Obama being One with Trayvon

Let me get this picture: the guy who just comes off a trip to Africa, Ireland and prior to a planned vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, now says Trayvon Martin could have been him 30 years ago. I know full well what the scandal-plagued president meant and virtually intended by that remark. He calculated it all along, starting with Trayvon as his son and then upping his personalization to himself.

But really what does it say about this narcissist in the White House? Not what he intended to mean, but what it really says? In the context of his tenure now, hobnobbing with celebs, doing tee time rituals in spite of what is going on in the country, taking elaborate vacations, what it really says? Having his kids in posh private schools and secret service protection for a lifetime; when planning his next vacation is the priority.

In that context, what does it really say? He is as disconnected from reality as anyone can be, and has been for some time. Then he quips that Trayvon could have been him. Maybe someone can help me see the real relevance of that remark, because my stomach cannot digest it all.

Okay, maybe this is a good time for the radical, condescending, narcissist-in-chief to have a microsecond of clarity and see how much America has done and given him. Sure, all he did was make a big speech and ride the coattails of popularity. But how much has the nation benefited him- not the other way around. Especially given what his background was and with his utter lack of experience running anything. He lost to Bobby Rush.

That is not the message he wants to convey to everyone else. Yet he lectures us to not deny “context” to the picture. I have seen quite enough context, specifically his.

It is probably just more fodder for a diversion from Obama’s real problems, our country, his record, and the truth. The race card never gets old – there’s context for you.

Sorry Obama, your translation loses something …a lot in the “context”.

19 comments on “Obama being One with Trayvon

  1. Davetherave says:

    Excellent post Bull! You nailed the rat bastard good this time! Barry sure in the hell could not have been Trayvon 30 years ago, but he’d made a damn good member of the underground weather nutcases back in the 60’s.

    Here’s some news to our King he probably doesn’t know shit about or care: In the time that the Zimmerman trial was going on there were sixty-one murders in Chicago, forty-three of them were black males and seven of those black males were under the age of 18, most of them died from gunshot wounds, all violent. Haven’t heard crap from Barry, Al or Jessie (The Race Card Triplet Band) on any of these incidents. Guess Barry is sure Emanuel is all over this!!

    The man literally makes me physically ill….


    • bullright says:

      Dave, thanks but it rarely touches the surface. Hey, we have a hard time getting Obama to be ‘one with himself’. (he refuses to do that)

      Yea, and he and his race hustlers tune out the murder rate in Chicago perfectly, like the hypocrite he is. I think he is making a lot of people ill, maybe that’s his intent.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, you got that right. Even though the “SIS Lord” has taught him well to be one with the dark side, Barry sure in hell can’t be one with himself…too many personalities. There’s a name for that disorder isn’t there??

        I don’t think one could pay O’Bastid enough to even mention Shytown in public, cause that be his homey base. Shitcago kinda gives us a glimpse of what the world would look like after the apocalypse.

        You make a great point about the Sumbitch making us ill on purpose..The Perjurer Pandemic…


        • bullright says:

          Yea, there is only one kind of personality there. Exactly right, welcome to the darkside. He’s a creature of radicalism and nothing can change that ideology.

          So considering what Obama said earlier, I figure if he had a son he would probably be more like the Boston kid with a perm, a radical in training . PP-That’s a good name for it. Why does there have to be a popular attraction to people like that?


  2. pepperhawk says:


    Very good post! Hmm…..I think you call the King’s disorder “miltiple peronality disorder” according to the DMS. The only problem and they may have to write a new disorder, all of his personalities are evil, Satan, Devil, Evil Doer, and severe narsissistic personality disorder. He’s hopeless.

    Now as far as being one with Trayvon, I guess he could possibly be at one with him since the King was, as a teen, a druggie, a drug mule, a homo model, a pimp, probably robbed a couple banks, forgerer, defrauder and various other umseemly characters.

    Trayvon will never get to be King though. He was good at being a thug, and MMA ground and pound expert, but one can never know. If had lived he may very well have gotten to Chticago and become Bill Ayers and Valerie Jarret’s new Manchurian candidate.

    btw, notice I could put a like on your article. I had to do a total reset on Firefox, which is a nightmare, still ongoing, as it wiped out all my stuff, but now I can do “likes” again.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, good to see your post and the likes. I don’t know what causes it I had issues with that from IE alot but not with Firefox. I have to flush the cache once in a while to get the page to load though. (but that is my provider)

      I’m with you. He should be study case with as much as he has going on in there. He definitely should never have gotten through the clearances. I’m waiting for another new personality to pop out.

      The truth is getting out that Trayvon was no innocent child and thug is pretty accurate. Wow they don’t want that term being used. How could they cleanse all that? The media is doing it for them. I was ticked at that judge for keeping all that out. The system was protecting him all the way. Now they morph him into the victim of racism — hey, that does sound like Barry Soetoro.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull, I’m getting pretty darn sick of this racism charge about Zimmerman. It’s all such a lie. All I see on TV is talk about charging Z with a hate crime.

        Oh, and I meant to tell you that I read that the HOA 1 million went to the Trayvon’s parents as they sued the HOA. Now haven’t they profited enough off their dear angelic son?

        It apparently isn’t enough that they got their big payment so they can live in style now, they want more pounds of flesh from that “white-Hispanic”.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, that million made a nice deposit for their foundation I’m sure. They and the media were worried about Zimmerman raising money for his defense, when they posted it right there to see. And profit they will every way they can. Well, with his parents apart, they both need their share, you know.


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull, I heard that Zimmerman’s lawyers have not been paid. I guess there is no money to pay them. I hope they sue NBC for starting this race war when they edited that tape. NBC said they “apologized”. That’s not enough in my book. They need to pay up big time when they get sued.


          • Davetherave says:

            Bull & Pepp,

            I’m sick and tired of this hate crime crap also and the Great Dividers right arm wanting to jump in with the DOJ. I read the other day where a well known lawyer (brain dead again…sorry, can’t remember the lawyers name) said Zimmerman should sue the hell out of FL for false arrest and defamation of character. I sure in the hell wish he would, because it’s so obvious this was a set up to hang this poor guy out to dry he needs to try and now get his pound of flesh!

            I’m with Pepp also that Zimmerman should sue NBC and ABC. Damn race “baiters” that ruled this poor guy guilty before the trial even started. A complete disgusting show of injustice all around and collaboration to destroy an innocent man.


  3. bullright says:

    Dave, right he needs to sue NBC and they will run to settle. but I’d like to see it go to court. Yea, Fla should be accountable for what they did, all the dirt they peddled. And those race hustlers just want to keep this alive anyway. It’s one giant lie. Now the king of lies steps in, surprise. (not) I saw another innocent six year old was just shot in Chicago, but all they talk about is Trayvon’s case. Even people in Chicago are tired of it.


  4. clyde says:

    H.Jesus Christ, no matter the story,Zero just HAS to pencil his stupid ass in it. And the liberal sheeple go crazy over it.


  5. Just Gene says:

    Let’s look at some of the things the DICKtater said:
    If I had a son…..So he would like his kid to smash some white Hispanic crazy ass cracker’s head into the cement;
    It could have been me……who was the white crazy ass cracker whose head HE wanted to smash into the cement;
    If Trayvon had a gun, would he have been able to protect himself under the “STAND YOUR GROUND” law? If he was being attacked – hell yes – so why are you fighting the law?????


    • bullright says:

      Gene, yea he is the one who wanted to make the case. I suppose the only real problem here is “Skittles” Trayvon didn’t have had a gun. They would be defending him.



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