Obama adopted, then became Trayvon

‘Travon Obama’ gives race lecture from White House

Black and white ain’t so Black and White

And the race-baiting continues.

There is absolutely zero reason to believe anything said here is being politically correct. So if you cannot stomach that, you may not want to read this, it may offend your sensitivities.

My Bullshit Meter has exploded. I knew it would at some point about this Zimmerman verdict — since the verdict is the real source of the problem now. Everyone has followed it or at least heard the story of the “child” who goes to the store to buy some candy and a drink and is shot in cold blood on the way home, just for his innocent efforts.

I wonder how many parents and friends can truly say that about someone they knew in Chicago? Just walking along and gunned down, and they don’t even know by who. There have to be hundreds if not thousands of those — through no fault of their own — murders. This one case, in Florida, does not happen to be one of those. Maybe it is fortunate for Trayvon’s parents that they have someone to blame and had their day in court. How many kids or surviving families in Chicago never had either of those?

Now, flash forward nearly a week after the “verdict”. We all heard clips and coverage, even since, about the case and the outcome. One important thing they want to ignore is where Trayvon attacked and was beating Zimmerman. (for whatever reason they do) They made it a national case way before trial, and had their storyline framed in the media.

The President even gave a remark at the onset that if he had a son he would look just like Trayvon. Now, I don’t claim to know exactly what he intended saying that, but I do know he personalized it. He also intervened in an arrest of a black Harvard professor. That was biased too – before knowing the details, he said police acted stupidly. Beer summit?

The family did post-verdict interviews and pleaded with the President to step in or intervene in some way, as well as countless others. They demanded Eric Holder and the DOJ to investigate, again, and press a civil rights case. We all know.

So the President does come out and give a 20 minute speech about it. (no questions — something Carney claimed Obama waited for all week and expected, but hadn’t received) Now he talks about it, and said his earlier remarks should also mean that could have been him 30 years ago. He upped the personalization to himself. Well, at the risk of Obama making this about himself, it is in effect what he did. Putting his DNA on it. I knew that was the intent of his first remark but he wanted to clarify it unless people didn’t get it.

In his latest rambling lecture on race in America, he rattles off a list of grievances of African-Americans regarding race. Feelings were a big part of his message. He spoke of being profiled in a store, crossing the street with locks clicking on cars, or standing next to a white woman clutching her purse. It was not lacking in typical examples.

And while rattling all these grievances off is where my bullshit meter exploded, (not fizzled… it exploded) because, as he said, we needed to add context to the issue. I can appreciate that. So I’d like to add a little bit of context — not an exhaustive one — of an average white guy. And yes, there is a context for that, too.

First though, by “context being denied “, as Obama puts it, I presume he meant denying the justifiable excuses for behavior, or denying that “experience” is causal.
Here is what Obama said in part:

Now, this isn’t to say that the African American community is naïve about the fact that African American young men are disproportionately involved in the criminal justice system; that they’re disproportionately both victims and perpetrators of violence. It’s not to make excuses for that fact — although black folks do interpret the reasons for that in a historical context.

They understand that some of the violence that takes place in poor black neighborhoods around the country is born out of a very violent past in this country, and that the poverty and dysfunction that we see in those communities can be traced to a very difficult history.

And so the fact that sometimes that’s unacknowledged adds to the frustration.

So Trayvon is a product of a violent history and poverty? There’s the unacknowledged context for it. So racism and others are to blame?

So folks understand the challenges that exist for African American boys. But they get frustrated, I think, if they feel that there’s no context for it and that context is being denied.

But to start with, he repeats claims, like the commentators did, about conversations they must have with their children and those societal lessons they must learn. Educationally of course. Yes, white people have had to have and deal with some difficult conversations too. And knowing that these situations do not go away, they remain there like a scab that just won’t heal. We don’t appreciate having to talk about such issues but they are there.

So let’s put a geographic picture on it for openers. The small city or town, in rural America, where one cannot travel in a section after dark. You may walk though in the daytime, but even then it is risky. A likely scenario is someone says, “boy you in the wrong hood, what’cha doing here? Are you lost?” The message is clear this is their turf. It may not be the bloods and crypts but their turf, no doubt about it. God help you if you did break down in that section at night, you are at their mercy. (“they” meaning any opportunist)

Just crossing a main street in one section puts you on the black side. Blacks freely walk in other sections but everyone knows everything across that street is basically off limits. You have to let your kids know that. You wouldn’t send them over there unaware of the circumstances. While at the same time, avoiding that section does not make you immune to a bad encounter in the other parts of the city. (but your chances are better.)

