One down – two to go

May you disappear from the public stage.

Bob Finer is on the way out … will the next boob please step up to the plate.

Folks will say it demonstrates there are limits. The right thing happened, finally.
But isn’t it only about time, why so long? At what cost?

It had an effect on the public dialogue. It ate up so much ink. Finally, he leaves but… “cleanup in isle five”. The west coast had Filner, the east has Spitzer and Weiner.


Why Anthony Weiner sinks while Eliot Spitzer soars

By GARY BAUER | 8/19/13 — Politico

The most interesting question surrounding the campaigns of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer is not whether they can win. Instead, it is whether their candidacies signal a shift in the values and priorities of voters when it comes to political sex scandals.
The main difference between past and current political sex scandals is not the frequency with which they occur, but rather the time it takes to recover from them.
In the past, once a politician’s sex scandal was revealed, it often took him (it’s almost always him) many years to regain credibility with the public, if he regained it at all. Today, the interval between revelation and redemption is vanishing.
Mark Sanford won a South Carolina congressional seat just four years after tearfully admitting to a scandal in which, during his second term as that state’s governor, he cheated on his wife, lied to the public about his whereabouts, and violated state ethics laws.
Eliot Spitzer declared his candidacy for New York City comptroller in July, just five years removed from resigning the state’s governorship after admitting to having patronized an expensive prostitution service.
Anthony Weiner’s bid to become the Big Apple’s mayor comes only two years after he resigned his congressional seat for sending sexually explicit photos of himself to numerous women before and during his marriage.
Some voters don’t seem to mind. As an elderly voter told Time magazine about Weiner’s Internet sexcapades, “Oh, I don’t care. Which one of us is perfect?
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Does that say it all, “which one of us is perfect”? The real question is what will we accept in the name of imperfection?

Such a long time to leave, and a short time to return. So in two weeks, I expect Filner to announce his next bid.

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6 comments on “One down – two to go

  1. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. The morality and self responsibility of our new society is what’s at question here. Billythecigar Clinton got away with “pervert murder” without a scratch. Does one need to say more?

    Today; if one is a liberal, left wing nutcase, they can literally get away with murder. Imagine the media outrage, if they’d found this kind of dirt of Bush? The commie/Marxist have taken over our pubic educational system to indoctrinate our youth and they’ve taken over the media to brainwash the brain dead. The Food Stamp President is handing out freebies to all the minorities to ensure they stay in the back pocket of the Dems. Barry is doing his very best to ensure the illegal aliens register Dem wanting to give them a free pass to citizenship. The Lefties keep supporting murder of innocent children to keep the biggest voting bloc on their side. Over half our society cares about no one but themselves. They are doing their very best to run God and Christ out of our society and so many have lost their moral compass. Is it any wonder they are winning the war?

    But still, so many good people still need to see more. They are either wearing rose colored glasses, optimistically challenged or just flat out blind. Either ensures we lose the war.


    • bullright says:

      Dave, so right. My analogy: say you go to a really bad play. It gets worse the longer it goes. But at what point do you get up and leave? Or do they sit there to the very end? Some will probably say but we must wait, its the proper thing to do. it may get better — even if they ruined the first 2 acts. Hey, like art, maybe we can call it art no matter what it looks like — piss in a jar and its art you know.


      • Davetherave says:

        Bull…LMFAO…”piss in a jar!” You summed it up well there my friend! Some have the unfortunate ability of foresight. Or; they have a bad case of “don’t know history.” Hitler wasn’t that long ago…

        Sitting and watching…what so many people with good intentions are doing. Last time I looked the road to Heaven was not paved with “good intentions.” (Zero reference to me playing our Savior to decide where someone goes…just a reference).

        What more do folks with good hearts that care about our country need to see? Imprison camps? Americans being murdered in the streets? Our Constitution being totally declared null and void? Wait till the last 2:00 minutes of a game and being behind leaves one throwing hail marry passes that get completed about almost never!

        Bystanders are killing us Bull. It is the good folks that aren’t doing shit and making excuses of why they aren’t that is killing us. They still naively believe in our system. Our system of elected officials making a career in DC is what got us into this shit to start with and that is NOT what our founder’s intended. Serving We The People is not suppose to be ones career. Everyone in DC now belong to the Elite Party and is us against them.

        But, here we are. Slowly dying off and many still say “Obamageddon hasn’t effected us yet.” We are not in camps. We are not slaves. There is no blood being spilled on our streets.

        WOW; are they in for one hell of a wake up call. Hitler didn’t start out by shedding blood either. Being naive will be the ultimate destruction of our nation, because those that would stand up to this bull shit are waiting to see what??? More…”so sad, too bad, too late”…


        • bullright says:

          Dave, right, Hitler wasn’t ancient history and there are a lot of people who’d like to have that popularity. But its our job to give he/she what they want?

          They’ve already told us the way it works. When we complain about ObamaCare, they just tell “its the law.” Before it passed they said, we have to pass it before you can find out what’s in it. (he he he)

          Yea, its “too soon” and then its “too late”. And with Levin’s or other approaches is the time element. Remember time? How long does it take from when we start? Can we beat the clock?


          • Davetherave says:

            Hell Bull, can our Pharaoh beat the clock?? He keeps postponing parts of Obamacide (which by the way is against the law…he can’t just do that arbitrarily), because that prick knows it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. No; Hitler is pretty recent, but we still have ingrates sitting back wanting to see more or our constitutional rights taken away before they’re upset. Dumb asses..

            The jerk that wanted Obamacide, the senator that wrote most of it and a shit load of its backers are running for the hills. Looks like an old quilt grandma made years ago starting to unravel. O well; I’m heart broken as you well know…



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