Welcome to Wienerville

That’s the place where apparently you say and/or do anything you want, and complain about bad press coverage after. I admit “Yes he did” was the only thing I’ve been thinking on Anthony Wiener. I tried to avoid discussing it.  Even the jokes get old.

When Wiener’s road show seems to hit a dead end, he adds a few more rings to his circus. I mean if you thought he was raunchy, he just outdid himself… or his campaign upstaged him. He must be hiring from his personal email list.

Turns out his communications person for the campaign is a walking talking x-rated gaffe-master, sorority girl in her own right. That must be common for him because one of his disgruntled intern staffers wrote a tell-all about Wiener’s campaign.

But just as you think that is bad enough to have a staffer spilling the beans on the x-rated candidate, the reaction from his spokesperson was even worse. She called her a bitch, the c-word, the t-word, and finished her sorority smack down by calling her a “slutbag”, which lit twitter on fire. Is the whole world laughing yet? She also said she was going to fire her but the staffer begged for a second chance. ( Didn’t I hear that one before?)

Apparently everyone around the globe is now waiting for the definition of “slutbag”

Talking Points memo said:

TPM called Weiner’s communications director Barbara Morgan to discuss an unrelated story Tuesday and she went off on a curse-filled rant about Nuzzi, describing her as a fame hungry “bitch” who “sucked” at her job. Morgan also called Nuzzi a “slutbag,” “t**t,” and “c**!” while threatening to sue her.

Imagine that, Nuzzi sucked at her job but she kept her. Now I’m really confused.

Yesterday you had Clinton’s pissed off at Wiener. Is there anyone left he hasn’t offended? Yet yesterday he also took to the air saying: ‘Quit isn’t the way we roll in New York City’. And how we heard from his spokesperson, any questions? So we just had to see the way Anthony Wiener rolls.

Unlike Wiener, by tomorrow I’ll be embarrassed that I posted this.

Update to the story: Wiener’s communication director apologized for her language thinking it was off-record. Duh, a campaign has a communications blowout and she thought it was off record? Does the DNC need a new communications person?

Welcome to Wienerworld, where anything can happen at any time – apologies to follow.
Good thing his spokesperson is a woman, or he might have had a real problem.

As Led Zeppelin’s song by the same name goes:
“Communication Breakdown, It’s always the same,
I’m having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insane!”


15 comments on “Welcome to Wienerville

  1. pepperhawk says:

    I can barely believe this man is not in jail for posting obscene pics of himself on FB. In the world of real people he’d be called a “flasher” and arrested. But, oh, not him because he’s a demon-rat and they get away with anything.

    I heard Rush yesterday say that 78% of New Yorkers want him to stay on the ticket. HUH? If they are this stupid in NYC, they will be sorry for what they get.
    Not only is he a pervert, he’s a bully and will continue on as the Bloomy nut who does even more to limit free choices of people who live there. He will rule like a king.

    I can’t stand the man. And look at this woman using all the foul language and one word that should be banned from the English language, the C word. What a foul mouth she is, but considering who she works for, it’s easy to believe.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, I can’t believe it or that he is running, or that he was really a Congressman. Almost a combination of Clinton and Obama. What message does it send about NYC and their politics. Right, and hard to believe any of this is real.

      I didn’t even want to post it but if they have no shame at all then who are we kidding? If a man used any of those words, it would be a national scandal, and from his communications person. Well, there were too many outrages and ironies there for me to ignore.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull, I can’t believe it either. And since he won’t quit running it just emboldens people like him to think they can get away with being a pervert and become mayor of NYC. New Yorkers must be nuts. I bet you’re glad you don’t live anywhere near it.

        I can understand you not wanting to post it, but it is a subject that’s so awful you can’t avoid it. And that Huma has ties with the muzzie bro. That’s another scandal. But it doesn’t get mentioned because that would be un-PC.

        Right, if a man uses that C word it’s really bad. I would never use that word on any woman it is so disgusting.

        Imagine if that had been a Republican man. It would be running 24/7 on the news.