I am not just referring to gang related problems. At night, ambulances run back and forth across that section. It’s a part of life, something you must live with. It doesn’t change. How does that make people feel? Those neighborhoods are off bounds to whites and might as well have signs on them. Anyone venturing in them would be at their mercy. Frequent shootings. I lived in a sprawling town like that at school. A block from the action as we called it. What happened there would not surprise you. Someone was stabbed while standing in front of a bar on the demarcation street. Fortunately he had a legal handgun. (he did not kill him) It was a message of the unfortunate truth.

But you never hear their concerns about that, those problems, tensions and feelings, or that history. They never mention the social problems whites deal with. You can be considered prey in the wrong part of town. How would any woman feel? The hospital borders that section and nurses had to travel back and forth at all hours. No, we did not have cell phones or GPS then. I’m thinking e GPS will catch up to say “Safety alert: you should know what part of town you are in, lock your doors, roll up your windows….and do not get out of the vehicle.”

So, let me tell you about some typical scenarios for white people. How about the life of white people and how they are forced to “feel”? How about when going into a gas station and there is a crowd of young black guys in front of the door with 40’s? Or maybe you have the pleasure of being offended hearing all the expletives they yell. And you have to explain to your children waiting in the car what is going on or why they were saying that? Or the playground being off-limits due to crack dealers. Or the unavoidable sight of men with their pants around their thighs with the entire underwear showing, groping their crotches every few minutes. Or the rap blaring expletives at deafening levels. Conversation starters for kids, or a conversation waiting to happen? Yep. I can hear the kids now, why is that?

Now maybe that doesn’t equate to walking across the street and hearing the locks click on all the cars. But I think I could handle that precaution pretty well, in context. Anyway, we are lectured by Obama to do some soul-searching. What about where whites are not dealt justice, and receive biases in courts and family courts? (Nichol and Ron Goldman) Yes it is there too. Where is that context?

Oddly enough — OR NOT — not a word from Obama about the race-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson. Not that we’d expect it. Or little about race riots spawned in California. And nothing about Black Panthers issuing a 10 thousand dollar reward for Zimmerman. Nor anything of substance about his own hometown, Chicago, where murders are practically hourly. Only a vague reference to violence over the verdict and protests.

Obama sounded like he was warning school children about violence. This isn’t a schoolyard and he is not a referee. It’s dangerous to make such casual remarks about it.

I think it’s understandable that there have been demonstrations and vigils and protests, and some of that stuff is just going to have to work its way through, as long as it remains nonviolent. If I see any violence, then I will remind folks that that dishonors what happened to Trayvon Martin and his family. But beyond protests or vigils, the question is, are there some concrete things that we might be able to do.

Wow, tough ultimatum. “I will remind them.” (I may have to lecture…)
Their rhetoric is: “What are we going to do about it?”, and “No justice no peace!”

And then, finally, I think it’s going to be important for all of us to do some soul-searching.

How about store owners with thousands of dollars to replace signs and windows, only to wonder if it will happen again? Soul searching?

Then Obama says we ought to ask if we are “wringing as much bias out of” ourselves as we can? Give me a break. Is he? He believes that dividing us somehow unites us. Or maybe he really doesn’t believe it but that’s his formula.

If he sees any violence he will remind them? We’ve already seen acts. “Remind” who?

Speaking of “wringing out biases,” from the same guy who blamed an internet video for a terrorist attack in Benghazi, and months later says it was a long time ago. He won’t confront the unfortunate context of why those heroes died, but he’ll jump because a teenager was shot in self-defense to say, “that could have been me.”

He had no soul-searching, identity bonding to Benghazi or Fort Hood victims. No problem labeling an act of jihad work place violence. Benghazi was a long time ago.

Here’s an inconvenient racist reality for you. The Congress can’t even get basic accountability from the Attorney General on Fast and Furious without the Black Caucus crying racism and staging a walkout. Where’s the context and history for that? Better to worry about car locks clicking.

Soul searching anyone?

