Obama in Trauma

Over the last weeks we’ve seen the roll out of scandals like a parade. I’m not sure if it is all coincidence or not, or maybe all his offenses are just catching up with him.

In the IRS series, we found there was a planned effort, between Lois Lerner and Steven Miller, to break the news by having a question planted before the investigation broke it. Sure they were trying to soften the blow; but it was also an effort to get ahead of it and a scheme to say ‘we had this problem and we’re already working to fix it and are putting it behind us.’ That is offensive, since it was going on until recently, and it was an IRS problem.

That little ploy is just like the campaign tactics Obama uses. Is that by coincidence? But they had done little if anything to fix it. Then we find a key operative “sat in” on every employee interview the I/G did.

Polls released show Obama’s approval has dropped, especially among younger demographics. Even more important his credibility and honest has really taken a dive. I don’t think that bounces back so easily.

Charles Krauthammer called him a “bystander” of his own presidency. I’d say he acts like Chief Spectator in all these events. When the scandals break one by one he claims to be just as shocked as we the people. Then he claims he will get to the bottom of it. So we hear his administration is investigating it. Its better than a circus act.

The media continually calls it a trifecta of scandals, completely leaving out Fast and Furious. But its more like an avalanche of scandals and no one knows when it will end. Obama is sitting right in the middle saying “what avalanche?”

(Wall Street Journal)

Obama’s Credibility Gap and the 2014 Midterms

There’s an opening for the GOP—if it offers a growth agenda and is not just obsessed by scandals.

By Karl Rove

A June 2 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows the damage. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed say the Benghazi and Justice Department scandals “raise doubts about the overall honesty and integrity of the Obama Administration,” while 55% say the same about the IRS targeting.
A plurality holds Mr. Obama responsible for each scandal. A combined 41% say he is either “totally or mainly responsible” for mishandling the Benghazi attack while 19% say he is “not responsible at all.” On the Justice Department’s seizure of reporters’ phone records, 37% believe he is “totally or mainly responsible” versus 14% who say the president is “not responsible at all.” On the IRS targeting of conservative groups, 33% hold Mr. Obama “totally or mainly responsible” while 24% say he is “not responsible at all.”
The president’s overall job approval has been adversely affected. According to a Gallup poll on Wednesday, his standing is at 45% approve and 47% disapprove, compared with 52% approve, 44% disapprove in January. With congressional investigations in their early stages, the scandals will continue to be in the news, and the president’s approval numbers are likely to fall further.
Mr. Obama is being hurt by more than the scandals themselves—there’s also the administration’s hapless messaging. Stories change and high-ranking officials continue saying things that are patently untrue, even after the facts have come out.
More: http://rove.com/articles/478

Even if Obama fashions himself a “bystander” president, more and more people directly connect his leadership and credibility to the scandals — and the problems with Washington. Maybe its like when a person is in the state of shock, he/she does not feel the full effects.

2 comments on “Obama in Trauma

  1. clyde says:

    Good post,bull. All this “spectatorship” is by design. That way, HE looks like the “good guy” fighting the EVIL that ONLY HE is responsible for. Fools the sheeple every time.



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