Red-lines and Deadlines

As the story continually gets buried about Benghazi, Obama ramps up on a new adventure.

If 4 dead in Benghazi is the central question, then the answer must be send missiles into Syria. That is Obama’s crazy logic. Heck, he even forgot all about his rendezvous with Mo-Bro in Egypt. On to Syria, another Iranian sandbox.

The recent 1400 dead in Syria were just way over the top. A hundred thousand is one thing, but the recent 1400 makes it a humanitarian disaster. Then again, at what point does anything grab Obama’s attention? We know its not when priests or Christians get slaughtered or burned out Sudanese style. Nope, that doesn’t get his blood flowing.

Just like with all the shootings in Chicago he makes multiple statements about Trayvon. Always count on him to Zero in on the big problem. (sarcasm applied) They claimed that was due to the national outrage over Trayvon. What about our outrage over Benghazi? “What difference at this point does it make?” was their response to 4 dead in Benghazi.

Obama developed his red line rhetoric last year, but even then I wish he would have been more interested in Benghazi which got dismissed as old news. No red lines there — just a giant green light. But why could he not have used some tough talk about Benghazi and shown as much interest in getting to the bottom of Benghazi? I know, we did get to the bottom of Benghazi, and that is where it is stuck — at the bottom of the priorities list. Everything else comes before Benghazi. Count on Obama not to confuse his priorities.

The master of diversions has even turned his own Syrian red line into a mysterious who done it episode. We don’t know about Benghazi, we know little about Syria, yet we can’t act soon enough in Syria to suit the resident intervention artist — even though it won’t stop or prevent what is going on there. But I wish he’d have put that much effort and serious emphasis on Benghazi which was his responsibility and priority.

Wouldn’t it be nice of there were such Red Lines set on Benghazi? 4 dead in Benghazi, the chorus echoes to no avail. But this President felt it appropriate last year, amid a campaign, to stick out a red line to Syria, while he won’t even establish his own whereabouts during the Benghazi attack. Put a campaign fundraiser on the radar and he’s tuned in.

Now he’d much rather talk to college kids about Pel grants, or ObamaCare. Somehow Obamacare has not gotten too old for him to discuss, but Benghazi has. Syria gets a red line, Benghazi got a “deadline” — in more than one way.

5 comments on “Red-lines and Deadlines

  1. Just Gene says:

    Haven’t you noticed that anything red, if left outdoors, always fades away – heh – can we paint Obama red?


  2. Anything, absolutely ANYTHING, is better for Obama to discuss than Benghazi.

    You know: “phony scandal” and all….


  3. clyde says:

    To talk about Benghazi would mean the narcissistic bastard would have to admit FAILURE. Narcissists just DO NOT do that. Good post, Bull.



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