24 comments on “Obama adopted, then became Trayvon

  1. sally1137 says:

    dishonor Trayvon? I dare say Trayvon did that all by himself by committing felony assault.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Great post Bull and as Clyde would say..H. Jesus Christ!! Slavery was f*cking abolished in 1865 as it should have been. Did racism continue well past that? Yep. Is it a good thing it did? Nope. Does that give blacks the right to NOW get their pound of flesh back (literally in many cases) and have reverse racism shoved down our throats and used as a good excuse?? Ah hell nah!

    Two wrongs never equates to making a right. Barry is so full of shit. The bastard is playing both side’s of the fence AGAIN playing up to the blacks, while at the same time playing up to the white sheep. I always have and always will believe no race deserves to be enslaved or treated wrongly due to the color of their skin. But this excuse of the “past” has gotten on my last nerve.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, great comment. Exactly right he plays that fence. This made me wonder, as much as he roans about it, what has he done for blacks? (other than benefit himself) How many people has he helped? How many poor people has he helped out? Gee, this should have come out in contrast to what Romney has done. One person has been the beneficiary of Obama – Barry Soetoro (okay 2 people)

      Look at his means. And he lived in Chicago, where is his contribution? Running for office. He has taken advantage of the system and enriched himself, at the expense of others, while he attacks whites and plays the race card. Whites were good to him. But, like the Martins, he said it was not about race and, hello, its all about race. He’s a race profiteer. Where are his accomplishments, the people he helped? Post-racial America is re-racial America by the left.


      • Davetherave says:

        “okay 2 people”…ROTFLMFAO!! That was a good one. Bastid hasn’t done crap to help his people, except give them free cell phones and TV’s. That doesn’t exactly help one get out of the poverty cycle, but that wasn’t his intention was it?? He likes them depending on gov for all their needs.

        Yeah; he says it’s not about race…bull shit. If it wasn’t, his lousy ass wouldn’t have jumped in head first into the bro Trayvon situation. There is no other reason than race. He sure in hell didn’t call for the blacks to show constraint and demonstrate peacefully.

        Ole Soetoro protects his brothers from other mothers and his fellow psycho’s the muzzies. Anyone else is just cannon fodder to him and look at all the stupid ass white folk lining up to be shot!


  3. Davetherave says:

    Bull, the more I think about this the more it burns my ass! The Great Divider is suppose to represent all of us citizens, but I’ve never seen a president that is so determined to split us up into as many groups as possible to turn on each other. I’m surprised our Bible didn’t scald his hand during his first coronation traitor Roberts performed anointing him King. Maybe that is why the second was done is privacy again. He asked for forgiveness from Moo-ha-mid for his earlier blasphemy using our Holy Bible.

    Barry must be the 12th Iman. He sure has created one major mess that little shit. And once again it begs the question of what in the hell went on with the previous 11 Imans??? Did they just simply suck at trying to destroy the west??? We only needed one Savior and the camel jockeys go through them like baseball teams go through relief pitchers that all are getting hammered!

    Oh yeah…one thing I see the glass possibly being half full about all this crap is maybe the black protesters will burn down a good portion of the shit hole Los Angeles.. Hell; they can move on into Hollywood as far as I’m concerned. Give those bleeding heart liberals a wake up call! 🙂


    • bullright says:

      Dave, he’s sworn more oaths I think than any sitting prez, and still can’t keep it.

      Relief pitchers LOL, and that’s what the left has a lot of, too… send in a new one this one is getting stale. Look at the list of race-baiters. And what, there is an endless supply of white guilt too? They don’t even know what they are feeling guilty about. Now isn’t that patronizing and condescending to blacks? You’d think so. (maybe they do laugh behind their backs)

      There is a good article about it at American Thinker, the way Obama framed it, they should never be jurors– if you read the jury instructions, since they apparently cannot see objectively and see past the history they see and feel.

      It is with sadness that I witnessed the president of the United States tell the world that African-Americans are incapable of functioning as responsible citizens at the most basic level.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, great link! So even the black jurors are piss poor citizens for not hanging Zimmerman out to dry? The Creature In Chief is totally off his rocker. “Support the blacks no matter what or you are a poor black citizen.” Great message for the Pharaoh to send to people of his own color. Ignore facts and the law and just punish. Barry is such a prick.

        His statement is very sad and the blacks should be outraged he’d make such a statement calling them inept. Yes; I would definitely say this is all condescending to the black race, but I have little faith the majority will see it that way.

