When did it become the cool thing to ruin America?

In the election of 2008 it became the faddish, cool thing to do to support Obama. Then in 2012, once again it was the fashionable “cool thing” to support Obama.

Well, they had supported him the first time so it would be hard to turn away, midstream, basically admitting they were snookered the first time. So they repeated the mistake partly to cover the original error. So does it make you think a little about original sin?

Life is like that, we repeat mistakes, sometimes unwittingly and sometimes intentionally, because the alternatives are too humiliating to face. Rather than fess up to our blunder, we look for a way to avoid revealing it. Often the coverup is more trouble than admitting the error. And once you start, it is harder to stop the longer it goes. The Nixon years taught us the power, or folly, of the coverup. Now we could label it the coverup syndrome.

Ruining America involves a little of that, and a few other ingredients. What one would basically do is deny or break the connection with the roots, or fundamental foundations of the country. That’s why the phrase to fundamentally transform the country was so important. We understood the significance of that, while on the left they acted as if there was no significance behind it. But then why would he make a point of saying it? We knew what he meant. The left would pretend it was harmless, which by then had become second nature.

Then, having cut off those things, the next thing on the to do list would be cut anything that tied to it. The major thing would be founding documents or the Constitution. They’ve been hacking away at that and breaking those ties. When revision runs its course on both, it tosses them in limbo as far as intelligentsia or academia is concerned. Then, whatever you wanted to do, someone could always make a case for it.

Then just continue undeterred with some a multitude of tests. “Probe with bayonets…”

SO you want to invade another country by ignoring Congress? Okay. You want to run up a huge tab on the debt? Okay. You want to have lots of scandals? Okay. You want to usurp more power? Okay. You want your signature legislative issue to be based on one principle then change it midstream, even in front of the Supreme Court while trying to defend it? Okay. You want to lie about events of national security? Okay. You want to deny multiple scandals are scandals? Okay. You want to deploy our military to overthrow a dictator without Congress? Okay.

You want to claim yours is the most transparent administration while hunkering down and obstructing any oversight?Okay again. You want to tell people, if the Congress doesn’t provide legislation you demand, you will do it with usurped “executive power”? Okay. You want to tell departments in your administration to just write law then force them on the people no matter what the consequences? Okay You want to create a few more czars? Okay. You want to have the IRS do your political work and ride shotgun for your reelection campaign? Okay.

obama photo: OBAMA OBAMA obama.jpgYou want to have your justice department stonewall the Congress for documents about a scam program it was running which undermined our laws? Okay You want to propose your administration investigate its own scandals? Okay. You want to have your own loyal cronies and political operatives promise to fix problems? Okay.

You want to lie about a terrorist attack on a US facility? You want to not answer questions on the decisions that caused the lies? Okay. You want to drag out the release of information for months or indefinitely, then dismiss the dead Americans as old news? Okay.

Want to say you will get to the bottom of a “phony scandals” while your administration conveniently does whatever they can to prevent it? Have at it.

You want to wall off and seal personal background information about you, while using any means to uncover any records on your political opponents? O–kay! You want to say you will pick and choose which laws you will follow and enforce? Okay. You want to pick winners and losers in the private sector and economy? Okay.

You want to have members in the Senate run interference by keeping a budget from being approved for your entire first term? Okay. You want to keep people in your administration working despite being involved in bad conduct? Okay. Do you want to ignore the Constitution as the rule of law of government? Well, have it your way.

obama photo: Ball Light - Fly my little devils Obama-Flymylittledevilsfly1.jpgThis message brought to you by BO victory campaign

Nixon— “Communist leaders believe in Lenin’s precept: Probe with bayonets. If you encounter mush, proceed; if you encounter steel, withdraw.”
paradise photo

7 comments on “When did it become the cool thing to ruin America?

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    Home run here, bullright! Hats off to you. Authoritarian is as authoritarians do! BTW, very much appreciate the Nixon quote. It’s important to understand.


    • bullright says:

      Mrs, AL thanks so much. Always learning we are. Not the best batting average, but I’ll gladly take that. What’s been bugging me (and everyone I guess) is the irony of what is happening in Egypt. And here they demand more executive action, more control. They applaud rather than protest. Strange.


      • It’s the way of the Statist, BR:
        the answer to any problem is always more power for the State….
        ….even when (or ESPECIALLY when) the State screwed it up in the first place.


  2. clyde says:

    Excellent essay,Bull. Take a bow. Amazing how the so-called “educated” who voted for the bastard twice are complaining about him. I just tell those morons to bag it, and point to the Obama stickers on their car.


    • bullright says:

      Many thanks Clyde, LOL They need their complaint license revoked. You could always say, “just like that bumper sticker on your car, this is going to leave a stain.”


  3. tannngl says:

    Your list is pretty complete. And it is amazing, isn’t it? that we’ve put up with so much for so long. Patriots indeed. 😡



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