Skin Color is Paramount –skip the facts


In the Zimmerman trial the real action is not so much in the courtroom but in the coverage It reminded me: what do OJ, Obama and Trayvon Martin (Zimmerman trial) all have in common? Race of course, or explicit racism. Skin color … is the important thing in the end. Don’t think so?

On Monday night, coming into the home stretch for the trial, I listened to the punditry on CNN cover the day’s events. It was the usual pundits of legal eagles and defense attorneys. Famed defense attorney Mark Geragos called out a black female for her comments on the testimony of Trayvon Martin’s father. He told the frisky advocate that she was too “emotionally” attached to this case(compromised), and had referred to every prosecution witness as “elegant” in their testimony. Bingo! It was an excellent point, to which you can imagine her snorted denial. But it is a truth across the board. He also faulted her for claiming the jury was really “with Mr. Martin” — despite arguing against his own statement that it was not his son screaming. Even while denying he said it, this pundit said the jury was really “with him”. She supposedly speaks for the jury.

The irony that the jury is not allowed to decide a case until they deliberate was lost on her. What is clear is her bias, which she seems to wear on her sleeve. That is okay, as long as one acknowledges a bias and does not attempt to hide behind a phony wall of objectivity and deny it. (then it is just deceit) I admit to having a bias too, and don’t pretend otherwise — but not based on race. This, however, is only the beginning of the problems.

From the first media reports people had taken sides, namely that of the black-racist side. Yet how is it they lectured others about reaching a premature conclusion before hearing the facts? Now that the facts come out, not to Martin’s favor, they completely dismiss them. They posit how a jury relates to a witness is what matters. For instance, and Geragos pointed this out, they want to believe him credible and sympathize with anyone the prosecution uses — even if what he is saying is questionable. They postulate that the jury does too.

This is where Obama comes in

The irony is Obama commented on it at the time saying if he had a son he would look just like Trayvon. But that’s not the only similarity. From the beginning Obama ran a faith-based campaign, meaning it required a leap of faith to accept him at his word. His entire candidacy reeked of faith in him, with absolutely no record to base any of it on. Just “believe”and “yes we can”. Then came the messianic talk and halo photos.

People did believe in this unjustifiable candidate too. The reason they did, overwhelmingly among blacks, was his skin color — because he is black. The beauty was he didn’t have to say it; that was the obvious prevailing assumption. It is undeniable when you see the results. Over 93% of blacks voted for him. Since he had no record, it could not have been otherwise. He ran a faith-based campaign. Obama admitted as much in his theme “change you can believe in” — not that there was a lick of reason to believe in that change outside faith.(and a lot of it) But the point is, regardless of facts, they believed in whatever he said and there were some doosies. And suddenly it was fashionable to be so color conscious.

The narrative was that the election was historic because he would be the first black president, or the first black to get that close to becoming president. When the blacks were unified in such a degree, there can be no doubt the vote was based on race. A vote based on skin color was a justified vote. We had people proudly voting solely on race. Yet voting against him would have been racist — we all know that. The mantra was voting for him was not racism but voting against him was entirely racism. Thus, they could justify casting a racist vote because it was supposedly voting against racists.

If you can buy into the left’s rationale on this then you can buy practically anything. So a person wants to believe something true despite willingly ignoring the truth. And it was all about belief, but it was also all about race and racism. Plus it was projecting anyone else as a racist. He still employs that psychology via his organization, now a front group for him, that asks “are you in?” It persuades you to be “all in”. Never mind what “in” and “all in” means or involves; whatever strings are attached; whatever it requires you to believe.

All that psychology applied to OJ, and now applies to Trayvon Martin as well. (or against George Zimmerman) Because OJ was black and a star, they denied facts to the contrary. But in overwhelming evidence, they did not just dismiss the facts, they believed it wasn’t true anyway. The same way they would not believe things are true about Obama, facts be damned. And they won’t believe the negative about Trayvon either. Even showing he jumped and assaulted Zimmerman, they believe otherwise. Then they believe Martin is the victim at all costs, even if shown otherwise. Truth doesn’t matter, belief does. And they are determined that belief will carry it. It is surreal. It is as if they stepped into an alternative reality that is based entirely on their belief and perception of it.

They wanted to believe OJ’s defense at all costs. When they refused to accept the prosecution or facts, they demonized them (some of them are still victims of that) They denied evidence to the contrary. Given facts and truth, they just asserted he was innocent or framed. Anyone would have to willingly ignore that mountain of evidence, which is what they did. Then just keep repeating he is innocent and that he, not Nichole and Ron, was the real victim. They wanted to believe and they did. Once they believed, it became a matter of ignoring anything to the contrary. Sound familiar?