        By the way; I’m so sick and f*cking tired of this African-American, Native American…et al…crap. I guess I’m English-Irish-Cherokee American playing by their rules. I refuse to play by their dumb ass rules. I am 100% American and damn proud of it!!


  4. bullright says:

    Two men attacked in NYC by black youths with hammers.


    Obama: “If I see any violence, then I will remind folks that that dishonors what happened to Trayvon Martin and his family.”

    He thinks they care about dishonoring something?

    I await the excuse, “these are just a few isolated cases”. Trayvon was just one case.


    • Davetherave says:

      So the best Barry can muster up about terrible, injustice violence by blacks is it dishonors Trayvon. WTF? How about it’s just flat out vicious, cruel and horrible and also against the law of our country???

      You are so right they don’t give a rats ass, if it is dishonoring anyone. It just gives them an excuse to commit brutal violence and that’s the best our POS prez can come up with? Brings back memories of the “worldwide” viewed movie my “zillions” that made fun of Moo-ha-mid that caused the torture and death of Americans in the ME!! Good Lord…


  5. Davetherave says:

    Bull, sometimes I can’t help but wonder why in the hell folks like you, Pepp, Garnet, me…and many more take the time to write articles. We haven’t brought anyone into the light and Barry has gotten put in office twice. Many brag their pleased with themselves they didn’t vote against Barry for whatever their inner voice tells them to do.

    So, what in the world are we changing? Is this purely our way of venting? Is this our first stance at patriotism? If so, will all of us have the courage to muster the second stage of patriotism? So many of us have written/warning others what would happen if the Sumbitch got into office and they ignored us. We did it again and they ignored us.

    Perhaps your blog is not the correct place to bring up this issue (I do apologize if I’ve insulted you or put you in a bad position), but I really am interested in your opinion on this subject. Delete my comment and write to my personal email address, if you feel that is more appropriate. That last thing I want to do is put you in a bad position my friend.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, I’ve thought about the same thing. So maybe it is therapeutic on some level for people. Its more than that to me but I guess on a sublevel there is likely some of the first. It’s long road for me.

      I started talking about it and problems in the Clinton years. I used to argue with liberals. No more. But then they don’t have to argue with us anymore either, They’ve steamrolled through fine. I tried waking people up to the fact of our God given freedoms, not to allow culture to dictate to us but to influence the culture. While that part seems to have made some difference to people, now, we can also lose sight of it too. And so many said don’t bring those cultural issues into the debate, and they have had some success. Where did that line of thought come from? Straight from the left, that was their line to conservatives. It shows. Maybe that is turning around a little now.

      But it used to be where I could see we (as conservatives) were influencing independents and even some Democrats. No, I don’t know about that now anymore. Actually I’d guess it is the direct opposite. But then, every election I heard them say we don’t want or need you talking about abortion or social issues. It got real bad under Bush. Bud out, money rules, spending was all they cared to talk about.(and that was lip service) Under Bush, it was the war and the rights but leave any of those cultural issues out, God, abortion, gay marriage etc. They didn’t want people voting on or using those issues.

      Now sure judging by the outcome, it looks like that worked real well for the country,(sarcasm) And they will still say that given the chance, leave it alone. So, yea, I always saw it as an uphill battle, against the grain. But I wasn’t going away and cede every argument to their popular notions — whether they were on the left or the RIGHT. That part feels as if nothing has changed. Same arguments.

      Banging your head on the wall.

      I thought and believed a way to get their attention and Republicans was not let our vote be taken for granted, and used for their Tower of Babel. Take a stand. That was the principle anti-Party dissent position. ThAT did not seem to work. They laughed and you know what?? They said we’ll get that vote somewhere else if need be, from that new wave group of fair weather cons or whatever you call them. See that was because most of us had believed, then, that there was no influencing the Party (and platform) from the inside. We had the debate, and the inside lost. We needed to have an alternative or exercise our DISSENT. We did.

      Well, it didn’t accomplish much and the Repubs seemed to drift into the left lane. We could criticize them, but who laughed in the end? We kept telling them, but they acted like we were aliens. And Dave there is the point. Act that way, and the elitists and Repubs will treat you just like aliens from Mars. So you have to try and play in their sandbox, and it is the only way to threaten or influence them and the status quo. And I think, judging from primaries, a lot of people are fed up and disenfranchised by choice. And if I forfeited my vote because they still have a degree of evil, they can make it up elsewhere.

