Big Brother is in the house…

Huelskamp: Government Surveillance Like ‘Big Brother’

Friday, 07 Jun 2013 — Newsmax

By Jim Meyers and John Bachman

Rep. Tim Huelskamp tells Newsmax that revelations about the government’s surveillance operations are “astonishing” — and calls the federal government “Big Brother.”

The Kansas Republican also says it is “pretty evident” that Attorney General Eric Holder and people at the IRS have lied to Congress.

Rep. Huelskamp was first elected in 2010 and ran unopposed in 2012. He is a member of the Tea Party Caucus.

Members of Congress as well as ordinary citizens have been stunned by disclosures about a secret government intelligence operation targeting millions of Americans’ phone, email, and Internet records as a tool to fight terrorism.

“There are things going on here that are particularly worrisome,” Huelskamp says in an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV on Friday.

“This is not targeted to suspected terrorists, this is anybody who uses the phone in this country or uses YouTube or Apple or Skype.

“You know as we speak here there’s a record being made somewhere in Washington that we actually called one another on this phone line. That has never been indicated to me, and most of my colleagues are probably completely unaware that the administration was engaged in this type of monitoring of American citizens.

“It is shocking that we’re relying on media sources for this to be released – a British newspaper and now finally some newspapers here in this country.

“There are some folks that are claiming they were fully aware in Congress that this was going on. I was not one of them. I certainly would not have voted for the Patriot Act knowing they were pulling down hundreds of millions of phone records and categorizing and keeping them somewhere in Washington, D.C.

“I don’t trust them with the information. They’ve got a long history of leaking data as indicated by these news reports. So we will have a closed door session with the NSA and other folks on Monday and hopefully we’ll start getting some answers on this, but this is astonishing and this has never been revealed to me or most members of Congress.”

Asked about the “leaking,” Huelskamp says: “Data in the federal government has been notoriously open to hacking. I serve on the Veterans Affairs Committee. We just discovered earlier this week that up to 20 million private medical and financial data records of veterans in this country have been hacked, potentially by a Chinese-related company.

“These are the same folks that are supposedly protecting all of our telephone records that they have taken without permission and without warrant, we believe. So I’m worried about them having that information — number one, what are they going to do with it, but also who else might access that information when you have a government that can’t even protect records of veterans?”

The Department of Homeland Security “was supposedly watching the data at the VA and we know that they don’t know what they’ve lost. We know Chinese hackers went inside the system. I just say that Americans are very upset that the federal government, Washington, Big Brother, can come in here and take a look at all their phone records.


13 comments on “Big Brother is in the house…

  1. Davetherave says:

    Excellent post Bull! Big Brother has been on our asses for many years, but Obamageedon now has Big Brother deep in our asses. Big applause to Rep. Huelskamp for stating the truth in public. Hope his family is well protected!

    Another King Sumbitch scandal and another example of just how f*cking stupid he is. Of course if our gov can still shit (either by hacking or a traitor judge giving permission) and then put it on a server, it can be stolen by someone else. DUH!!! There are hacker gurus that can break into anything they want at anytime and they all don’t work for our gov.

    For our protection my ass. Piss on George Bush for the damn Patriot Act that only laid the groundwork for our current Traitor In Chief. I like to think GW had good intentions, but why in the f*ck can’t these people see they will not be in charge forever and someone right behind them will abuse their best intentions??? It’s not always a matter of “can” it be done. Sometimes it is a matter of “should” it be done. That aspect is always forgotten by the idiots in Dipshit City.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, Great points and thanks for pointing out the article. Very good point: they centralize the info nicely for the hackers. Why not subcontract the Utah facility to the Chinese, and let them supply the security too?


  2. clyde says:

    Good stuff, bull. I wonder if the erstwhile rep. knew about the $1.3 billion facility in Utah to store said records. They HAD to have voted on it. Dave’s comment hits it. When these assholes vote for some silly ass program, they NEVER give thought to “what if”.


  3. Just Gene says:

    Check back as far as 2003, right up to today, where NSA personnel, who were listening to phone calls by our soldiers overseas TO FIND SPIES, thought it hilarious to listen in on phone sex between the soldier and their spouse. Don’t worry – you can trust them this time – if you’re a total ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. drrik says:

    Congress uniformly claims to be unaware of this. Which is the same as saying that they are not doing their job. Claiming ignorance. I believe that. Also incompetence, since if they WERE doing their job, this would not be going on.


  5. bullright says:

    So again the VA database was compromised. And there will be no accountability for it. How many times is this? They can’t watch the back of those who really serve the country.


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