Records chase refresher: where was Obama?

CIC Obama MIA records will provide critical answers

“I just want to know what the answer is.” – Chris Wallace, May 19, 2013

By Douglas J. Hagmann

23 May 2013: Subsequent to a meeting with my primary source inside the intelligence community last week, an individual I refer to as my “intelligence insider,” I wrote a column titled The Benghazi deception. Published on Thursday, May 16, 2013, it concerned Barack Hussein Obama’s location and activities on the night of the Benghazi attack when four Americans were murdered during a preplanned attack against a CIA operations compound. My source was extremely emphatic about this particular issue, stating that the Obama administration will never provide a truthful or detailed answer to this question.
“Why,” I asked, “I mean, what could possibly be so damning about his location and activities during the 18 1/2 hour period in question? He was in the White House, correct?” It was here that there was a long, uncomfortable pause as I waited for my answer.
“The White House is a pretty big place, you know,” stated my source in such a way that made it seem that I thought it to be a small, single family home. “I’m telling you, ‘somebody’ in the press will be asking that question and won’t get an answer,” he stated very emphatically. “Just ask the question,” he said, leaving me to wonder momentarily if I was to ask him. “Write about it, and ask the question. Exactly where was Barack Hussein Obama following his 5:00 meeting in the Oval Office until the next day? Where wasn’t he? It’s almost as if the Wizard of Oz himself waved his magic wand to divert attention away from those lost hours. Nobody is asking the question,” he said to me, almost in a scolding manner.

‘Obama AWOL when Americans killed’

Congress told White House left terror attack response “up to us”


In his testimony to Congress …, Panetta said that the operational details of the response, the decisions on what resources were available to help, and other decisions were left “up to us.”

Panetta, answering questions from Congress about the attack on the U.S., said except for a scheduled meeting with the president the day of the attack, Obama failed to communicate in any way with him that day.

Panetta said he simply didn’t hear from anyone at the White House.


Where was the C-I-C? Where indeed?

What we do know is Victoria Nuland is on the promotion train to assistant SoS?

(then again, maybe he recused himself… never know?)

7 comments on “Records chase refresher: where was Obama?

  1. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. Where indeed was our Critter In Chief for all those hours? Lost in the WH trying to find the situation room? Doubt it. And the comment by Panetta kind of hangs the sumbitch out to dry, if you ask me. Sounds like Panetta is trying to cover his own ass as a first priority.

    There was plenty of time for the Gay Charade to overlook a pic being distorted with Photoshop to make it appear he was in the situation room during the Bin Laden attack (good photo opportunity for his constant campaigning mode), but he’s already been re-elected so he doesn’t have to be bothered with that type deception any longer.

    No one in the WH or State Dept supposedly knows shit about what happened at Benghazi. Where in the hell was any and everybody? Probably off toasting Obama’s re-election win (before the actual election mind you) and having a cross dressing orgy. The boys that love to play with little girl toys…bunch of lying ass, scumbag traitors…


    • bullright says:

      Dave,, if you did not get the memo…”.the Sit-U-ashun room is no longer used for “those” situations. Please be advised for future reference.” Apparently they have enough political situations to deal with. Wait, have they tried blaming Romney yet ? 🙂

      Yea Panetta said it all, AWOL. And if something else would have went wrong ol’ Leon would have been the culprit probably. He doesn’t look much better than the invisible C-in-C who was running for reelection at the time. (pardon the absence) Right not even a phony photo-op!

      Well, its all old news to Barry now. Hey, they could have been busy putting up attack ads on Romney.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, oh hell…not sure I want to know what that room is used for now!

        I found that response by Panetta very telling. No excuses for the Liar In Chief and no running road block. Just trying to cover his own ass and if all the calls were left up to him; just goes to show the idiot has zero military training and he’s only driven by keep the truth from being known.

        No matter who comes forward and no matter what they say Barry will skate through once again unscathed. Oh wait; we have Issa we can count on to get the to core problem and dish out the appropriate punishment. Oops..;sorry bout that last stupid comment. Must have passed out having a flash back! 😀


  2. clyde says:

    I guess no one bothered to look for him at the nearest queer hangout?


  3. drrik says:

    The situation room video would readily show who was there.



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