      I had the position there was very few people I could support without going third party etc. Whatever that did for my conscience really wasn’t doing much else. If that means anything to you.

      When I see that now, I feel like I been there and tried that, and have the scars and not much to show for it.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, great comment and explanation. I certainly have not been in the blogging world as long as you (and others I greatly respect), but in just twenty minutes of personal research I could see Asshat In Chief was a total train wreck coming our way. I’m not bragging by any means, because I am NOT a McCain fan at all, but McCain is not a muzzie lover either.

        It just seems to me that nothing we write, nothing folks see happening right in their face or their lack of vision will ever change their mind they need to do whatever to ensure someone like Barry never gets into office. I totally agree McCain would have been a very poor president, but no way he’d been worse than our muzzie lover in chief. Why can’t others see that and why do they still defend their decision to help Obama win?? I’m I just naive or what??

        As earlier mentioned; only 5% of registered Repukes voted in the 2008 primaries and then 95% bitch and fucking gripe about who we end up with blaming the RNC. I’m no political genus, but the 95% have no right right to bitch and no logical ground to stand upon about McCain being the choice. The Repukes did nothing more than ALLOW who they hated to be our choice by standing on the sideline. Then they believed NEXT TIME AROUND we’ll get who we need due to our massive “boycott”. WOW…talking about naive!

        I’m done debating those that cannot see the truth and wish to live in their world of delusion and patting themselves on their back. They fucked up and they know it, but I’ll no longer try to make them fess up. With their help; we got Obama twice and probably Hitlery next. I hope they’re proud of their lack of vision. I’m sure they’ll circle around the fire of self indulgence and pat each other on the back.

        I’ll not give up on writing Bull, but every time I write I can’t help but think I’m having zero influence over the stubborn and stupid. There is simply no cure to stupid…


        • bullright says:

          Dave, I’m sure we’ll never get a perfect candidate. Look what they did to Reagan. So we can give up waiting for that. I often said, the left never has that problem. They get behind him no matter what, (Clinton) What did Charlie Rangel say, “dance with the one who brung ya”. That’s not what I advocate, but there is something to be learned from that. (don’t dismiss it altogether)

          I don’t call it naive. I saw Obama coming from Chicago. I thought nothing is going to stop this train wreck, and they said he cannot win. Looky looky.

          You know, we can be beat by our own disgust. While I didn’t jump to support McCain,(after his 2000 race, he made a lot of enemies calling us names) I couldn’t get with his program and he likely would have had a hard time keeping it together. Romney was another matter, He was far from perfect but dang I could not not support him. I think there is a case to be made either way, with or against, When you lose for not going for him then their is a price to pay. There is no immunity either way, supporting him or not.Everybody pays. But one never wins fighting the last war either.

          IN the sixties, they turned on and dropped out, much like what some do today in politics. I was always fascinated with Quakers and the religious people who vowed off politics — all politics is evil. Well, you can’t change much if you aren’t participating either. There is lot of blame to go around. Some won’t accept any blame, and that doesn’t cut it. I don’t know how much difference it makes though if any. This all should be scaring the crap out of people, but if that doesn’t make a diff, then I don’t know. I would like to see us getting better not worse, on a scale, but I’m not sure,


          • Davetherave says:

            Bull, you’re certainly right we will never get the perfect candidate. I believe Reagan to be the best prez we ever had, but I also freely admit he was not close to perfect. McCain; I didn’t like him. Never have and never will. Romney; he was for sure better than McCain (IMO), but I sure in the hell wasn’t in love with him either. But; I can’t get my mind to even entertain the thought that either of those would have done this much damage to our country as Obama. My view of reality is sometimes you have to give up some to keep most.

            I’d also like to see us getting better my friend, but I just don’t see it happening now. Obama getting elected twice speaks volumes to me of our current path and too many sit back and take his freebies and love him and too many sit back and no vote to stop him or another one of him due to their dislike of the Repuke candidate. A great recipe for further disaster…


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull, it’s like those that still today bask in their hallucination of glory saying “I told you all so.” Oh yeah. All they’ve told me is they’ve yet to get beyond seeing the bigger picture and their inflated ego’s! They didn’t change shit and never will, but whatever helps them sleep better at night I guess. I sleep just fine knowing I did the best thing for our nation TWICE!


