The Anti-Che (…5-stars)

Speaking of true heroes, this is an excellent article.

August 5, 2013, ISSUE

Felix Rodriguez, freedom fighter and patriot

By Jay Nordlinger National Review

Miami, Fla. — Felix Rodriguez seems fated to be linked to Che Guevara. This is not entirely just. Rodriguez loves freedom, and has worked tirelessly for it; Guevara loved tyranny, and worked tirelessly for it. “Two sides of the same coin,” some people say. Maybe — but only in the way that light and dark are two sides of the same coin. Rodriguez had a role in stopping Guevara. He was there, in the Bolivian mountains, in 1967. He was the last person to talk with Guevara — a man who did so much to tyrannize the country where Rodriguez was born, Cuba.
The story of Guevara’s last day has been told many times, in many ways. Rodriguez told it in his 1989 memoir, Shadow Warrior. It is told in a book published earlier this year, Daybreak at La Higuera, by Rafael Cerrato, a Spaniard. La Higuera is the village where Guevara met his end. Cerrato’s main sources for the book are Rodriguez, who was working for the Central Intelligence Agency, and Dariel Alarcón Ramírez, whose nom de guerre was Benigno. A Cuban, Benigno was Guevara’s lieutenant in Bolivia. He was also a member of Fidel Castro’s inner circle. He defected in 1996 — and now he and Rodriguez are friends.
Much more: (4 pages)

Of all the misfortunes he had: from youth, to being let down, to a run in with Kerry, and then to have A-Rod be the only Rodriguez the public can recognize is a disgrace. In that photo he is the true hero, not the fabricated one. Today, he is the other Rodriguez. Kerry was also involved then, and now is SoS. What contrasts.

Now we have Obama with his history and ties. And look who the CIA director is.

7 comments on “The Anti-Che (…5-stars)

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Best Blog of the Day – Anti Che


  2. clyde says:

    EVERY goddamn time I see one of these asshats wearing a Che shirt, I ask them if they actually KNOW who it is. NEVER have I had one answer correctly. When given a brief description, the just say, “well, the T-shirt is cool”. I tell them, “wear that in the wrong place you could be DEAD. How cool would THAT be”? Good post, Bull. Thanks for putting that up.


  3. Davetherave says:

    Excellent historical post Bull! What in the hell is it with Cubans that love backing the wrong guy to be under tyranny?? What, do they draw a name out of a hat? And of course our Traitor Party just LOVES backing the ass wipes with our current POS IN Chief in the White Mosque. The ME for example.

    Rodriguez is a true hero, but just like so many true heroes of our own nation they get overlooked and misrepresented. Kerry isn’t even worth mentioning, unless it comes out he’s been arrested for being a traitor. Really an outstanding post Bull.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, yep, funny when the stories of heroes are told how bad it makes him and his fellow travelers look. And here sits Obama surrounded with these _________ (commie sympathizing reds or….)



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