Crisis on Pennsylvania Ave.

My central question is this (pardon me if it is self-evident to some people) :

Is Obama trying to create a Constitutional crisis, then extort it for gain?

It is the M-O of organizers to use or create friction and dispute, then take advantage of it however they can. “Never let a crisis go to waste” is their motto, I think.

Look what he did with the Obamcare, fast and furious, the fiscal mess, the fiscal crisis, and the sequestration and fallout, still unfolding.

Now with simultaneous scandals gripping every branch of government, and most departments of this administration, isn’t it hard to label it mere “coincidence”? What would they be doing if not causing scandals? They sure do set up quite the show. Does it all set the stage Constitutional crisis?

Extreme Irony along the way:

The IRS wants you to list every book you read, and name the people who influenced you and their political philosophy… etc, etc, etc. Yet at a congressional hearing, the same IRS employees can not answer one question and plead the fifth amendment protection. What’s wrong with that picture? It appears they were granted an exemption too.

12 comments on “Crisis on Pennsylvania Ave.

  1. kip says:

    I’m not sure if Obama is an evil genius or an inept idiot.


  2. Idiot genius.
    Political savant.
    Or just corrupt criminal creep.

    I sorta like the last one…..


  3. drrik says:

    He invited his own heckler to the press conference.


  4. Davetherave says:

    Interesting hypothesis Bull. One has to consider whether the sumbitch is a genus or an idiot. In my simple mind; I have a hard time believing the sumbitch is a genus and he’s on the defensive every day now with a new damn crisis/scandal exploding in his face. He’s having to use a lot of clout to stave off those that are on the attack over all these scandals. I personally don’t think Barry is smart enough to have planned all this in advance, but that doesn’t mean his puppet masters weren’t. Guess we’ll have to see how it plays out.

    We plead the fifth in court and judges throw our asses in jail for contempt. IRS nimrods plead the fifth and they’re sent over to the White Mosque to enjoy some Ko-bee steaks and shan-pag-knee, while hailing Allah. Boy is shit bass akwards or what????


    • bullright says:

      Dave, hard to know what to say. It can take one’s breath away. Great comments… it fits. I sort of agree with too ignorant for prime time thing, How far can you run on a hope and change w/ the same old same old? And speaking of champaignola, I think Barry didn’t let his age long enough. He done popped that cork way before its time. Maybe his puppet masters are upset that he comes off so ____. (English fails me) I’m having a bad time. It’s actually starting to feel a little like the seventies. (bad analogy but hey) Big plans though.

      He was an incompetent pretender from the beginning(with dreams of his father), and then he got a bunch of other incompetent boobs in the inner circle combining forces. However, he/they have some nasty plans but at present the feces is flying from the rafters. They all are radicals.They got plans alright. So in the seventies they blamed it on the establishment, and now the rads are the “establishment” and guess what? Anyone for seconds? Some whacky deja vu in my brain cells right now. The weird part is people are feeling defined by the circumstances they are in, as opposed to Barry definng them … . His whole shtick is to define how we feel …along with controling the narrative. It’s slipping away as much as Nixon’s peace /victory sign is. It should be one heck of a come to Jesus moment for some people…..if they listen.


  5. clyde says:

    Wouldn’t be surprising, given the asshat’s utter contempt for the Constitution. Last thing the repubs want to do while THIS bunch is in charge is to call a Constitutional Convention. THAT, given the makeup of the Senate, and the SCOTUS, would NOT bode well. Good post, bull.


  6. tannngl (@tannngl) says:

    I’ve been thinking about where the information for these ‘scandals’ have come from.

    The information on the IRS one actually came from the IRS! She ‘planted’ a question so it would come out.

    The phone records obtained on FOX reporter?



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