Along comes Trayvon Martin. From the beginning, the intent was create an image of a little boy with Skittles in one hand and ice tea in his other, skipping home from the candy store — potentially to do his homework. Turn Zimmerman into the villain who just had it in for him. Everything Trayvon did was justified while nothing Zimmerman did was. It would not matter anyway because Trayvon is an innocent little victim, even if he sat on Zimmerman beating on him, he was a poor victim. But also a victim of racism to boot. Interestingly enough, Trayvon called Zimmerman “a creepy ass cracker” on the phone. But who cares, they want to believe?

On OJ, we all know those circumstances. It was easier to believe the glove was planted along with the blood evidence than accept reality. The detective was a bigot and racist. Prosecution was out to get OJ. So they tried to alter reality. They could dismiss anything otherwise. Once you get to that level, you can deny any truth. Once you believe that, you can believe anything and will.

How many more events or circumstances do we have to see to validate the same scenario? Its seems we could keep doing this indefinitely and keep getting the same results.

Photo credit: Obama : Trayvon Martin ; OJ Simpson

11 comments on “Skin Color is Paramount –skip the facts

  1. pepperhawk says:


    One more excellent analysis of this trial. I’ve pretty much watched what I can and since not feeling too well, I laid in bed and watched the testimony today.

    Did you notice how the prosecution keeps calling Trayvon a KID?? He was no kid, but a young man. Yeah, right he was eating his skittles (like an 8 yr old with his tea) with nothing in his head but to get home to Mommy and Daddy. This makes me sick every time. He should be referred to as Mr. Martin, not a kid.

    Meanwhile Zimmerman is the big bad wolf out to kill a black no matter what the circumstances. The state has railroaded this guy, along with the media, and found guilty before the trial and any “real” evidence was brought out. I can’t see for the life of me how that jury is not tainted.

    So why don’t they just haul him out of the courthouse, publicly hang him and get it over? The crowds could all cheer, throwing rotten tomatoes at him and the King Obama can get on TV and talk about the great justice done in the name of racial bigotry. The snake had to give his “untarnished” word out there about this guy could be his son. So now if Zimmerman is found not guilty I guess the King will come on TV and say his son was killed and the great racial divide gets worse, that which he has created. We might as well be back in the days before civil rights as bad as this is. Obama creates division and every opportunity he can, he uses things like this to install into blacks heads they are still being hunted down like wild animals and slaughtered every day by those horrible “whiteys”.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, good description I haven’t seen all the coverage, But then you cannot avoid it either. I went back to some of the first clips when they kept flashing those two younger pics . The recordings have names and addresses blocked out except Zimmerman’s. Even his phone number was on it. While listening, they flashed the pics of a younger kid. But in the 7/11 tape he is towering over the clerk with a hoodie and bouncing around. And those could also be the key ingredients for a new synthetic fad kids are concocting. Then I see the pictures of a gun and his hand with a loaded clip. And then portray him like a grade-schooler

      Right, so they may as well, do a public ceremony out of it. And they still won’t be satisfied. It will be used and thrown in our faces for every incident that happens., relevant or not.doesn’t matter. I’m sick of the games this prez plays especially on the cultural things. But in VA beach and places, where violence was up, he says nothing. And no one is even supposed to mention it in the news or they’ll do more or seek out those who say anything. This is crazy And we have a King in there who does not care one bit what happens. But he stuck his nose in that , when he wouldn’t say boo about Gosnell. I don’t think America ever saw anything like this coming right from our government. The DOJ gives a pass to its friends and whoever it wants.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull, yeah, I’m sick to death of the so called news outlets showing that pic of him as a kid. They keep doing it too. What a railroad job. Frankly I can’t see this man being acquitted because it is so blown up as a race crime instead of what really happened. Like you said, “damn the facts”. The black community is still out there threatening huge riots if Zimmerman is found not guilty, regardless of the clear facts of the case.

        The King never says a word about the black on black crime in his own city, Shitcago, either. It’s virtually a slaughter house. But to him what does that matter and it’s something he does not want to admit to. Also like you said these mobs of blacks who are causing plenty of trouble attacking people and threatening them all over the country. He says nothing. It wouldn’t serve his racially charged interest to take a good look at that phenomena.

