Michelle’s Lazy Summer Daze

So what’s a First Lady of Snobsville to do but take a glamorous vacation, with the right people of course, in the right neighborhood of course. (or is it the right ‘hood? – must work on my etiquette) Back in May she was in the the planning stage for Martha’s vineyard with a side order of farm.

But their previous digs were sold so they had to look for another “crib” for the first family retreat — which is no retreat but never mind that. Michelle apparently set her eye on” another place in the Vineyard and plans to stay for an “extended period” in August. Remember what she said at the inauguration, how she was going to enjoy it this time around. (as if she hadn’t been enjoying it all along) So they will stay and Obama will make frequent appearances, or so the plan was in May. But they also had to squeeze in that lavish, super-expensive African va-k tour. What a hectic schedule, eh?

She’ll have to try to get by. As long as Michelle makes certain to enjoy herself this time around, that’s all that matters. Who cares about the sequester when you’re doing Africa between trips to Ireland and Martha’s Vineyard? I don’t think Britain’s royal family ever traveled this much. The first snobs are living it up.

Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Ireland
Arrival in Africa (and just have to wait for those Vineyard pics)

Not to forget the 2011 budget buster — with 424,000 just for air force crew expenses — vacation to Africa in June. That one included a safari for her and the kids, which followed the previous summer’s lavish Spain va-k. Of course, they would have to outdo that previous budget in this year’s trip to Africa — which happened to follow a stint in Ireland, and precedes their summer va-k in Martha’s Vineyard. Nothing scheduled for September yet, but it’s a possibility.

As usual, the central question for the media, come Martha’s Vineyard, will be “what is she wearing”. And with all these va-k’s, it’s possible for even an elitist like Michelle to run out of wardrobe. (we don’t even want to know what the cleaning bills are)

Enter “Porgy and Bess, Summertime”… and the livin’ is easy.

I don’t want to hear these tired comparisons about Bush vacation days. Michelle is in vacation daze. He owned a ranch, so he went there, okay? We didn’t buy the farm (pardon the pun) — or even rent it. And we weren’t in the middle of the biggest recession since the depression.

So far, it looks like Af-1 and AF-2 are getting a heck of a workout, along with the taxpayers’ wallet. What sequester? “Fly the friendly skies”…or not.
fly over Mt. Rushmore
Earth to Michelle, you didn’t build that.

8 comments on “Michelle’s Lazy Summer Daze

  1. clyde says:

    Well, Bull, if you didn’t know it before, you NOW get the term: “living n@%&@r rich”. When the asshole finally is removed from office, he AIN’T going to be able to keep her ass around. Clyde’s guess? By August 2017, Obama will be free to hang out with Reggie and the boys at Man’s Country all he wants. Which is probably close to the truth.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde, could well be. She can put on the Ritz. But he ain’t far behind her, if not ahead of her. You can bet they won’t be going back to their home in Cheecago..


  2. drrik says:

    All justifiable for pretending to be a happy couple. Being a beard is hard work.


  3. Why, BR, I’m surprised at you!!!
    How can you deny the trappings of taxpayer funded royalty, especially when one is as marvelous as Obama obviously is?

    What’s more, I heard that he and the wife miss their anonymity, which is why they try to self-medicate their misery away with the occasional jaunt, hither and yon.
    Jeez, man, have a heart! So what if it costs a Billion or three?

    I’ll bet you’re not even upset that terrorists in Gitmo are being forcefully fed, in order to keep them from killing themselves. Which is bad, because…well, I don’t know why, but MSNBC told me it was, and that’s good enough for me!!!

    Priorities, man: priorities.


    • bullright says:

      JTR: Thanks make me feel SO much better! Ha ha they want their anonymity back….LOL…so do I. Yea that sounds like Killary, “what difference at this point does it make anyway?”

      Well we must be inhumane for force feeding them, (probably lobster-bisque) LOL yea that is bad…., or must be. I’ll try to concentrate on the real priorities, like what shoes Michelle is wearing and whom she is wearing, Ya know, important stuff.


      • Glad to hear it, BR!

        Truth be told, I’m trying to behave like Winston did at the end of ‘1984’.
        He seemed oddly happy, ya’ know?

        But so far… it ain’t workin’ for me.


        • bullright says:

          JTR: Well, keep working at it, it has to grow on you. I’m thinking of the movie Papillon and starting to become accustomed to the climate.

          Hey, I guess we could close gitmo after we kill all the detainees, Then turn it into a getaway for Michelle. Isn’t it funny how many hurricanes they dodged there?


  4. bullright says:

    I wondered if it was me but that photo of Barry and Michelle looks a little strange. It seems more of a smirk, or phony smile, for him and hers looks like a put on too. Just like some celebs on the red carpet.



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