Lemon question to Zimmerman

After the Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict, Piers Morgan interviewed his brother Robert Zimmerman on CNN. Don Lemon cut in at the end with a question for him and his brother.

Lemon asked:

“You said you want to start some sort of dialogue, and much has been made about race in this particular case. And you, your brother, your family—you have a unique opportunity in this country to address that. What would you like to see happen when it comes to race, healing the divide, and do you plan to do anything about that, and will you ask your brother to do anything about that?”

Well, talk about gall. So how can George Zimmerman heal the divisions? Like they would listen to anything he says, for one. And like they wouldn’t just mock him — maybe that’s their idea of healing.

I guess it was just another landmine they laid for Zimmerman:
Please, Geaorge Zimmerman, we’re waiting for you to help us heal.”

But he would never be able to keep up with the race-baiting Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. With an Attorney General perpetuating and extorting it, and a prez playing politics with it.

8 comments on “Lemon question to Zimmerman

  1. pepperhawk says:


    LOL! And if Zimmerman were to get out to say anything he’d be shot down immediately or have a mob hang him publicly. Piers Morgan is the biggest damn moron! And why should Z get out and say a damn thing? Like the blacks are going to listen to a thing he says??????????

    MSMBC has the biggest crowd of morons and idiots I’ve ever seen in my life.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, why should he do a thing? I agree. I don’t get it. Maybe it was some trap. Who knows with that crowd . I have to give his brother credit for doing the interviews, and being fairly decent spokesman for the family But then they criticized him for doing the interviews. I don’t get why they even ask questions because MSM just want to tell us a bunch of lies and have us believe it. I still say one trial in court and now this one which will never end. (and it must be good for ratings) There is a big bunch of racists pushing this BS and media is perfectly willing to be married to it.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull,, exactly, why should he? These race mongers don’t realize how much Zimmerman and his family have suffered too. They can’t even leave their house. How his brother safely gets on shows is a mystery to me.

        I give his brother credit for doing interviews trying to give George Z a rounded out view of what he is like and it doesn’t sound to me that he is a racist man.

        Of course, the Zimmerman’s, and particularly the brother is damn if he does and damn if he doesn’t. This is a no win situation for everybody involved. The whole thing was a tragedy all around for everyone.

        It’s great ratings for the failing MSNBC crowd. Their ratings have been in the tank. But, now they will use this to boost their ratings with their own racism. Is this not reverse racism on their parts?

        And George’s brother is only telling and trying to dispel all the lies told about his GZ. But, who will believe anything he says. The Zimmerman’s are fair game for a lynching. How long can this go on for bloody sake?

        The media is scum.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, right, they will use it at MSNBC. They have their in house racist their Sharples. They cornered the market on racists. I mean if you are determined to have a racist on the air, then go for a big one like Sharpton. They don’t fool around with amateurs. I think its reverse racism, or just straight up, and the hypocrisy is so beyond believable. Everybody should be able to see this for what it is. They’ve been blaming Zimmerman and they are the racists, profilers, and haters. Certainly even media cannot cover that up. Well, of course the Sharption groupies don’t care, they are just as bad as he his. But anyone with common sense can see what is going on here.


  2. Ray Plenty says:

    Zimmerman could tell them that if he had a Grandfather that Grandfather would look just like Trayvon. Then explain how he himself was profiled and a victim of a hate crime. Trayvon thought he was a gay cop. That is why he attacked him(according to Rachel Jeantel’s interview the other day).


  3. clyde says:

    The FIRST problem here is Zimmerman’s brother agreeing to an “interview” with the Limey prick. No matter WHAT Zimmerman, or anyone connected to them may say, the asshats like Morgan will, like they do with everything else, stick their fingers in their goddamn ears and shout NAHNAHNAHNAH I CAN’T HEAR YOU, and then dismiss their remarks, and call them …. wait for it…… RACISTS. No doubt in my addled mind.


    • bullright says:

      Clyde,. right I tend to be against that principle too, its usually wasting time. However he looks like he’s doing all interviews. I would also not recommend that as you say. But I’ve seen him in 3 interviews and he is good. I don’t know what he does, but he keeps them on a short leash and doesn’t fall for the crap. I didn’t include his response. Even Piersoretta could not knock him off his stool He made Piers look like the bigot he is. I kind of figured that was the reason Lemming had to throw that in.



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