Mohamed meets Marx, old ties

There is a very interesting in-depth report Cliff Kincaid put together that connects some of the cooperation of Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood et al) with communist Marxists in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Titled “Made in Moscow Terrorism”, here are a few select excerpts:

The core question we are raising in this report: are the Islamists in many cases communists with Islamic masks?

Communists and Muslims:

The Hidden Hand of the KGB

By Konstantin Preobrazhensky

1. Human resource for the World revolution.

The communists have considered Islam their ally from the very beginning, because in the early 20th century, Islam was the religion of the “oppressed people.” Support of Islam was considered a part of Russian-based anticolonialism. It is very significant that Vladimir Lenin in December 1917 addressed his second message, delivered just after coming to power, to the “Toiling Muslims of Russia and East.” So they considered Muslims a reservoir of people for the world communist revolution.

According to Ben Fowkes and Bulent Gokay,”Lenin was very concerned with Asia, and as hopes of revolution in the West faded after the war with Poland in October 1920 he turned his attention to the colonies of the Western powers. In them he saw a way of using bourgeois nationalist revolutions to deprive imperialist powers of the raw materials and markets that he believed to be necessary for their survival.” 28
Interestingly, Stalin, who was then the People’s Commissar for Nationalities, also signed this public message delivered by Lenin to Russian Muslims. It said:
“All of you whose mosques and prayer houses used to be destroyed, and whose beliefs and customs were trodden underfoot by the Tsars and oppressors of Russia! From today, your beliefs, customs, your national and cultural institutions are free and inviolate. Organize your national life freely and without hindrance. You are entitled to this. Know that your rights, like the rights of all peoples of Russia, are protected by the whole might of the Revolution and its agencies, the Soviets workers, soldiers’, and peasants’ deputies. Support, then, this Revolution and its sovereign Government. Comrades! Brothers! Let us march towards an honest and democratic peace. On our banners is inscribed the freedom of all oppressed peoples.”
They produced a new cultural phenomenon called “The Islamic name and communist heart.”
Islamic terrorism is only a part of the world of terrorism. Long before Islamic terrorism became a global threat, the KGB had used terrorism to facilitate the victory of world Communism. Many famous world terrorists were KGB agents like Carlos the Jackal.
Yasser Arafat also was a KGB agent, and all his Palestinian terrorists were closely connected to the Soviet Union. Many of them studied at the KGB schools of terrorists.
To download the pdf, click here

At any rate, it is a topic that needs to be given due investigation. Can anyone dismiss the connections and alliances? Since the Boston bombing, we heard the story of the Tsarnev brothers and their roots. Is it interesting that Russians knew more about Tamerlan’s intentions than we did? It seems relevant with the situation in Syria.

3 comments on “Mohamed meets Marx, old ties

  1. clyde says:

    Good stuff, bull. Damn sure have a LOT of similarities.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Great info Bull! Just like clyde wrote; the similarities are scary. IMO; Russia under Putin’s rule is not much different than under Lenin or Stalin, so anyone that dances with the devil if defiance of the US they consider an ally. With pinko’s, Marxist and the wanna be King Sumbitch it’s all about total control of the people. No room for individual freedoms with those bass-turds. Control is all they know and fear is all that gets their attention. No one is afraid of the US anymore, so now dip and shit are running wild…



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