        It really made me furious that he never spoke out about the Gosnell trial and the murders and horror going on there, but instead says, “God Bless you” to PP. As if God is giving His blessing to these murders of babies. I’ve never seen anything like this either and it shows us once again just what kind of a person he is and the rest of his administration.

        It should be clear to everyone, although it is not, that he is all for murder with abortions, infanticide an death panels in his Obamacide. It gets more sickening every day. Sometimes I just can’t take hearing anymore and shut down for days.


        • bullright says:

          Well, its no wonder some people have a problem just seeing his face anymore, let alone what he says and does. The thing is one would have to be under a rock not to know about all those things happening, yet he says not one thing about them. I guess its that mentality of belief again, when even he will not acknowledge it, Like it doesn’t exist if he ignores it. His scandals alone are a call that we cannot ignore this tyrant. And like you say, maybe he is just incapable of good, only evil.

          Now I see the left is in an uproar against Zimmerman’s team wanting to bring in evidence o school records, texts, and pics of pot and a gun.And where is that gun by the way? wouldn’t that be relative to a shooting case. His parents are quick to say they should not be attacking the character of the “victim”. Why is turnabout not fair play? Nothing should destroy the image of a little school kid singing nursery rhymes instead of talking smack, growing and smoking pot, playing with guns, getting in fights, and getting suspended from school – which is why he was staying there. Preserve image at all costs.


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull, the King just believes he can do anything and Congress does nothing about it. He is pure evil in my mind and we have no one to stop the constant war on America and us. To war against your own country, a so called president doing what he does, he should have been removed a long time ago. As I’ve said before he is the WMD we never found until he became king.

            I think it’s very unjust not to be able to bring Trayvon’s background in too. He even committed a burglary, but oh, no we can’t hear anything about the “kid”.

            Good question about his gun. I too wonder where that went. No doubt the parents got rid of it to hide his background. But the photo exists but is ignored so conveniently.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, oh and I forgot, Those parents of the year of Trayvon said they do not in any way want this to be about racism. No, let everyone else make it into that. Why that sounds exactly like Obama.He lectures about something, only to turn his minions loose to do exactly that. I am very suspicious when these people say “its not about race” when it ends up being all about it. That’s like Al Sharpton saying “it is not about race”.

          PS: yes, I did say “these people”. When they aligned themselves with the black caucus, liberal media and the entire Democrat establishment — including countless other groups they did not distance themselves from — right, I did mean these people.


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull, right, I heard the parents say it’s not about race, but then why did they go to the mayor’s office and get him and the city admin into this? This trial is a political trial based all on race. The defense tried to bring this out in a very delicate manner, but who knows if the jury got it. This case should only been investigated by the police but when this meeting with the mayor happened the police were barred from the meeting.

            I’m suspicious too about any statement “it’s not about race” Like you I believe they say the opposite of what they really mean and believe.

            Why did the parents of Trayvon need a lawyer? That makes no sense to me except they got one to place pressure on the state to make sure this went to trial. The police were not going to charge Zimmerman, so suddenly the prosecution does and made it nothing but political.


            • bullright says:

              Sounds like they want this to be one politically correct jury. You’re right. I heard a statement from their lawyer last night and scratched my head. Talk about bomb throwers. And the parents can hide behind the curtain as the perfect people. All this sanitizing stuff makes me nauseous. Who knows maybe he was practicing or being groomed to be a future president?


  2. pepperhawk says:


    Guess what I heard on Fox? Maybe you heard it too. Our “INJustice Dept. aka WithHolder has given funds to blacks to go down to Sanford to protest the Zimmerman trial the last couple of days to shore up the racism running wild. is there nothing they won’t stoop to?


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, sounds about right, hadn’t heard that report. But here is a post that Judicial Watch fought to obtain docs from the beginning of DOJ’s CRS help in Sanford Fla. on the marches and protests. A couple emails thank them for making the events a “success”. That says it all.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, You are right. before I saw that I had some feeling there was coordination, but now looky looky. This goes right in line with what I said above about beliefs. But we know perception is reality to libs. That’s the world they live in — their perception rules. So I was thinking if any way they have signals that the injustice dep will not do squat to them, and they must believe that by now, then they’re free to do whatever they want. Not only will the DOJ stand down, but they’ll assist organizing efforts. They cleverly disguise it is as peace work. Yea more like piece work I bet. But scary how much of it depends on their beliefs, en mass. They think they have immunity to act and they will. And then Obama(organizers-R-us) will never let a crisis go to waste. It doesn’t look good. I don’t guess this will help their tourist industry. The rioters in the sixties never had a setup like this.



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