NSA renews its collection operation

Court renews NSA telephone surveillance program

Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — The secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court renewed the government’s authority Friday to continue the collection of millions of Americans’ telephone records, one of the classified counter-terrorism programs disclosed by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.
In an unusual public statement, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence acknowledged that the court renewed the authority that was set to expire Friday.
“In light of the significant and continuing public interest in the …collection program, the DNI has decided to declassify and disclose publicly that the government filed an application with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court seeking renewal of the authority to collect telephony metadata in bulk, and that the court renewed that authority,” the statement said.
Earlier this week, Democrat and Republican lawmakers expressed deep concerns about the scope of the surveillance program and suggested that Congress may not renew legislative authority for it when it comes up for review in nearly two years.
“This is unsustainable, outrageous and must be stopped immediately,” Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., told Justice and intelligence officials at a Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday.
Said Alabama Republican Rep. Spencer Bachus: “How do we keep this from evolving into an unchecked weapons that can be used against people’s rights?”
Snowden has been charged with espionage related offenses for disclosing the program and a separate operation that tracks the communications of non-U.S. citizens abroad. He has been in a Moscow airport weighing various asylum strategies to avoid extradition to the United States

Funny how on the day the FISA court renews it, Obama comes out to give a race lecture on Trayvon Martin.

When I read the statement it just rubs salt in the wound. No changes but they decided to make it public that they are doing it.

So they announce that they are collecting data “in bulk”, after lying. First, Clapper said “no” they are not. “Not wittingly,” he said. “There are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect, but not wittingly.”

Now he breezes though it as business of usual and makes no bones about it. He flaunts the renewal to the public. Everything Clapper does just makes me grit my teeth.

So we finally got to the very real “wittingly”, intentional part. Now they drop the pretense. It happens to be on a Friday, when Obama runs out to talk about Trayvon Martin. Then media gushes over his comments. (but then that is business as usual)

21 comments on “NSA renews its collection operation

  1. drrik says:

    They always do the devious stuff on Fridays. Then on Monday, it’s “old news”,


  2. pepperhawk says:


    Good stuff. Like drrik says this crap comes out on Fridays to make sure nobody pays attention since on Friday night they are all out in bars drinking or out to eat, at least those who can still afford to do so.

    And with the King’s slight of hand, (we always have to watch what the left hand is doing) he makes sure he makes news over Trayvon and every media outlet would be talking about that. Meanwhile he believes we all will be left in the dark.

    How bad can that Clapper-Flapper get? First he lies (perhaps under oath) I can’t recall, now they are going to admit it but not stop it. And is this supposed to make us feel better? Give me a break!

    Like you this Clapper makes my skin crawl. But for me who in this administration doesn’t make my skin crawl for grit my teeth?


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, the disgust only goes so far, then it just makes a person sick. Right, now that he’s telling us this is what they’re doing on all Americans, I guess we’re supposed to feel better. I guess that equals having our permission to collect away, at will, anything they want.

      And Obama will run to talk about Trayvon but we can’t get him to talk about any one of his scandals — he’s waiting for the investigation, blah blah. Well, the press ate it up, they talked about it all weekend.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull, yeah I’m sick to death of it all. Right, feel better because they are telling us they spy on us!!!! Wow, what kind of crap is that? Hilarious, we’ve given them permission. Well I bet they feel that way so they can make themselves feel better.

        Oh, no the King will never utter another word about his scandals. We still don’t know where in the heck he was for 18 hrs. during the Benghazi massacre. Now that in itself is criminal.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, another thing I was saying to Dave. I kind of wish he would talk about the Boston Bomber, and say: “hey, 35 years ago that could have been me!”


      • pepperhawk says:


        LMAO! That’s a good one! And actually he could state that Boston bomber could be him right now. After all he in himself is a WMD. We don’t even need bombs with the King. He’s doing the job of destroying us as it is.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Great post Bull. I have to agree with drrik and Pepp this it total bull shit they love to spew out on Friday’s hoping no one will catch it. What a bunch of dumb asses they are or they think we are. The Pharaoh would make a damn good Vegas dealer with the card tricks he tries to pull!


    • bullright says:

      Dave, yea, how’s that for diversion, eh? While they claim to be publicly open about it, they try to bury and cover it. There is not an honest bone in the bunch.


  4. Davetherave says:

    Hey Bull, do me a favor and post something you and I will disagree on. I love having a good, cordial debate with someone of character and I can’t go anywhere and get that rush I love.

    Clyde and I disagree on a few issues, but clyde’s a class act with true character and we don’t take our difference of opinions personally….we just agree to disagree. It would appear I’ve been banned on some other blogs (go figure eh?? some can’t handle the truth) simply because I call it like I see it. I’m guessing due to my comments disappear and then clyde’s response to me still shows. Oh well; I was just wanting to show clyde the respect he deserves due to he always comments on my articles.

    Let’s have a good debate. Seems we keep preaching to the choir and Bastid is still in office…. 😀


  5. bullright says:

    Dave, Really the bro with no fro and I have bonded, He tells me he likes to work with others. He is trying, if only people would admit it but they don’t want him to succeed, because they’re afraid.


  6. clyde says:

    Looks like the idiotic republicans ought to defund THIS, as well as Obamacare. If the bastards like Conyers is SOOO worried about it, HE ought to go along with a defunding.



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