S-O’l Obama Hypocrite – 3

The dancing hypocrite takes his show to the stage – part 3 [See Part 1]

Obama did Jay Leno to roll out his thoughts on national security, Benghazi, and embassy closings. Did someone move the press room to NBC studios?…

In this episode, we find Hypobama deeply engrossed in the NSA which has grown into a dragnet.

Recap: After explaining in the last episode how we had the proper reactions to terrorism like the Boston bombing, with our super-resilience abilities, and how we do not let a little terrorism shut us down, he now explains why we are wrong about NSA and our concerns about the increasing dragnet of phone records and FISA courts vacuuming up our information. But yet we’re right, somehow, for having concerns about them, even if our concerns are not substantiated — if that makes any sense.

Q: It’s safe to say that we learned about these threats through the NSA intelligence program? Is that a fair assessment?
THE PRESIDENT: Well, this intelligence-gathering that we do is a critical component of counterterrorism. And obviously, with Mr. Snowden and the disclosures of classified information, this raised a lot of questions for people. But what I said as soon as it happened I continue to believe in, which is a lot of these programs were put in place before I came in. I had some skepticism, and I think we should have a healthy skepticism about what government is doing. I had the programs reviewed. We put in some additional safeguards to make sure that there’s federal court oversight as well as congressional oversight, that there is no spying on Americans.
We don’t have a domestic spying program. What we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an email address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. And that information is useful. But what I’ve said before I want to make sure I repeat, and that is we should be skeptical about the potential encroachments on privacy. None of the revelations show that government has actually abused these powers, but they’re pretty significant powers.
And I’ve been talking to Congress and civil libertarians and others about are there additional ways that we can make sure that people know nobody is listening to your phone call, but we do want to make sure that after a Boston bombing, for example, we’ve got the phone numbers of those two brothers — we want to be able to make sure did they call anybody else? Are there networks in New York, are there networks elsewhere that we have to roll up? And if we can make sure that there’s confidence on the part of the American people that there’s oversight, then I think we can make sure that we’re properly balancing our liberty and our security.

Oh, he’s been talking to civil libertarians? I bet their phones are ringing off the hook.(pardon the pun) He mentioned that again in his speech days later. Who is he talking to? He hasn’t offered one name. He can’t.

If the NSA techniques are so instrumental, how did it fail on the Boston bombers? Now he wants to use the very attacks that happened on his watch, and that sordid course of events, from Benghazi to the Boston bombing, to justify the program.

“…put in place before I came in. I had some skepticism.” (as he rings the Bush bell)
Its amazing that he has critics all over the place and how he tries to run out in front of the parade of criticism against him. What hypocrisy. He’s taken these policies to new heights, as a dragnet. Sometimes you cannot be on both sides. Oh, now that he has no criticism of NSA no one else should? (and his credibility is excellent)

If we can make sure there’s confidence on the part of the American people that there’s oversight” ? Well, having results to justify it would help. Did it really help? I’m not even sure the legitimate, inter-government phone calls from Benghazi were responded to correctly. But they did get all those calls.

Please, do tell us about the need for congressional oversight. I’ll be waiting.
Make the case and make my day!

The real point is how this government responds or doesn’t to threats, namely to terrorism in general. So the problem is not that they don’t have access to enough information. Benghazi showed that. It’s not just what they have access to but what they do with it.

We do not know if they are going to abuse or extort the information against us, or only apply it to pursue terrorists. Pandora’s box is opened. Look what they did at IRS.

I don’t know of a department of the federal government Obama has not politicized. What information do they not have access to? Companies are turning over passwords and user names. Is he making the case for that?

Let’s summarize: If he can only convince us to have “confidence”, then we “properly balanced our liberty and our security”. That is his basic message. We just need to be convinced to have confidence. Remember that hope theme?

12 comments on “S-O’l Obama Hypocrite – 3

  1. drrik says:

    The NSA is so instrumental in balancing our liberty andn security that it is perfectly normal that it would ignore the FIVE warnings from Russia about the dangerousness of the Marathon bomber.
    At some point, I am wondering if Russia is failing to protect us from the US government.


  2. bullright says:

    He’s been talking to civil libertarians and congress, has he?…. and hopefully NSA is monitoring those conversations so we’ll know they took place because I think he’s pulling our collective leg.


  3. pepperhawk says:

    Bull, a great third part on this.

    Now I would have asked him if I were in that press conference “If the NSA is not collecting data from Americans, then why do they have that brand new huge facility in Utah now? Exactly what mountains of data is that for? Of course none of the press would ask him that.

    And we’re supposed to trust him???????????? Ha, what a laugh that is.

    Oh, and he talks about making little tweaks to Bush’s NSA spying and Sensenbrenner, a Congress man who helped write the Patriot Act is telling us that this is NOT how it was written to do these huge dragnets and Hypo has taken it much, much further than the original act.

    So yeah, let’s all sleep cozy in our beds at night knowing every phone call, email and what’s on the Internet is being drag-netted. Except for Muslims.

    And what a liar he is. He ordered the FBI to scrub their files of all known possible terrorists who are Muslims. Now I’m sure that really helps out to find these people! He is such a lying pig.

    And Russia did warn about those Boston bombers and he paid no attention, had the FBI go out and do a little interview and wash their hands of it ordered by him I imagine. Then after the attack he gets mad when Russia refused to help us again. Why should they? They already warned him but didn’t take Russia seriously.

    No way do I believe he met with civil libertarians. I busted out laughing when I heard him say that one. In fact I laughed all the way through it it was so many ridiculous lies like that. And I doubt this committee is really being formed and if it is it will be by “his people” and they’ll find nothing wrong.

    And here’s another one. One of the press persons asked him about “his” shutting down the government. He slithered right past that one and blamed repubs for it. As if they can shut down the government. He’s the one to do it.

    And how come he’d need to shut the government down when he is still sending billions over seas to the Muslims? How does that figure?


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, Well said. He has all his “investments” to fund, but he’s itching to shut gov down for any bit of opposition. He’s black mailing the whole country yet he doesn’t have a bone to stand up to radical Islamists. He can’t even call them what they are. He has some strange priorities. His politics will be the death of us.


  4. drrik says:

    All the press conferences are dog and pony shows as long as the Senate is run by factions and refuse to hold him accountable. Like the inauguration joyride on Air Force, one, he can do pretty much anything he wants now and not be held accountable. The government has been taken over, but by who is still vague. There are no limits or repurcussions. The only curiousity is to whether he can break our system in the time he has left or else ensure no regime change, by solidifying the vote stuffing so that Hillarry is the next in line. Seems that at some point, it would be more fun presiding over a booming country than ministering to one where you have to perpetually lie and finagle.


    • bullright says:

      Yea drrik, anything he wants about covers it. Its one reason I paid more attention to the Leno dump than the presser. I think we learned more from that.(the word learned doesn’t work but) Even with that backdrop, the press completely bypassed it. After the days of Nixon, did you ever think you would see such a situation?


      • drrik says:

        I’m actually amazed, as, I think, are most of the conservatives in the country. Most are frozen into inaction, pressed by the limitation built in with the blank check of a Senate that would find him guilty of nothing, even if he shot one of their own on the floor of the Senate. The state level voter ID laws are the only thing that will keep 2016 from being another ballot stuffing travesty



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