Obama’s G-8 Summit trip

How’s “failure” for pithy? Some word’s can’t be shortened.

You know it’s pretty bad when even the sycophant media can’t find a positive side of it. Even Google can’t find them if they aren’t there. Here was a headline from HuffPo:

Michelle Obama Ireland Trip: G8 Summit Offers First Lady, Daughters Chance To Explore European Roots

Oh yes, those European roots? Good punch line, but I must have missed the set up. (it usually blows the joke) What was she wearing for the homecoming excursion?…always of interest. What does one wear to a post-colonial, homecoming reunion anyway?

After arriving in Belfast with her husband on Monday, Obama crossed the border to Dublin to speak to university experts on the president’s ancestors, attend a show of traditional Riverdance step dancing and visit the nearby Wicklow mountains.
“It’s good to be home,” the first lady told a cheering audience of schoolchildren before the Riverdance performance. “You are surrounded by such a beautiful country.”

Riverdance? Ah yes, how absolutely quaint. Maybe Barry can learn some new moves to sidestep those pesky scandals.

The first lady has enjoyed a steady positive approval rating over the past four years, even at times when her husband sank in the polls.
“I think it would be a good opportunity to introduce someone who accompanied me here today – as I let him travel with me now and again,” she joked in Belfast, before her husband’s speech.

That explains it, enter Michelle’s approvals.

Oh the Summit, no doubt the ‘Outfit’ in Chicago is working on the correct narrative for that. They should roll it out any day now. It was the time zone difference and Obama didn’t get enough sleep, the food was bad and there was a virus going around. Then in the Berlin speech, the sun was in his eyes. (hat tip to Matthews, man he can think quick)

Possibly news has caught up with the gallivanting golfer that 50% of the people do not believe Obama is “honest and trustworthy”. But can they trust him on the golf course?

8 comments on “Obama’s G-8 Summit trip

  1. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. Moochelle was looking for her ancestry in Dublin, Ireland??? WTF?? Last time I looked Ireland was one of the most honky countries in the world…probably only second to Switzerland. I think she needed to go a bit further south to get in touch with her roots.

    Moochelle searching for her ancestor’s in Dublin steals the headlines from the sumbitch. Now that is sad! I’d say she had about as much luck as Geraldo did NOT finding Al Capone’s dead ass corpse on national TV…now that was hilarious!

    I’ve read a few articles and I’m still clueless what the hell Bastid did at the G8. I don’t even know what the hell he lied and bloviated about. The high note…it’s rather refreshing NOT hearing what the bastard lied about…


    • bullright says:

      Dave, LOL Great comment.

      LMAO She has to go to Dublin to schmooze up to white folks? Who knew? I mean maybe they don’t have as many in Chicago but come on, she’s been in DC for years now living in the White House. Maybe the irony of it all didn’t hit “the windy” girl..

      I don’t think she stole the headlines as much as S-B handed them off to her to feed the press. (that’s kind of like feeding pigeons in Chicago) Al Capone LMAO….he never got to meet the Queen I bet.

      I’m quite sure the nasty bastid found a golf course to ingratiate over there. Maybe Michelle has her eye on a castle? But for what he accomplished, he might as well have been pounding them down in a pub with his newfound relatives. I admit I was hankering for a good homecoming gala.

      Michelle doesn’t disappoint all the low-brow, low-info fan club. I forgot, he probably gave the Riverdancers a pointer or two. Glad he did something worth while for all our money they are blowing on his road trip to nowhere.


  2. clyde says:

    Where have we heard shit like this before? Sounds an AWFUL lot like “We dodged sniper fire by spiraling down into Bosnia” or some such fallacy. The flotus is more full of shit than a Christmas goose.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Bull, much to the GREAT surprise and pride of The First Bitch she did find out during her trip to Dublin the Irish Sitter she had as a child ancestry goes back to Ireland! Sounds like a new sequel to Roots! 😀



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