral subject of abortion raised???????


  4. bullright says:

    Is Bidy-man telling them to preach “politics” from the pulpit ? Shocked!


  5. Davetherave says:

    Good info Bull! So The Gaffer wants bible thumpers to help get to the gun toters. Do WHAT?? I guess next The Gaffer will come to the gun toters (that now have no guns) and ask them to go get the head bible thumpers?!? Am I the only one confused here or am I just crazy???? Hmm…how in the hell did so much pure insanity infest DC at one time…..?????


    • bullright says:

      Dave, yea he wants their help. Really!? They need people to do their dirty work. I agree start a little intentional conflict, what they do best. LOL they want us all to think we’re crazy and they are the sane ones running the asylum. They sure have infested all right.

      I see a dual track in the Left’s agenda. Sure they lash out at conservatives and Christians. Not like they have no use for them. But they also want to control them the way they try to control politics. So to me its all about control.(Its much more than gun control)

      Have key Christians onboard with their progressive agenda and everything is fine. If not, they have no use for them and want to inflict as much smackdown on them as possible, until they get the message anyway. So the Left just wants to run the show. Politicizing the clergy and church? Absolutely no problem with that, as we see here. As long as they are useful idiots like everyone else. They have plenty of use for them politically. Its just another tool for Stalinists. .


      • Davetherave says:

        Great comment Bull! Yeah know; I really thought messing with the Catholics would really hurt Bastid in the election, but not! I know they don’t all live here, but there are around 1.2 billion Catholics. Ya’ wooda’ taught dat would hurt, but not! And all the other Christian Faiths and Jews…especially the Jews I thought would hurt him badly in the election, but not!

        This administration hates Christians and Jews, but it sure in the hell is not below them to try and manipulate the head bible thumpers. You said it all with “It’s just another tool for Stalinists”…!


        • bullright says:

          Dave, I agree, It didn’t seem to hurt at all. Heck, I think they want to have an encore. I can almost hear them, “whatever you say, Joe, I mean BaraX”. Where is the backlash? I dunno.

          How could they all be so open to manipulation? No one sees the crosses burning, or the rope a dope with Israel. Or the Muzzifying of government. Do they even care?

          And morality, yea we need a lecture on MORALITY from this administration. What’s next? Oh I know, amnesty anyone? They can always have them preach on the Sequester too…the “authorized” interpretation of it that is.


          • Davetherave says:

            Howdy Bull, so right you are and funny you bring up amnesty. I read an article just yesterday (of course it would be one I didn’t keep) that showed the stats of immigrants (legal and illegal) and how much of over 400 different fields of work they had the majority. There were almost none! So this line of bullshit the Traitor Party is throwing at us saying the south of the border folks are doing the jobs “lazy” Americans will not do is once again proven statistically to be an outright, bullshit lie! Even when looking at carpenters, painters, F*CKING CAB DRIVERS…the immigrants did not hold near the majority (If you ever been to Shytown or San Fran I know that’s hard to believe!), but the commie Traitor Party would try and have us believe otherwise.

            Hell Bull; those bastards spell morality with one “O”, one “R”, one “G” and one “Y”. 😀


  6. pepperhawk says:


    Oh this is just great. NOT. WTH is wrong with these religious leaders to succumb to this? Don’t they see what is actually going on here?

    Were the Muslim Imams pushed to put away their chopping off heads swords?

    And what a joke, Biden being moral!



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