Same old Obama the hypocrite

(The dancing hypocrite takes his show to the stage.)

Obama did Jay Leno to roll out his thoughts on national security, Benghazi, and embassy closings. Did someone move the press room to NBC studios?

This is probably the most insulting thing from this president yet. I let the words sink in; it was inflammatory when he said it and gets worse the longer it distills.

Q Everyone is concerned about these embassy closings. How significant is this threat?
BO [Barry the Hypobama]: “Well, it’s significant enough that we’re taking every precaution. We had already done a lot to bolster embassy security around the world, but especially in the Middle East and North Africa, where the threats tend to be highest. And whenever we see a threat stream that we think is specific enough that we can take some specific precautions within a certain timeframe, then we do so.
Now, it’s a reminder that for all the progress we’ve made — getting bin Laden, putting al Qaeda between Afghanistan and Pakistan back on its heels — that this radical, violent extremism is still out there. And we’ve got to stay on top of it. It’s also a reminder of how courageous our embassy personnel tend to be, because you can never have 100 percent security in some of these places. The countries themselves sometimes are ill-equipped to provide the kind of security that you want. Even if we reinforce it, there are still vulnerabilities.
And these diplomats, they go out there and they serve every day. Oftentimes, they have their families with them. They do an incredible job and sometimes don’t get enough credit. So we’re grateful to them and we’ve got to do everything we can to protect them. (Applause.)”

Obama said that “this radical, violent extremism is still out there.” Double Duh!! Is that his latest term for it?  He still can’t manage to say Islamic radicalism. After a Ramadan Iftar Dinner, he can’t change his vocabulary now. Islamists happen to be the ones who declared a fatwa and war on us. So it could be a bit much for him to address them as such.

So whenever they see a stream of specific enough threats they take specific precautions? Someone needs to ask the absentee prez what “specific precautions” they took in Benghazi, after everyone else pulled out and requests came up the chain for increased security? No, they cut back on security. Now he wants to sell us on a need to take specific precautions?

(“Specific precautions” — neither word has meaning to Obama, unless referring to contraceptives, namely Catholics and contraceptives.)

The time frame of an imminent attack any day in Bengazi was not critical or specific enough? Maybe he ought to blame the dead heroes and Ambassador for not being specific enough about threats in their specific situation? Tell us, Hypobama, how they don’t get enough credit! And credit wasn’t what they wanted – a little help was. They got none.

We’ve got to stay on top of it“?  Imagine telling us we have to stay on top of it,  after a major attack on our embassy that he still wants to ignore.  Then he claims it is a reminder of how “courageous our embassy personnel tend to be”? You mean how courageous in the face of having no help — or no help and justice after the fact — from the country they serve. This is insulting. I really need some help with that asininity.

Then he says we have to do everything we can to protect our diplomats. Where was he last year? Campaigning — election was way more important. That’s his clear message to them. Hillary was no better. Now he uses “protect them” for an applause line.

With no honesty or credibility he has the nerve to do an informational media appearance telling us there’s a serious concern? (as he runs off to vacation)

Q This global travel warning, this is for Americans all around the world? Are we telling people don’t take that European vacation just yet? What are we saying?
PREZ-O: “I think the general rule is just show some common sense and some caution. So there are some countries where you’re less likely to experience a terrorist attack. There are some where there are more dangers. And if people are paying attention, checking with the State Department or embassy, going on the website before you travel, find out what kind of precautions you should be taking, then I think it still makes sense for people to take vacations. They just have to make sure that they’re doing so in a prudent way.

Golly gee, talking about prudent vacations!  What glaring hypocrisy.

This thing called Obama woke up one morning and said to himself; “I need tell people to be prudent about making their vacation plans. And I need to do it just before I go to Martha’s Vineyard on vacation” … “And I must do it before cramming ObamaCare down their throats“.

He is also compelled to remind people  these are just “phony scandals”. In his latest speech, Obama took aim at Republicans for focusing on “phony scandals.”

“That’s what we’ve been fighting for, but with an endless parade of distractions, political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball. And I am here to say this needs to stop. This needs to stop.

The guy in Washington’s highest office, has Fast and Furious, Benghazi and now IRS in his rear view mirror, defending the biggest farce in law(ObamaCare) foisted on people in decades, on a scandal-plagued road, deflecting at every turn, declares them all phony scandals, and then pushes the accelerator pedal to the floor.

This is what makes Americans sick: that this stuff happens and he goes around trivializing it, tells us a false narrative, and then comes to lecture us on the seriousness of the condition he did not address at the time. But we need lectured….from this guy?

16 comments on “Same old Obama the hypocrite

  1. pepperhawk says:

    Bull, take a bow on this one! Excellent critique and funnier than hell. I can’t help you with the asininity of this jackass. And i love your new name HypoObama. That is just so witty.

    What bullshit he spews on Leno, knowing he’s before a fan crowed who would believe him if he told them that by jumping out of windows, you get a real high.

    Precautions!!! OMG! This is killing me.

    Yeah, right those brave souls at Benghazi that he calls a phony scandal insulting all the parents of those 4 men who died. This guy has more gall than I can stand.

    He’ll never say Islamic threat, then he’d be calling himself a threat.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, thanks it means a lot. LOL and jump they would, probably fighting over who is first.

