Pakistan church blast kills dozens

BBC – reports
22 September 2013

    A twin-suicide bombing outside a church in Peshawar in Pakistan has killed at least 75 people, in one of the worst attacks on Christians in the country.

    Two bombers blew themselves up as worshippers were coming out of the city’s historic All Saints church after attending Sunday Mass, police say.

    Relatives of the victims gathered at the scene to protest against the government’s failure to protect them.

    Militants linked to Pakistani Taliban have said they carried out the bombing.

    The group, Jandullah, said it was in retaliation US drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal northwest.

    Sunday’s twin attacks targeted Peshawar’s historic All Saints Church as hundreds of worshippers were attending Mass.


7 comments on “Pakistan church blast kills dozens

  1. clyde says:

    Ahhhh….. yes. That ol’ “religion of piece”. A piece here, a piece there…… Seriously, though, how much MORE of these types of atrocities will it take before the idiotic left ANYWHERE on the planet wakes up, and sees the threat for what it truly is? Good post, Bull.


  2. Hardnox says:

    They can shove that “religion of peace” crap. This narrative will die when it happens in the USA and not before.



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