Paula Deen debacle and the left’s economic justice

Paula is a good ol’ gal, with no offense meant. She is a personality and now a celebrity. But based on a word she used some time ago, her reputation is under fire and her job on the line, due to her own words in a deposition. I have some sympathy for her situation.

*This is not a defense of Paula, but then THIS is not just about Paula either.

Does it show how vulnerable a celebrity can be for their words? Hardly, she is the exception and not the rule. After all, look what so many celebs have said or done. It doesn’t cost them their position.

Now I am saying forgiveness does have a place. We as society should take that as one of our duties and exercise it seriously. It makes another statement about the times, the penalty for telling the truth. She’s the latest casualty.

MY question is are we going to now put corporations and sponsors in charge of ethical conduct — or society — to be the ‘culture police’? Are these guys the poster boards for ethical conduct? Should they be? Are they up for the job? Resumes anyone?

For the most part, the left advocated and justified Food Channel’s reaction, as the self-appointed race and “civil rights” police. There must be consequences for using such language, even in the past, they say. If it were anyone else would they have a different view? It wouldn’t surprise me. But this fits their political paradigm and they applaud it.

Lets go a bit further. It seems to be a double standard for the left. These are the greedy corporate titans the Marxist left loves to blame for everything from global warming, to murders on the street, to crooked politics, not to mention the human and civil rights abuses. But in this case, the left will salute a corporation for its knee-jerk reflex to fire Paula because of a word she said she used 30 years ago. (at a traumatic time)

But think about it, there are boycotts and there are “boycotts”. The Left and the LGBT lobby have used boycotts as their tool against any opposition. It goes hand in hand with their economic argument, or their social justice agenda. So they attack businesses who do not support them. For example, they are calling out corporations for having business ties or a relationship supporting Israel, based on their own political ideology.

Now what is worse: the left taking an economic position based on sexuality or a disdain for Israel, or simply keeping cultural issues in the social fabric of society – and out of the corporate board rooms? But no, can’t do that because this is how the activist left operates across the spectrum, from the board room to the public square.

Yet they want to make the corporations the cops on the beat for society? Really?

These leftists don’t like government making laws that might ban certain sexual behavior, but they are okay with using corporations as the arbiter for personal conduct? (as long as they align themselves with the uber-Left politics) What happens when businesses take positions that are not convenient or in line with their sociopolitical positions – and their ideology? Ah oh! They are treading where they ought not tread.

Sure there is room for forgiveness. I thought the left always lectured us about that?

Update… an interesting thing happened, which often does in these evolving events:
George Zimmerman’s trial began on the Trayvon Martin shooting. The prosecution’s star witness, a teenaged black girl, comes out to testify that Trayvon described Zimmerman as a “creepy ass cracker“. Asked if she thought that was a racist remark, she said “no”.

Then in the aftermath punditry — always the last word in all things ethical — debated it suggesting that was just the way they talked in her community. Oh, those double standards are rearing their ugly little heads once again. See how this game works?

But apparently she didn’t say that in her prior statements because she did not want to offend Trayvon’s mother. Okay, so you didn’t want to mention it to his mother, but you do not believe its a racist remark? Okay. The punditry concludes that’s just how people talk in that community, like a dialect. Glad that’s settled.

Anyone up for a good game of whack-a-mole?

6 comments on “Paula Deen debacle and the left’s economic justice

  1. clyde says:

    Good post. I could give an absolute shit less about Paula Deen, who BTW, by HER admission, was a BIG Obama supporter. Live by the liberal media, die by the liberal media. I would have FAR more respect for her if she had just said “Yep, I said that. Long time ago, let’s move on. No more comment. Next”.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. I didn’t even know who in the hell Paula Deen was before this happened. I know who she is now, but I still don’t give a rats ass what she said.

    Am I a creepy ass cracker, honkey, redneck, bigot, racist, bible thumper, gun toter…et al…any term the lefties love to use to make me and others look bad? Maybe I am all those and maybe I’m not, but this is not my point. The height of “generation hypocrisy is my point. The black chick (guess that term makes me a racist) can say “creepy ass cracker” and that’s fine, but if I blurt out n*gger I’m a racist. Can’t make my mind up, if these are the days where hypocrisy is OK or if it’s reverse racism that’s OK or if it’s the pot calling the kettle black (oops…there I did it again) is OK is the proper term to use. Knowing how PC I am; I think I’ll just go with it’s OK for total bull shit days has arrived.

    I guess us honkey’s now have to pay for slavery to people that were NEVER slaves, nor was their father, grandfather or great grandfather. I guess we should bomb Spain due to what the Spanish Inquisition did. Or what about the witch trials?? BTW; my ancestors were poor as white tenant farmers, so they couldn’t afford to own anything f*cking thing and sure in the hell had no slaves.

    I’m so sick and tired of this bull shit, if I wasn’t all the terms the leftys love to label folks the previous years of my life those f*cked up nutcases sure are doing their best to turn me into one!!!


    • bullright says:

      You said it, Dave. Its some mixed up stuff here. But a black guy from Chicago can be a racist while not really being “a racist” pretty much no matter what he says or does.(figure that out) The real racists have the home field advantage. Oh, I guess Tiger Woods gets a pass for his mistakes. What did his sponsor say, “winning takes care of everything”? Anyway they even made excuses for him. The publisher even pulled Paula’s latest #1 selling cookbook. I just love the left’s justice system, full of twists, curves, and blind corners(attacks), and always keeps you guessing..


      • Davetherave says:

        Yeah, it’s pretty screwed up Bull. I just read where big O’ met with Mandela’s family. Makes me think of an old song “Jive Talking”… Well shit; guess I did it again! 😀


        • bullright says:

          Dave, I guess they have a list of your transgressions by now. Just shuckin’ and jivin’. Wow he had to go there, after saying he wouldn’t intrude. He has to lie even to Mandela’s family.

          En route to South Africa aboard AF-1, Pres Obama tells reporters ‘our main concern’ is Nelson Mandela’s wellbeing and comfort’ – @markknoller

          3 hours later, he told CBS reporter he “does not need a photo-op with Mandela”. And he “will assess the situation before making a visit”.
          (wanna bet he has a photo op though?)



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