Obama’s Fantasy Island

Remember the TV show Fantasy Island? It was a place people went to live out their particular fantasy, for a fee. Well, welcome to Obama’s Fantasy Island. But the cost is paid for by everyone else.

It’s a bit different from the original. In this one there is just one fantasy, Obama’s, which continually plays out. It is where all parts of government function for his self-serving benefit answering only to him. Where any crisis never gets wasted but is turned into a benefit to Obama There are no wrongs, only Obama’s desires.

On Obama Island, every six weeks he gets another vacation wherever he chooses, and in between he plays golf whenever he desires. It is a picture perfect utopia where there are only friendly, flattering “questions” from the press and they go along with his every request. What would a fantasy be without a fan club in tow wherever you go?

There is only accountability for those who disagree with him and it is stiff. Dissenters need to be disciplined harshly whenever they overstep their grounds. They have no power in this government anyway.

Everything officially functions for him, exclusively. Government employees work directly for him and are only responsible to his desires. It’s a happy place where the Constitution is changed whenever he wishes it. Foreign policy is at his whim. It is designed purely for his self-serving political purposes.(and legacy) Every week is another opportunity for a new fantasy, as many as he likes.

It’s also a place where a majority consensus of people always likes him and they are prohibited from saying bad things about him for fear of retribution. Where all state governments must bow down and kiss his ring and honor his every request. (sorry, that’s just the way the script was written… it’s his fantasy!)

He even has a separate organization that lobbies for him, or to him, connected to groups in almost every state. What else could one want? The only thing that ever matters is that his fantasy is fulfilled.

Fantasy? WELCOME ….

3 comments on “Obama’s Fantasy Island

  1. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull and oh so true. Sadly; Barry’s Fantasy Land is our hell on earth reality. Bastid probably has a little honky midget that runs in and yells “Da plane, Da plane” when it’s time for the First Bitch and the spoiled ass brats to take another vacation.

    He’s a good little soldier for the NWO and is tearing our nation apart one piece at a time. And good Lord to think Hitlery may come in right behind him…either by election or appointment due too elections no longer exist. How far the mighty empire has fallen with the Gay Charade at the helm. Of course it’s nothing the Roman’s don’t know about…


    • Davetherave says:

      Hmm…I’m fairly sure the type aircraft is spelled plane! Sorry….”May I have another cup of coffee and one more Xanax please??…”How can you have another cup of coffee and another Xanax when you haven’t eaten your pudding??” 😀


  2. clyde says:

    Obama’s fantasy land. Apropos, bull. This bastard has NO sense of reality. Good one.



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