      Yep, he has the gall to talk precautions. We should have taken some of those precautions circa 2008. 🙂

      Gall yes, we need a better word, he broke the bank.

      He can’t pronounce it I guess. We have “Islamophobia” and he surrounds himself with those very radicals, he won’t label correctly. Those people should have been laughing at him not with him….or crying for what’s left of this country. But we know the demographic there, low-info voters. That was the most information they ever had at once, but it was misinformation.


      • pepperhawk says:

        You are most welcome. LOL! Fighting over who gets to jump first. Maybe Hollyweirds should try it.

        I sure wish more people would have taken precautions in 2008, but they were too busy making sure their own “precaution” of abortion would be defended certainly by a baby killer like HypoO.

        Right, we all have Islamophobia, never mind we have a good reason like planes flying into towers killing thousands of people. We’re supposed to love these murderers. WTH is wrong with us anyway.

        Yeah, the low information voters and morons are the ones who watch Leno at night. So that’s a perfect audience for the HypoObama. They’ll believe anything from their Messiah.

        Oh, btw, Bull, did you hear he is giving a “big” press conference tomorrow? What do you think he’s going to say? I think he’s going to get on national TV so he can lie AGAIN about how he’s has to shut the government down because “Washington” and those dastardly repubs are trying to defund his masterpiece Obamacide. He won’t have enough money to keep anything open and our SS checks won’t come, blah, blah. I’ll be shocked if it’s something else. Argh! Just to look at his ugly, lying, angry face and his pointing finger. He makes me nauseous.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, thanks for the heads up on the presser. Its Friday, he’s got his sunglasses, and its almost his vacation time, his poll numbers are down, and he needs to find an enemy fast — ‘he’s on a Red Mission from hell.’ (any opponent will do, the bigger the name the better) I guess he’ll send his lying parrots out for the news shows too.

          But yea, nothing should surprise us. He can have something all cooked up while he hightails out for Martha’s Vineyard to run up our tab. Though I bet it will make sense when he says it. Maybe complain about them being on vacation? (which they are doing Town halls) He doesn’t like that whenever the people have their voices heard.

          So maybe free speech and every other freedom is on the chopping block. The thought of him threatening a government shutdown over a budget busting bill with his name on it has me livid. Oh, he will be angry.


          • pepperhawk says:

            LOL! Yeah, I just heard it and it was the same bullshit over again. Boring!!!!

            Yeah, he threatened the shut down once again if his Obamacide is not funded. He blamed the repubs for the shutdown, not him who is the one who has to shut it down. Oi vey it just gets worse and worse. Oh and all the repubs do is want to take people’s health insurance away from them. Right.

            It was a Red mission all right. So pink I nearly fell asleep watching it. Just the usual. He’s going to have committees assigned to study the NSA and make us more comfortable with their spying on us. Oh, btw, they don’t spy on ordinary Americans anyway according to the Liar in Chief.


        • bullright says:

          Oh an after thought, he wants to tell everyone how he stands ready to talk to Repubs but they won’t even deal with him. And so-called “immigration reform”. (he needs an anchor) Plus repeat every canpaign talking point he used. Call it new, revised, plan.


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull, you are right. And all his buddies now have themselves loaded with the new talking points. Oh, yeah, a new revised plan all right.


        • bullright says:

          Pepp, oh goody, a Privacy Czar . 🙂


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull, LOL! Yeah a new Privacy Czar only this one will be filled with Czars.

            Another thing did you read how the Dept of Housing is now going to see how diversified it is where you live and if it doesn’t meet their standards they are going to relocate the “diverse peoples” into your neighborhood. Does this mean you have to move out and give up your house for the “diversified” people, like the drug dealers, rapists, burglars, and murderers nobody wants in their neighborhoods?

            I guess a new Diversity Czar will be appointed for that one.


            • bullright says:

              Pepp, I heard something. So busing comes to a hood near you. or is it a hood becomes a neighbor near you?

              More of Barry’s social justice I presume. But you were right, he went straight for NSA. Now someone needs to tell him he will need a Black czar, a latino czar, etc etc. He couldn’t answer about Benghazi.

              He’s doing Friday comedy now too!


            • pepperhawk says:

              Bull, the comedy shows are where he should remain. And actually I laughed all the way through that news conference at all his usual lies.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. OMG…the Sumbitch has zero shame! What a bunch of f*cking lies to his blind sheep followers on Leno. “Done a lot to bolster security”…WTF??? Where was this bull shit bolstering for Stephens and the courageous men that told O’Bastard to f*ck off with his stand down order?

    We’ve had so many nick names for the next generation and I guess we are now in the Total F*cking Moron Generation! The MF from the White Mosque lies his ass off ALL THE TIME and look how many F*cking Moron’s either believe him or let his lies sooth their souls.

    As long as he keeps spewing we have nothing to fear from Islamist Butchers; then I’ll believe there is nothing to fear but Barry himself!


  3. clyde says:

    H.Jesus Christ, Bull, HOW did you write this without benefit of MASSIVE amounts of alcohol? Take a bow. It figures the Clown-in-Chief would address the low-info’ers on a goddamn semi-comedy show.


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