What a difference between Zimmerman and Gosnell

 I don’t remember the media being so concerned about the content of Sunday sermons before. That’s not usually headline coverage. Post Zimmerman verdict,  media wanted to know what pastors said, and they claimed pastors scrambled to  change their sermons.

 Okay, how many of them wanted pastors to speak about Gosnell or abortion? I don’t remember that call for concern. How much attention did they give that verdict? If the pastors did talk about it, then media and the left would accuse them of meddling in civil and political issues – since they claimed Roe/Wade is “politics”.

 Everyone is supposed to know Gosnell and abortion has no place in sermons according to the liberal left and secularists.  However, human rights? “Knock yourself out”, they only hope you will speak from the pulpits on that. Anytime, you don’t need a reason and you can weave the topic into anything. They encourage it.

 A genocide of 56 million and over 4 decades, no need to talk about that from pulpits, way too divisive. Better stick to human rights, social justice, love and peace. The courtroom seats went empty in Gosnell’s trial, but they didn’t miss a minute of this trial and ran almost non-stop coverage.

Now we know what is really important, so how many had sermons about Trayvon Martin, I wonder?

Notice the below article is Father Pfleger’s church in Chicago not the entire Catholic [C]hurch.

Catholic church protests Trayvon Martin killing

Gloria.TV – News Briefs  15/07/2013 

Father Pfleger [Photo credit]
CHICAGO (AP) — From pulpits to rallies, several black churches in Chicago joined the nationwide call for justice in protesting the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in Florida.
The Rev. Michael Pfleger spoke out about the death of Trayvon Martin during Mass at St. Sabina Catholic Church, a prominent black Catholic institution. Churchgoers wore hooded sweatshirts, as Martin was wearing when he was slain Feb. 26. After Mass, nearly 100 people attended a rally outside the church where youth from St. Sabina performed poems and songs.
“The church has to rise up and get out of its sanctuaries and get into the streets,” Pfleger said.
Pfleger also wore the hood of his vestment robe over his head and called for racial justice. Pfleger is a white priest in charge of a largely black church, and has long advocated against violence.
During Mass in Chicago, Pfleger challenged the idea that children wearing hoodies should be treated as suspicious. One congregant held a sign reading, “We are all Trayvon Martin.”
From the U.K. photos of viiolence after the verdict

I bet there a whole lot of props they could have used for Gosnell or abortion.

UPDATE: I don’t believe or imply this is representative or speaks for the entire Catholic Church. And overall, they are very pro-life on abortion issues. There were many various churches mentioning it, as the media stressed. This is not to only single this one out.

16 comments on “What a difference between Zimmerman and Gosnell

  1. pepperhawk says:


    I saw this on Fox news tonight. I hope everyone does not equate Pfleger with the entire Catholic church. This is not the teachings of the Catholic church to foment violence as this man does in Chicago. He’s a flake. The Church teaches peace and humanity to others, not this kind of crap. I know, I was brought up in the Catholic church. They always shunned violence in every form, including the violence on babies in the womb of course.

    The very title of this by Gloria who ever that may be, “Catholic Church protests Trayvon Martin killing” is as inflammable as one can get. It gives the direct impression that the whole Catholic church from the Pope on down agrees and condones this kind of behavior. I find this totally disgusting and misleading.

    Of course one black fully developed teen ager who should be referred to as Mr. Trayvon Martin, not “kid” means more than any of the thousands upon thousands of black babies aborted and murdered in this country to the Commie press.

    “The church has to rise up and get out of its sanctuaries and get into the streets,” Pfleger said. Bullshit. The church does not want to get out and into the streets and preach violence such as this flake does. As everything in Chicago, even this so called priest is as corrupt and demented as the rest of them.

    If he wants to really bring attention to a real problem it would be to the black on black killings that are going on every week in Chicago and amount to about 50 black murders of black kids every damn week. Where’s the concern for that problem? Hogwash. I’m sick of this kind of pandering and hypocrisy.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, first No I hope not. I mean I know because I’ve watched him for years. He sure is not representative. He’s out there. And he had a battle with the cardinal I think last year. He sort of flies solo. (I often wondered what support he really has when he takes these stands.) But like our Protestant denominations, sadly, we have our flakes too. Another peeve of mine is why they get this much attention ….over say a Donahue or Dolan.but media and the Left makes them icons.

      I hope people know he is not the poster boy, by any stretch.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull, I hope not either, but besides Muslims, Catholics are considered the dirt of the earth by most other Evangelical religions and they will tell you so to your face as I have had done to me. It truly hurts to have that kind of insult hurled.

        So this type of hype about Pfleger makes it worse.

        He’s a poster boy all right, one for a total flake, like all those loons in Chicago.

        I think he has been on the hot seat with the Bishop up there many times and I don’t understand why the Bishop doesn’t appeal to have this man defrocked as a real priest.

        It’s really sad what we’ve come to in this nation. I heard a story on Fox late tonight that just turned my stomach. I posted about it.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, I sure do not, I’ve worked with many Catholics and don’t play that. I have enough focusing on inter denominational stuff in my own circle. For instance that letter to congress to investigate Israeli aid I guess they were proud of. It needed to be exposed.


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull, I never thought for one minute that you felt this way about Catholics. That would not be you at all. Just wanted you to know that.


            • bullright says:

              Pepp, thanks Pepp, its really the last thing we need now, Christians pecking eyes out. I continue to hope shedding light on it is a disinfectant(wake up call anyway).I don’t believe this is where most Christians are, But I resent being dragged that direction, be they evangelicals or mainline denominations. Seems as though every time I turn around, the voices that they put out front are the far left libs., like Jim Wallis et al. I think that needs countered. PS: it is very strategic for the left.


    • bullright says:

      Secondly, Pepp, I did see they also did a rally which was about the killing and murders I guess. But this mission sure played up the Trayvon angle. I’m guessing it would look too hypocritical to talk about Mr Martin without addressing the war in their own city. So they give it lip talk. Trayvon was a real personalized subject though.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull, they really don’t even want to talk about those kids being killed in Chicago every night. No one wants to touch that one. The Big OR did tonight however. It’s so sad. This whole thing makes me sad. I guess I’m getting really tired tonight and need to make sure Merlin has water and go to bed myself. I never feel good anymore, Bull. I’m sick off and on constantly now. It’s becoming a continued wear on my body and I think on my mind.


        • bullright says:


          I’m glad you reminded me. Sometimes I assume everyone knows the nuances and they don’t always. I see it with people I know who aren’t aware like this anti-Israel stuff wih Protestants. I don’t know where that comes from. But some people don’t realize it. I should have been more clear at the beginning.

          But I’m glad you clarified it. Thanks.


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull, I think you are doing an admirable job putting light on the antisemitism in this country. Bloody hell, I’d hate to think of a Holocaust happening in our own country. It makes my heart weep for the Jews. After seeing all that was done to them simply because they were Jews never has made a lick of sense to me and I don’t think it ever will.

            I hate hearing how the Jews have to live in Israel under constant bombings and attacks and yet, they get international hatred for just wanting to defend their country and their people.

            It’s crazy and all upside down. All this while Muslims continue to kill Christians and Jews. Where is the outrage over that?


  2. pepperhawk says:

    I guess you can tell this really inflamed me.


  3. clyde says:

    Bull, this Pfleger asshole is NOT a “priest”. This sonofabitching activist dressed in priests’ clothing, not-in-jail-child molester ought to be tossed in Alcatraz.


  4. […] what happens when Rev. Michael Pfleger talks about race and organizes black rallies and protests? Remember he’s a white priest in […]



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