  6. clyde says:

    Take a bow,Bull. World-class post. Obama simply HAS to put his stupid ass everywhere it doesn’t belong. That is what communistic narcissists do. Got a post coming tomorrow after lunch dealing with the FACT about how a former fellow traveler of Obama’s nurtured the seeds of Detroit’s destruction. Seems as if Obama has learned well from the old master. Swing by if you get a chance.


    • bullright says:

      Thanks ,Clyde, again he’s stepping in it and tracking it everywhere. Can’t wait to hear what Bozo comes up with on Detroit. (that should be considered collateral damage for his politics.)


  7. pepperhawk says:


    Excellent article! I love the part about we whites “have to do some soul searching”. Why? What are we doing to the blacks? Nothing. The racism is now changed hands. The blacks are the racists now, not us. There are still those who may feel that way about blacks, but most people do not.

    Why wouldn’t a woman clutch her purse when surrounded by a bunch of hoodlums? A mall was closed down in Cinti over just this very thing. Gangs of black kids would wait outside in the parking lot and mug the people coming out, either taking their bought goods and/or purses. It got so dangerous nobody wanted to shop there and finally shut down.

    So Obama would “remind people about any violence”. What a wimpy statement.
    He’s remind them (which I doubt) but that would be it. No action taken like none was done when blacks threatened people at the voting booth “I’ll kill all you crackas and your babies”. So whites are to do their “soul searching”. I think it’s the other way around. The blacks need to do the soul searching and start to realize they do this to themselves.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, excellently put. There have to be lots of examples all over. Yea, you are right its always us that has to do some soul searching — spoken by a true Alinsky-commie, radical.I ususally say people are trying to treat the symptom and not the disease. In this case, they want to ignore them both. Blame whitie, and that makes it even worse, Obama is no president of all the people. Ever see a true Alinskyite “soul searching? I never have.


  8. We’re of one mind on this one, BR. My head almost flipped right off when I heard his comments.
    And Leftists are saying it was historical??

    Perhaps they meant “hysterical’?


  9. drrik says:

    LBJ said, “I’ll have those (N word)s voting democratic for the next 200 years.”
    Now the government subsidies support the democratic politicians and justify them continuing the status quo. The machine is MUCH better at protecting itself than an occasional uncorrupted interloper who hasn’t given up yet.
    Even Ron Paul figured out how to game the system. He would vote to put a bunch of pork for his district into a bill, then he could safely vote against the bill because the bill had so much other peoples’ pork in it also that he knew that they would override his “nay”. Can’t realisitically expect them to give up their meal ticket.
    Dido y domo.
    Divide and conquer.
    Recall the origin of the Etruscan fasces. Originally a bundle of sticks, considerably stronger as a group than as individuals. The Etruscans added a blade coming out of one side and used it to represent magisterial power. The blade could only be welded by the bundling.
    The Tea Party has only survived thus far by being headless. Alinski sadi that the way to defeat an eneny was to freeze it, personalize it, then polorize it. They are repeating all kinds of outlandish statements about the tea Party that have no basis in reality, like Hitler’s big lie, but creating a reality for the undreclass, who have “decided” that the Tea Party represents the biggest terrorirst threat to America, even though they cannot give a single solitary example to back up their thinking. Perception becomes reality. The Tea Party survives because it has no specific memorable leader. It is impossible to cut the head off an entity with no head. They do a MUCH better job of selling an idea to their base than we do of countering it. Like it stands, the Tea Party will persist but not likey make major inroads..
    We are not going to be able to elect our way out of this. Short of an Article 5 convention, the only solution I see is to do a bottom up approach. Involve and subsume (sounds much better than “attack”) from the base of the Republican Party. Local election primaries, school boards, sheriffs, everything that is available on the local level. MUCH more likely to succeed taking over the direction of the Republicans at the base than trying to creat a whole separate entity. And a golden opportunity since the actual goals of the Tea Party represents a direction that 85% of Americans actually agree with.
    Now, while I have been of this opinion for some time, candidly, I have not made changes in my life to try to involve myself in this activty. Had work interfere with the time of the last local primary activity. Didn’t try to run for school board. Lots of lost opportunity that I have not yet bent my life around to work on. But that is what it is likely going to take.



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