Many unsure on buying insurance in Obamacare

Two-Thirds of Uninsured Not Sure They’ll Buy Insurance Under Obamacare

Monday, 03 Jun 2013 06:12 PM

By Greg Richter

Two-thirds of Americans currently without health insurance are uncertain they’ll buy insurance under Obamacare once it is fully implemented in 2014.

And if they don’t, the Affordable Care Act could face trouble, CNBC reports. There are penalties for not purchasing health insurance under the law that takes effect Jan. 1, but in the first year, those penalties are much smaller than the cheapest health coverage plans.

If too few people who are currently uninsured sign up it could raise costs for everyone else, said Laura Adams of, which commissioned the poll.

In the survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, 64 percent of the uninsured say they have not made up their minds whether they will buy health insurance by the Jan. 1, 2014 deadline. Ten percent say they definitely will not buy insurance, opting to pay the fine instead. Only 19 percent told pollsters they intended to comply with the law and buy health insurance.

“Many people are taking a wait-and-see attitude,” said Amy Bach, executive director of the insurance consumer advocacy group United Policyholders. “People are still in the dark about what their options are going to be — and they’re skeptical that the penalty for not buying insurance is going to be enforced, at least in the first couple of years.”

In Obamacare’s first year, the fine is $95 per adult or one percent of income, whichever is highest. The penalty is half the adult amount for children under 18.

The penalty goes up every year, landing at $695 or 2.5 percent of household income in 2016.

Fewer than half of those surveyed believe they’ll get better health care under Obamacare. Almost half think it will be harder to get tests and procedures performed in a timely matter.

Although the law allows for tax credits to help pay for insurance coverage for those with low incomes, 68 percent believe they won’t qualify.

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Gee, I wonder why…

So half the people have no confidence in timely treatment. Just great.

Considering 42% of people don’t know it was enacted much less anything about it. That will probably only get higher as soon as it goes into effect, and they do know. And the additional paperwork is bound to make an impression.

Dem Max Baucus called it a “train wreck coming”. I think its already here.

Obama: “I think that any time you’re implementing something big, there is going to be people who are nervous and anxious about is it going to get done until it’s actually done.”

But 42% of the people don’t even know it is passed…or done! And a majority of Americans do not like it. That’s not nervous.

Abc reported:

[Obama] went on to say those who would have trouble with implementation were the roughly 48 million Americans who are uninsured to begin with, a minority of the population.

Oh, that 48 million he claimed this was for and that it fixes that problem. What crap.

HHS today released new applications for individuals and adults looking to get health insurance. Officials cut the forms down from 21 pages to seven pages for a family and three pages for an individual.

The applications ask nothing about medical history, beyond whether the applicant or a family member is pregnant and whether they have a condition that “causes limitations in activities … like bathing, dressing [and] daily chores.”

Instead, they resemble tax forms, inquiring about income, Social Security numbers and employment history. They also ask for contact information and race-ethnicity.

The application for families says members of the family who do not require health coverage do not have to list immigration status or Social Security numbers.

President Obama touted the new forms as one of the “refinements” his administration has made with respect to the Affordable Care Act in recent months.

“The challenge is that, you know, setting up a market-based system, basically an online marketplace where you can go on and sign up and figure out what kind of insurance you can afford and figuring out how to get the subsidies, that’s still a big complicated piece of business,” Obama told reporters at a news briefing the morning the new application was released.

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Even Obama describes it as “a big complicated piece of business“….no, it’s all more like a big complicated piece of BS, from inception to reality.

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12 comments on “Many unsure on buying insurance in Obamacare

  1. clyde says:

    Proof positive liberals who VOTED for Obama are too goddamn stupid to breathe without written instructions. Time to institute IQ tests for voters. Good post,bull.


  2. As a longtime veteran of the insurance industry, I can tell you: you’re not exaggerating.
    If anything, Obamacare is even worse than advertised.

    Scary stuff, BR.
    Scary, scary, stuff…


  3. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. The first thing that really caught my eye is the last thing in your posting. ‘Change it or STOP IT 53%’…and then…’Don’t stop funding it 58%.’ WTF? Now if that poll doesn’t show just how damn stupid Americans are these days, then I don’t know what other example would display it better!

    The majority hate it and didn’t want to the law to pass, the uninsured haven’t bought in to this POS law yet, cutting off funding is the easy way to stop this “even worse form of healthcare than Europe’s” that drive so many to fly here for healthcare, BUT they want to cut the legs out from under congress to stop the easiest way of stopping it cold in its tracks. Just can’t wrap my head around all that stupid ass contradiction. Maybe I’m dumber than I believed or perhaps not as dumb as I thought.??

    Lying his ass off is certainly nothing new from the sumbitch nor is wanting to be the clone of Alinsky, but are there folks out there that is really buying Barry’s bull shit on this one??? I think we just found the best test to date for who needs to be institutionalized due to Reality Deficiency. That group of dumb asses really shouldn’t be allowed to own guns!!!!


    • bullright says:

      Dave, sort of funny, like how else do they want to stop it? Some glaring stupidity again. They do want it to go away. If he’s talking he’s lying. Some people need a sanity test, Its not just intelligence, there’s a common sense deficit too. (and we wonder why we got to this point…)



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