Obama’s middle name is ruin

Never mind that Hussein is Obama’s middle name, his default name is RUIN.

If you take Obama’s campaign example, which is now his lobbying, BrownShirt Society, it uses the same message his campaign used all along.

We know his emphasis was on media and social networking, coupled with fundraising. They projected it as grassroots organizing but that is another deceiving footnote to Obama.

On the website, the central theme starts with a simple question, “Are you In?
When you translate that to chat lingo, you come up with (R-U-IN) RUIN.

It’s pretty funny that his big presence on the web, still his ‘campaign” organization, makes such a revealing statement about his plans.

Just ask Obama supporters if they support Obama and RUIN?

clip_ob site image
Are you in? Well, are you in RUIN yet? No? Give it time. You will be.

Organizing for Action quotes Obama about Climate Change:

If Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will.

Planned Parenthood and Abortion anyone? Future posterity?

Website:  July 11th 2013

Make a donation today to support this grassroots movement. — [what a laugh]
Whether it’s the NRA trying to stop progress on gun safety legislation that 90% of Americans support, or conservatives in a state legislature trying to ram through radical rollbacks of women’s rights, they are banking on you not paying attention.
They’re hoping you won’t jump in to the fight.
This week should have made it clearer than ever why you need to. / (donate button)

More like Obama just hopes you won’t join the fight against him.

And OFA very much needs you to donate to RUIN. Won’t you support ruin?

On so-called “immigration reform” they suggest:

Supporters across the country were out in force this week, urging their representatives to move immigration reform forward. In anticipation of yesterday’s House Republican Caucus meeting with Speaker John Boehner, they were out in their communities making their voices heard. /…
This fight isn’t over yet. Following the House Republicans’ meeting, OFA volunteers are determined to keep up the pressure and make reform a reality. Until there is a comprehensive immigration reform bill headed to President Obama’s desk, our work continues. Say you’ll join the fight.
/… The fight for immigration reform is on its way through the House, and OFA volunteers are at the forefront of efforts to get it passed.

Oh goody, another “fight” — as everything always is to Liberals.
Here they come, conjuring up the sentiments of the Battle hymn of the Republic :

“He is trampling out the vintage
where the grapes of wrath are stored,
He hath loosed his fateful lightning
of His terrible swift sword,” (sorry, it’s Obama’s choreography)

So I have to ask ….RUIN? Yes, more ruin he proposes: more big government, top-down tyranny everyone can get behind, or under, right? It makes me sick.

OFA events received plenty of attention from local media:[blah, blah, blah] /…
It’s not too late to throw your support behind immigration reform and keep this momentum going into the House. Add your name today.

So people, will you show them it’s not too late for RUIN?

Fight, Fight, Fight…for ruin! “Are you in?”

And if he is going to use executive orders to force his agenda, what does he need them for?
Oh, the BrownShirts are coming. (that’s what he needs them for)
Won’t you be a brownshirt for Obama?

... his RUIN is marching on!


President Barack Obama’s got a volunteer army — and all their marching orders come from carefully organized paid generals back at headquarters.

Obama won two terms by harnessing a grassroots movement through a tightly controlled, top-down campaign organization. Now the group formed out of Organizing for America is now bringing that approach to Organizing for Action.

This really is Obama ruin. Are you in?

12 comments on “Obama’s middle name is ruin

  1. Sounds like a 70’s funk band: “President Ruin, and his Ruin Nation”

    I know one thing: we’d be a whole lot better off he WAS in a funk band from the 70s, instead of the Leader of the Free (for now) World.


    • bullright says:

      JTR: dang he missed his calling. LOL It does.

      The”lead from behind”-leader, follower, of the free world. Ah, I’m mixed up. Drop the free part, just world. (oops, and I didn’t mean to imply a “just” world either) I better stop there. 🙂


  2. pepperhawk says:


    Another excellent article. Like you it makes me sick. Right, let’s all march to our ruin. Why not? We’re already almost there. Many people are already in ruin. And his middle name, whether Hussein or Ruin mean the same to me.

    His campaign to ruin America never stops. Another bombardment that occurs daily. The loons will go for it, not matter what and join forces because they either want to ruin America or are too stupid to see it.

    Sigh! It really is difficult to keep one’s spirits up as this happens day in and day out.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, yea it means the same thing. LOL . His goons, never the wiser. I suppose he gave his presidential grievance for the week already. Probably more bombs aimed at us.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull, since he is a WMD in himself, we are being attacked by shock waves of constant bombs against us, our liberties, our freedoms, and replaced with so much depravity all against most of American values which still exist, but those are made to be people who are terrorists.


  3. pepperhawk says:

    btw, Bull, I’ve read many articles this morning that have already made me ill. When does it ever end?


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, He seems to think he was elected to poke America’s eye. It doesn’t even slow down.


      • pepperhawk says:


        No he never stops and the blows are fast and furious, (forgive the bad pun).

        I already feel so utterly weary reading more about these acts against us and am about to drop over with such a feeling of helpless to stop what he does. Whatever he wants, even if the majority of the America people don’t want these things, he will force through Executive Order. It feels like a losing battle every and each day. I feel so utterly weary, but then again I don’t feel so good physically which makes it work. I have no real energy to feel I can even fight any of this today.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, right, if this was King George, can you imagine the list of grievances so far. They’d be writing as fast as he was doing them. We do lose energy, that’s for sure.


  4. --Rick says:

    It seems to me that the idea of Marxism as harmful becomes more difficult to argue when one focuses more on an individual, even one as powerful as a U.S. President, than on the immoral principles that drive such a philosophy. Free market capitalism [which has never truly existed in its purest form] has its fault, but so far as my research goes, there has never been a situation where people have been rounded up and killed en masse as a result of capitalist policies. Some people have been stuck in poverty for generations, but in my view, those in free market societies who are among the poorest, still live better than most who live under Marxist, Communist, Socialist or other central government dictates than the dictates that are driven by price. Let’s not lose perspective else we risk continuing on the losing end of the debate favoring liberty, small government and free market principles.

    see — http://billericapolitics.org/2013/07/14/with-respect-to-blaming-the-president-for-all-the-ills-of-our-economic-struggles/


    • bullright says:

      Rick, thanks for that, I agree, true it is that ideas and ideology that we take issue with. And yea I think you are right about that, perfection does not seem to be a possibility. It is the one area that lends itself to relative comparisons.(and there are moral areas too) And I think that it becomes more of a problem for Marxists..It also should be something they be forced to defend, as they espouse the ideas, because they constantly want to try capitalism and make people defend it. The results though can speak for themselves.



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