Alternatives and the reinvestment act

The $139 million Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt modernization was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, with all the trimmings. I wonder if they sent a thank you note?

Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Modernization Project

An American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Project

The Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in the heart of Portland, Oregon, is an 18-story, 525,000 square foot facility that is home to more than 16 federal agencies and 1,200 federal employees.

The building was originally constructed in 1974 and underwent a major renovation between 2009 and 2013. Today the building is a cornerstone of GSA’s green building portfolio with all new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and data systems designed to make it one of the most energy efficient office buildings in the country. The work was completed by a team of SERA Architects and Howard S. Wright Construction who were awarded the contract in 2010.

The newly-renovated Federal Building includes a number of efficient, sustainable and innovative technologies including:

  • solar thermal panels that will provide for 30% of the building’s domestic hot water
  • a 13,000 square foot solar roof that will produce 3% of the building’s electrical energy requirements annually
  • modernized elevators that generate power as they descend
  • unique shading devices on the south, west and east facades designed to respond to the sun conditions, maximize daylight and minimize solar heat gain during the summer
  • energy efficient electric lighting systems with advanced controls that will reduce light energy usage by 40% compared to Oregon code
  • a 165,000 gallon cistern used to flush low-flow toilets and irrigate native landscaping
  • energy efficient water fixtures, which in addition to rainwater reuse, will reduce overall water consumption by 60% compared to typical office buildings
  • a dedicated outside air system that provides 100% fresh air

The operationally and economically efficient high-performance building is expected to achieve a 50 percent reduction in energy use compared to the old building and a 60 percent water reduction compared to Oregon code. The facility is designed to meet the Federal Guiding Principles for High Performing Green Buildings and the Obama Administration’s directives for agencies to lead by example in environmental, energy, and economic performance. Through these directives agencies are required to meet a range of energy, water, pollution, and waste reduction targets. Additionally, the facility is expected to achieve LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for its use of cutting-edge sustainable design and technology.

GSA was appropriated more than $5.5 billion under the Recovery Act to convert federal facilities into high-performance green buildings and construct energy-efficient federal buildings, courthouses, and land ports of entry.[snip]

The building “is one of 600 that the GSA owns or operates in the Pacific Northwest.”


Well there is a lot you can do with 139 million dollars. But here is the GSA which manages or owns how many properties around the country, getting the benefits of tax dollars for the project. Large enough to have its own scandal.

Why does GSA have to be a great beneficiary of the spendathon? Surely it has assets of its own. Must have ‘mo money’ They have vacant properties sitting. And then they flaunt it as a great achievement. Still when the work stops those extra jobs are gone.

So they couldn’t have done this without the stimulus? It just pisses me off. Is GSA the sustainable ferry now, blessing all the people with their spending? Who will pay in the end? And they’re on the road to save resources.

Why couldn’t they prove “sustainability” and find the means to do it? That’s what anyone else would have to do. The irony that GSA is preaching sustainability. I guess Portland is now Porkland.

6 comments on “Alternatives and the reinvestment act

  1. drrik says:

    All that most of the sustainablity projects need to get going and to keep going is lots of regular infusions of tax dollars.
    Simple really. Otherwise those taxpayers might not spend their money on the right things.


  2. clyde says:

    $139,000,000? My guess is they spent $20,000,000 on the ACTUAL building, and $119,000,000 on GRAFT. Look in the Portland Democrat Party coffers. THERE you’ll find it.


  3. pepperhawk says:

    Bull, good find!

    I guess this outlandish spending is supposed to spurn us all on to get our houses more energy proficient but the average person doesn’t have that kind of money nor will ever get it.

    More pork for the tax payer and more nonsense from the greenie loons.

    The GSA is one big spending group and nothing was done to stop their orgies of blowing our tax dollars and here we go again.


    • bullright says:

      Thanks Pepp, well, I saw this project mentioned by a lib to justify Obama’s policies and spending. I guess he didn’t realize it really makes a case against it. So they point to these projects as great successes. It would be some example if it was done without the subsidy. But the government is not that innovative. ha ha

      Then a few years later, the king says he won’t even negotiate with Congress over the debt. He claims too that the money is to pay for their spending. But this big nut was his baby. Then he gets mad that Repubs don’t want to pay for the votes he purchased. Go figure.

      Nothing seems to be even attempting to rein GSA in. They operate as if no rules apply to them, and there is hardly accountability. Oh oversight will hold a hearing. But meanwhile do as they please.



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