“The Amazing O’Reilly”: factor out

On Wednesday, apparently O’Reilly put on his Nostradamus hat. He made a great prediction that Eric Holder would have to step down and resign. Someone really should get a note to that guy to ease up on the pomegranate juice,  it must be fermenting.

Johnny Carson had a bit where he made predictions as Carnac the Magnificent. It was funny anyway. More than I can say for the seriously typecast Bill O.

Hasn’t he realized Holder is Obama’s biggest right hand guy, who knows almost as much as Valerie Jarrett? Did he not realize how dependent Obama is on him?  I wrote somewhere that Holder is the one guy who could not get tossed under the bus, he knows too much. Holder is Obama’s “red line.” That’s more believable. But O’Reilly gets in his prediction mode, as if that makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And didn’t he notice how Holder personally attacked Issa at the hearing? Yea, that looked like a guy on the verge of resigning, didn’t it?  He would single-handedly make government use every resource it has, including impeachment, to get him out. He is there to the bitter end, whatever that is.

Maybe O’Reilly should ease up on the books, it really is  going to his head. Bill, take a break, and take some deep breaths.

I wonder if he can predict the end of the O’Reilly Factor? Inquiring minds want to know.

11 comments on ““The Amazing O’Reilly”: factor out

  1. clyde says:

    Here is Clyde’ Talking Points: O’Reilly is more full of shit than a Christmas Goose.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull! Someone needs to tell Billy Boy “we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto!” What a f*cking dipshit. I lost all respect for Billy Boy after that “kissing Obama’s’ ass interview” where I swore it came across to me like Billy Boy wanted to go with Barry to the famous “men” club in Shitcago the Gay Charade loves.

    Throw Holder under the bus?? Has Billy Boy completely lost his mind? Holder is Bastid’s favorite Bro, hit man, intimidater, law breaker and cover Barry’s law breaking traitor ass. What a total buffoon…

    Also; I second good O’ clyde’s comment and it’s one of my personal favorites to use on idiots like O’RealityLESS….


    • bullright says:

      Dave, Yea, and there is no yellow brick road to follow either. LOL He must have hoped to get another interview with Barry. But he should know Obama’s done now and has no need for him. But oh, that doesn’t stop Bill from trying and hoping, Joke’s on you, Bill.

      You said it. Hey, I may be a little slow, but who else could look out for his brownshirts and agenda better than Bro-Holder? Plus he’s almost as arrogant, a hard talent to find. Who else could run his domestic anti-gun operation, the spying and drone operations at home? But the amazing O’Reilly was serious.


  3. I was watching and heard O’Reilly say that. You’re right that Bill doesn’t comprehend that there’s a really slimy underbelly layer of politics called “Chicago-style.” I tend to think that you’re Bull-right.

    I’ve been wondering if Obama would just do his typical ignoring of the clamoring for info on the issues that surround his administration. I mean, what does he have to lose? He’s got all the “flexibility” he wanted (when he whispered to Russian President Medvedev near an open mic). He probably doesn’t care one whit about preserving the Democrat brand for Hillary to ride the wave to the White House in 2016. In fact the way he’s having Carney treat the Benghazi affair, it seems he’s trying to get all the blame to fall on the State Department (and Hillary), despite the fact that the State Department is STILL part of his administration. It just seems like he’s not doing anything to prevent Hillary from being thrown under the bus. So the only two reasons I can see that he wouldn’t do the “just ignore it all” strategy are: 1) He has some other successor besides Hillary that he will endorse for the Democratic candidacy in 2016; and 2) He wants to save some credibility to salvage some of his agenda in the legislature for the next 3 years. However, on item #2, he may have already screwed the pooch.

    – Jeff


    • bullright says:

      Great points, Jeff. Thanks I agree with you , there is a lot involved. (Bill should have known that, the Harvard guy he is) Besides he doesn’t throw henchmen under easily because they can always be a threat to him elsewhere. He’s already said he doesn’t have to run again (doesn’t have to worry). There is another consideration for Hill that will be interesting. He does seem to be in survivalist mode, and being his first and second consideration is always himself.


  4. Just Gene says:

    Are you implying that Bill is not fair and balanced – utoh – there’s that word FAIR – a word that can only be defined by the person who states it. So, what’s the problem?


    • bullright says:

      Gene, LOL aren’t you clever? Bill has many gifts, I don’t know if mind reading is one though. But no spin, remember. I wonder what the old Bill is doing these days. 🙂


  5. Just Gene says:

    You’re missing something important Bull – Holder is definitely leaving because Bill doesn’t speculate – forgot that – didn’t you – don.t worry, it’s what happens when we turn into old farts, the mind goes. By the way – who the hell are you??????????????


  6. bullright says:

    Holder is on the verge of upstaging Obama in corruption. I think there are rules against that.



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