        • bullright says:

          Oh yes, Pepp, what do people do in NYC? You’re exactly right, this guy (narcissist), just like Clinton, makes himself impossible to ignore. He probably thinks that’s a good thing, And Clinton thought everyone forgot by now. Hello. Billy only set the bar low enough anyone could crawl over it. A Spanish station asked Wiener the question, ‘if your actions cost you to lose your job before, then why would you would get another job with doing the same thing?’ But they are really mad he used a Spanish name Carlos — some things you cannot overlook! (ha ha)

          It is surprising that news about Huma is not not widely known. WND has been posting it, But these are the people who ignored Captain Corruption’s total absence of experience. All of this stuff can only really make sense in a post Obama world. We are so ignorant, its a popularity contest to them — however one gets their popularity.

          A Republican would be more hounded than Snowden, and less welcome anywhere.

          Isn’t it funny that these are the people who say they stand on and talk about “kitchen table issues”. You can’t even mention Wiener at the table without ruining the meal. But there are idiots who’d vote for him. And with the backdrop of the San Diego Mayor, he looks even worse than that. Heck, I don’ know who is worse anymore, Clinton, Hillary, Wiener, Huma, Obama, or Filner, Edwards, Kerry or the next guy?


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull, I don’t know whose worse either. They all fit the same category of corruption and treason. The next guy will be Hillary as prez. Oh, I rue that day.
            Oh, that’s so funny, you can’t talk about kitchen table issues w/o ruining it due to Weiner head. Yuck. Just the thought of it makes me sick.

            Right the Mexicans being mad that Weiner used that name Carlos Danger. Geez, what a name. But, the Hispanics will all vote for him anyway because they expect the handouts true of demon-rats.

            I think Hannity mentioned Huma’s sordid ties but not sure. Someone on Fox did but the subject went nowhere I think.


  2. bullright says:

    I don’t ever want to hear about some phony Republican or conservative “war on women”.
    I suppose Wiener is not a part of the “Royal Village” – Hillary’s term.


  3. --Rick says:

    I suppose if one woman calls another the “C” word, it’s not misogyny; it’s just “sisterly love”.


  4. Just Gene says:

    If you were forced to live in Detroit or New York – which would you choose – Detroit, which is financially bankrupt or New York, which is morally bankrupt – oh wait – it’s CBS and Time Warner that is giving New York a bad name – WOW


    • bullright says:

      That’s a tough choice…. I don’t know if morality is holding its own in Detroit. However, they do have something more to talk about than salt, big gulps, trans fats, and Anthony’s Wiener.

      CBS or TWC : which one can rob you the most make your eye blacker (or redder as the case may be). IOW, a steel cage matchup.


  5. bullright says:

    The explosive secret Huma is hiding

    JERUSALEM – With the news media now profiling New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s wife, there is a glaring part of Huma Abedin’s personal story that is not being told – her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic supremacists.

    The connections not only extend to her mother and father, who are both deeply tied to al-Qaida fronts, but to Abedin herself, as WND previously reported in a series of exposes.

    Abedin’s purported forgiveness of Weiner’s extramarital sexting is regarded as central to the politician’s continued candidacy.

    The New York Times claimed Abedin was “eager to end a difficult period of social exile” and “a main architect of her husband’s rehabilitative journey, shaping his calculated comeback.”

    Abedin has played a visible role in Weiner’s campaign and has been instrumental in the effort to portray her husband as rehabilitated, leading to significant backlash from critics.


    • pepperhawk says:

      Oh wow, so WND reported about Huma. I think she only stays married to him for power for herself and maybe she’ll help implement Islamic rule in NYC. Now wouldn’t that be such irony?


      • bullright says:

        Pepp, This really deserves attention, So connected to the highest office, Since they are calling their Islamic cells to mobilize everywhere, and there she is endorsing that line. But then what is Wiener, dumb or stupid? Yea, NYC really needs that agenda, don’t they?


        • pepperhawk says:

          Bull, being Hillary’s main person in SOS, I believe she was partly responsible for getting all those Muslim bros in the administration in all kinds of positions. Now we have a Sec.of Def., a Muslim with Brenner. Smart choice right? Just let him ruin any secrets we might have. The whole place stinks with so many Muslims in there. I’m positive the king is a muzzie.


          • bullright says:

            Pepp, you hit it on the head. I would call it a conspiracy except it is so blatantly out in the open he does it. The funny part with those muzz-critters, it only takes a few anyway. But they are also strategically placed. And when you hear Islamists overseas bragging about the influence they have, well it is not a secret. THen we have the Valerie Jarrett influence, it’s a stacked deck.



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